Presearch-Beta Review - The Search Engine That Pays You

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Presearch Video Review

Click the image above to watch a video review of the Presearch platform.

*DISCLAIMER: this article contains my affiliate link to the Presearch platform. I will receive a reward when you use this link to sign up for the platform.

Presearch - The Search Engine Of Search Engines

Presearch is a unique, open decentralized search engine - middleman that provides a portal that allows users to search the web, using the provider of their choice.
Using their search engine, you can decide whether you want to search Google, Amazon, Etsy, Twitter or 79 other sources, which makes Presearch a unique concept that will gain popularity in no time.


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Presearch Rewards Users With Free Presearch Tokens

By incentivizing use, contribution and promotion - they offer free Presearch tokens to their beta testers at the moment - they will soon become one of the most popular ways to search the web.

As a beta tester of this current version of the platform, you can earn up to 8 PRE per day.
The token is listed on Coinmarketcap and trades for $0.321913. You can trade your earned PRE on HitBTC, YoBit and Coinexchange, but I'm pretty positive more will be added soon.

Request Beta Access Today

Big Plans

Presearch has big plans for the future.
They have released a browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome, which makes using the search engine a no-brainer.

They also have a 'Sponsor ad' system set up, where you can trade your tokens for advertising.

Token Details

token details-small.jpg

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More Information

For more information on Presearch, you can visit the following links:

Request Beta Access

White Paper


I'd like to hear your thoughts on Presearch:

Will you sign up to be a beta-tester?

Do you think you could become a frequent user?

Let me know!



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▶️ DTube

I think this existed like 20 years ago and failed miserably... dogpile maybe? Or Jade Search? You could select your search engines and get results back and I think they offered reward points.

I'm using it, I'm a fan so far, I haven't been serious or maxing out my daily tokens. I really like the image search feature.

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