Bitcoin Tops $5000 HUZZAH!!!✨ 🎊steemCreated with Sketch.

in #cryptocurrency6 years ago

What an exciting time to be alive - VIVA LA BLOCKCHAIN!

Pizza party, anyone?? ;)

💛 Sara!

Thanks to for the lolz!

Yeah, passed the $5000 mark, what will be the price be in a couple of years? Keep on HODLING!

So. much. fun.

I think it sure will be $6000

It's getting closer and closer! Already up to $5646 today!

Some say it will reach 6000$, some say it will drop to the floor. We will see.

People are bad at predicting future.

People are bad at most things.

Indeed, we shall see...

Now its time for the steem to touch the sky.

Go Steem Go!!!

Steem has hit two ten-thousandths of a bitcoin.

Get it, Steem! First step two ten-thousandths of a bitcoin, second step MOON!

Great time to be alive!

We are going to the moon!!

Pizza party? Lets make an acai bowl party instead :)

I'm sure The Coin will top the 100k within the next couple of years.

I'm down for acai bowls any day, but the pizza party suggestion is a humorous reference to the infamous first BTC trade of 10,000 bitcoins for 2 pizzas.

HAHA that's amazing. I never knew about that trade, in a little while we will get 10,000 pizzas for 2 BTC xD

Now its 10k MORE ALREADY!


Hi Sara, I'm new to steemit community and I'm writing articles to educate people about Blockchain, the new emerging crypto-economy, how to make smart trades and decide on holding positions. In hopes of making more people a part of the future economy.
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I have a few btc in my wallet ... about 200 dollars ... do you recommend me buy steem with that? ... or I wait? ... or leave it in my wallet? or...?

I think you should decide to invest in steemit when you really believe in it more than in bitcoin.

if that sure ... but what would you do?

I am not an expert, i don't have even bitcoin. People invest in what they believe.

Then why are you giving advice?

For me personally, I would exchange 50% of the BTC for STEEM, as of now. And hold on to STEEM.
And, hold on to the rest BTC for the Bitcoin Gold dividend from the upcoming fork.
Follow me if you want to learn the crypto economy and crypto-trading, I'm doing my best to help everyone understand this new market.

ok...follow you

Thanks for the follow. Read my articles and let me know what you think, and if you learned anything new.
Cheers and steem on.

I think BTC rises faster in value than STEEM does, so hold on to that BTC, maybe start trading with it though. It's never a bad idea to invest 10% of your income each month in STEEM and BTC though.

My advice is don't spam - no one likes that.

thanks for sharing keep it up

Thanks for the helpful post on crypto involved in this to as I invest a lot into it so your post was fab for me thanks xx 💗💗💗

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