Is the market is going to be Flat soon?

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Hi Dear Steemians Friends

Today I would like to talk a little about some of the thoughts I have lately regarding the crypto market situation. Like I was saying a few days ago in a post, I really not believe the SEC commission will approve an ETF during this month, but more likely at the end of the decision period of 249 days which end up in April 2019. I think this is not in the interest of governments or institution to get anything approved at the moment. I think, and it is my own opinion we may have to see for sometimes a quite flat market with many little jumps resulting in market manipulation. Also, if things go that way we may face some really hard time. We all know how governments and Banks don't care about people. The more I look into it the more I feel if the institutions want to dry the crypto market it has to happen now. With a very low market cap, crypto mining at the moment with low results due to difficulties and hardware price it is the best time for them to get control over the market. Lately, when the market was showing a little growth it has been cut by some justice cases wallet liquidation such as Mt. Gox, it seems like the Silkroad wallet is now on the list for liquidation too, plus other smaller cases. I really hope to be wrong on that but just imagine for a minute the justice department in the US get asked by the government to liquidate a big amount of the two wallets, it will result in a major drop in the crypto market that will leave many investors on the floor and give the opportunity to institution to get the hand on a market they have missed in the past. I really hope to be wrong on that but it is a possibility, but in the past, we already witness how much some Mt.Gox wallet liquidation can affect us. Let see what the future will be. Anyway HODL


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I think we will have a period of trading sideways until next year. Hopefully by then there is a lot less fud and more upside.


And what do you think about the SEC?

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Most likely

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