Beware of Twitter Scammers

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When a non-celebrity tweets

Send me 0.1 ETH and i will send you 1 ETH

then nobody give a sh*t

But when scammers pose as Vitalik, CZ and do the same. People do believe them and they end up loosing their money. Even educated people fall for it and to be honest, i almost fell for one such tweet. I really believed that it was Vitalik and also there were many comments confirming that they received their ETH and that they were very thankful. But luckily i was 8 hrs late and many people were complaining that they did not get any ETH, so i stayed away. Later came to know that it was all a scam. If i had seen that post a little earlier then may be i would have fell for it because

Free Money does create temptation and stops you from thinking with your head

Below are some of the examples of fake accounts of Vitalik

This awareness is very much needed. Vitalik and CZ have actually modified the official twitter account name to create awareness among people. Scammers will always keep coming with new ideas everyday to fool the people and steal money from them. One atleast ought to know how to differentiate between a real account and a fake one.

Nobody gives free ETH or any cryptocurrency for that matter and even if one does, he/she will not ask you send some first.

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Ok, so send me 1BTC, I'll send you nothing :D
Kidding. Good post, cause people often are losing money that way.

ha ha. gud one @judicar . these scammers keep coming up with new ideas to fool the people

Good work and intresting advise expecialy free money that makes us not to think with our head. Keep it up man and thanks

Pretty old news, hopefully most of the community is aware of this scam by now. Pretty funny that Vitalik's Twitter name is now "Vitalik "No I'm not giving away ETH" Buterin"

true that it is pretty old news. but still people are falling for it. that is why Vitalik changed his twitter name

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