PixelProperty #PXLAirdrop Giveaway Completed And Paid Out

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#PXLAirdrop Completed And Paid Out

We are happy to announce that the #PXLAirdrop has concluded, prizes have been paid out and winners have been notified!

A total of 10,000 PXL and a cryptocollectable Property were given away!


Steemit Winners

We'd like to take a moment to honour our Steemit winners. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to those who won!



All Winners

Users were able to enter the giveaway through various social media platforms, therefore there were many users to thank who are not on Steemit.

Thank you to all of our winners and everyone else who entered! Here are all of the #PXLAirdrop winners!

The displayed usernames may not match Steemit usernames. Registered users have their canvas.pixelproperty.io usernames listed. Many users also entered on various other social media accounts, with only one name being selected for the poster.



How To See Your PXL

If you were a lucky winner, you can see your PXL balance by visiting the PixelProperty.io DApp. If you have not already registered an account, make sure to use the same Ethereum address entered in the #PXLAirdrop giveaway, as that is the address your prize was awarded to!

As PXL is an ERC20 token, any Ethereum wallet can add it as a coin to use. The address of the PXLProperty ERC20 token to import into your wallet is 0x9bc0b36cdedadb9ae906f53bdea6debe20b81b8e.

You can also see your PXL balance by visiting the decentralized exchange Token.Store with MetaMask installed.


Missed The Giveaway, Or Wanting More?

If you missed this giveaway or are hungry for more PXL, there's no need to fear! We have an exciting event to announce in the coming weeks. Be sure to stay posted!

Users can also earn their own PXL through contributing to the evolving blockchain canvas as canvas.pixelproperty.io



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oh so nice to see myself there too
Very nice, will support this project even more!!

Thank you for your support :)

Interesting idea and thanks for sharing.

I will look into pixelproperty in more detail!

Thank you for the kind words! We're really excited and have plenty of plans to bring more value to PixelProperty and the evolving blockchain canvas :)

Thanks feels good to win something :)

Thank you for entering!

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Wow! I'm one of the Pixelproperty airdrop winners. I just saw that I have won 100 PXL token. Pixelproperty had already upvoted my comment the day I entered for this airdrop. I even made a post on it to help others get upvote and token from pixelproperty. This is the post here. I want to say a big thank you to @pixelproperty. I also saw the 0.02 sbd transfer from you. Sincerely I'm glad I'm part of Pixelproperty cryptocurrency project.

Right now I will:

  1. Resteem this post and also resteem all your subsequent posts.
  2. Create a new post about this.

Note also that I'm ready to support pixelproperty at all time Becuase this is super real. I'm also looking out for the exciting event you promised in this post.

Thank you for the kind words! We really appreciate the support! Congratulations again on winning :) Be sure to enter our airdrop when its announced in the near future!

We're so happy with how well this giveaway went! It really was a pleasure. This was PixelProperty's second giveaway overall.

It isn't officially scheduled, but our next one will be a more traditional airdrop rather than a giveaway (where everyone who enters is rewarded PXL, rather than only a select few winners).

We're excited to keep the momentum going!

Wow! it's really a nice experience with Pixelproperty. Looking forward to the next traditional airdrop. I'm also excited to be part of this. :)

Glad to hear you had a good experience, welcome aboard!

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