PixelProperty.io - White Paper Overview - Digital & Physical Representations (Part 5)

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Our vision is to have the digital canvas be viewable by the masses, rather than only be present on the PixelProperty.io website. To have mutliple representations in both the digital realm and the physical realm. We aim to achieve this by creating both a digital service and physical advertisements aimed at displaying the canvas outside of the confinement of our website.


Physical Advertisement

Upon adequate funding and as our long-term roadmap vision, PixelProperty plans to build a one hundred (100) sq. meter live updating billboard in a location with a population of at least one million (1,000,000) citizens. This live updating billboard will bring the digital canvas to the real-world, giving Properties a real-world representation, providing a new form of prime internet real estate.


Digital Service

A digital service is being created which allows websites to easily integrate and display the digital canvas. This service will include a web server which all will be run to act as an intermediary on behalf of the website, caching the most recent state of the PixelProperty canvas, allowing websites to request canvas updates without requiring direct access to the Ethereum network, minimize load times and make our users experience more seamless .

Reusable Canvas Widget

An updating canvas widget will be available for use on any website which allows embedded JavaScript code snippets. This integrated canvas will be live updating when viewed on any browser with access to the Ethereum blockchain through services such as MetaMask. If Metamask is not installed, it will also default to interval updates instead, requesting the image from our web server. This widget will allows for the PixelProperty to be easily viewed across other websites, bringing value through viewership to the canvas and tokens.

Interactive Website

PixelProperty.io will showcase the reusable canvas and allow users to interact with the canvas smart contract. The website will require MetaMask to be used for more advanced interactions. Through the website, users can change their Properties’ visuals, text and links, earn Tokens, and buy or sell Properties in a user-friendly way. This interactive website is effectively the dashboard or official web portal to the PixelProperty Smart Contract.


Introduction (Part 1)
User Features (Part 2)
Property and PXL Distribution (Part 3)
Income Model (Part 4)
Steemit Introduction

Full White Paper

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