New coins in town - SIGS, SPECS and KNOWS

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SIGS and SPECS are both part of the Spectiv project. Spectiv is a virtual reality platform driven by community where users can share their real life experiences. This, for example, means that user in Europe will put on his VR headset and will be able to see trough the lens of a streamer across the globe. Basically, Spectiv is an environment that will alow users to share their VR content. The whole platform is decentralized and blockchain based.

Spectiv will be driven by a two token ecosystem. SIGS will operate as Ethereum based ERC20 token and will be distributed by a crowdsale. SPECS will be used for functions exclusive for the Spectiv platform (ad rewards, tips, premium content purchases etc.).

SPECS will trade only on the platform and will have fixed value. It will be available in three denominations:

  • Gold Spec for $0.10
  • Silver Spec for $0.05
  • Bronce Spec for $0.01

The users will be able to earn SIGS by providing VR content. This token will be traded externally on the exchanges.

For more info visit: 


KNOWS.Online is a platform that offers a way to monetize your knowledge by creating and posting online (PDF) courses. By posting your PDF courses you will earn KNOWS. KNOWS can be earn by promoting other users courses as well. 

The KNOWS is based on Waves platform. There will be only 100,000,000 KNOWS in total. During ICO 10 KNOWS can be bought for $1. You can participate in more then 40 cryptocurrencies. ICO has been started and will end on August 17th, 2017.

For more info visit:


I am not an investment adviser of any kind. I'm just sharing info with you. When investing, have in mind the golden rule: "Never invest more then you can afford to loose".  

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