eBTC Turned out to be a scam, deleted so people don't buy it.

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eBTC is a scam, the dev dumped and did a runner.


Well I'm glad you're not one of those like me who signed up and never got their airdrop.

Sorry to hear that mate. I know the dev accidentally cut people from the list when he was removing cheaters, he then spent some time giving out extra tokens to those he missed. I like the idea of this token but there's definately things that could have been handled better.

I applied the day it announced and shared it in my airdrop group... and the people I shared with got it haha

Ouch, that sucks.

Dev made a few mistakes with this coin for sure, I sold most at 42c when I read he'd left an error in the code. He promises not to exploit it but I lost a lot of confidence in him as a dev.

I still hope this makes it on exchanges and does well though, the idea is fantastic, just the execution wasn't so great. He also didn't move quick enough to get in on exchanges, and when the FUD came in, the community was doing the work the dev should have been doing.

I hope it can regain momentum.

e seen in cryptocurrencies for a long time. Many of the people who just dumped their amazing airdrop have already gone in the first couple of days, leaving the strong who are determined to HODL and see this coin succeed. A lot of them are people who've never had a large amount of money in cryptocurrencies and for them it could be life-changing.

How did yo knew about me xD

how to partake in investing in eBTC? Is this affliated with BTC?

No, it's a coin with Bitcoin's fundamentals on the Ethereum blockchain, which solves the high and ever increasing ETH supply problem (meaning your ETH value can be inflated away). It also solves Bitcoin's miner drama problem with all coins already distributed.

You can only buy by making a wallet on EtherDelta and depositing ETH, I suggest you view a tutorial because EtherDelta is not user-friendly.

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Buy the way, since posting this the airdrop is worth $1,600

I Love eBTC idea. simple and excelent. thanks for share, upvote resteem and follow you.

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