A Brief Update From PECUNIO COO Christian Thurner About Our Gold-Backed Token

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Hello PECUNIO fans!

As we wrote in our last post, we are happy to announce that we reached our hardcap of $4.5m with only a few hours to go. This gives us great encouragement that we are on the right track and that there are people out there who believe in the direction we are trying to take our company.

Our COO, Christian Thurner, sent out an email yesterday with a brief update about what's next. As you know, our ICO starts in roughly three weeks.

But the thing we're MOST excited about is our gold-backed token - PGC. We are all set to announce the name of our storage partner in Dubai who will be handling all of the logistics. But before we do that, we want to make sure that all of the paperwork is in order.

Read below to get the latest update:

Dear PECUNIO member,

I’d like to send you some greetings from the head office here in Dubai.

Furthermore I have taken the time to create a short video message for you, in which I’m going to inform about the latest updates and next steps we will take in order to introduce the PGC to the market

Some very important operational procedures need to be fulfilled to assure the highest transparency and stability for our gold backed coin.

Please refer to this link and enjoy your video

With all of my best regards to the PECUNIO Family, from Dubai!

Christian F. Thurner – COO
Akad.BO univ

Want to learn more about PECUNIO and what we're doing? Click here to check out our website!



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Interesting concept. Please explain how you are backing the token with gold. Will it be audited (unlike Tether)?

We have a partner in Dubai who will be providing the gold. We'll make a more detailed announcement in the comings weeks.

Thanks for the reply. Look forward to learning more.

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where can you get pecunio

Our ICO will be live in a few weeks.


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