Bitcoin Diamond ? Yet Another Fork in the Roadmap

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if you're a BitCoin HODLR you might be interested to know there's yet another upcoming bitcoin fork in the roadmap. This one is being labelled as friendly and will increase the block size to 8mb. It's supposedly focused on closing the loop in transaction privacy. It's scheduled to occur no later than 25th November.

Cynical or Optimistic (who doesn't like free money?)

You might be cynical about all this bitcoin cloning. It surely should make the developers rich with their free, new proportion of held back coins. Bitcoincash does seem to have generated a lot of inward value in an almost unbelievable short time, but how much has it stolen from BTC. Last week I thought it was going to eat Bitcoin ! and Bitcoingold which is a bit flat is still leagues ahead of most coins in terms of residual value. I was quite pleased segwit2x was cancelled. It seemed like BTC was splintering into a million useless shards. Only time will tell what goes down when there are 23 bitcoin clones

New Minted Coins

BCD will be 210 millions coins. This drops the bar to entry ? really does it. 10 BCD per bitcoin.. 170 million will be available and 40 million will be held back for ... mmm, mining and rewards ???

Anonymous as Satoshi !

Every and 007 are behind this rapid cloning project and they are registered as based in Singapore

bitcoin diamond.jpg

Thoughts and Comments from the Cryptonauts

What are your thoughts on this fork... anyone think it's just another cryptocashgrab or a useful addition to the armoury? Does it's arrival ultimately cut into bitcoin or does it offer another entry point for Joe & the Public? what's next ? bitcoin platinum, bitcoin palladium, bitcoin ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, topaz...onyx !!

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My 2 cents worth - the volatility of the crypto space is about to be invaded and over-run by Wall Street. Therefore, any half decent coins should do well. Ether is rising because Mike Novogratz has been busy buying up on the weekend, ready to invest in some current really good ICOs/ITOs that are doing the hustings. What feeds BTC? Not gun-running or drugs, but ICO profits. Pump 'n' dump, straight back to BTC. Break that link, then BTC will sink. Spread your eggs to a few baskets, or perhaps, invest in SwissBorg, the ICO that will invest in the markets for you....that's not a tip, just an example of what is out there. The ICOs is where the money is to be made. BTC can't scale, and while you're waiting for your order to be filled, the purchase you want to make has bolted. So, what next?

hey @katyclark, you've cartoonised yourself ? ! nice job. Thanks for the comment. excellent insight. When Wall St moves in we can expect the game to change significantly. I think you're right but the ICO's need some very tight research. I reckon for every 10 ICO's there will be one winner. I've been writing about a lot of ICO's and I've seen some amazing projects. Even these won't all survive and to be honest, I think the potential profits from ICO is a long game over the 1-3 year period. But like climate change, it's hotting up and getting a lot more volatile. BTC just went over £6k or $7,392 in funny money.

I'm still focusing my energy on trying to analyse and find the very best use case blockchain projects. For me the real deep interest lies in the disruptive power, transparency and effectiveness of new tech to effect real change in people's lives. I have a few I'm particularly fond of. Gridcoin, SONM, ARNA Panacea. bitcoin diamond doesn't really add anything new but bitcoin is struggling under the weight of transactions and does risk becoming obsolete within the next year or 3.. It's value store could easily shift entirely to BCH in a matter of weeks. That would be some comedown ! and those caught out would be very disappointed, while those who caught the wave would not !.. eyes peeled for the incoming baitball

Hi, Outerground, thank you for your thoughtful reply, above :) I changed the photograph because of facial recognition :) it's my tinfoil hat. I think ICOs are for switching 10x profits into BTC/Fiat for holidays :)

tinfoil hat ! love it.. Switching an ICO into a holiday shows that you are indeed a wizard
of the genus

Cryptothalamus cheekyii

:) love your reply. Re interesting ICOs, I bought into PowerLedger in the ICO phase. Yesterday, it was announced that the Australian Government had invested into PowerLedger (POWR) it's taken off. It's an electricity swap blockchain blah-blah [insert technical talk]. So that's my very first ICO....and it's up 10x. Thanks, Gov :)) On the back of that, I'm encouraged to invest into Envion AG, which is going to be ginormous. It is offering 30% bonus on Day 1 (1 December). Register now. It's the computer in a container linked to cheap power around the globe idea, mining coins. Love the concept. Thought bubble: will they need armed robots to protect the containers from theft? They could become the new cocaine.....LOL, LOL, LOL....another excellent IDEA from OZ is CanYa. I can't see much equity or value back to consumer, beyond brilliant barter idea, but it might take off for bartering LOTS of things, list limited only to the imagination...... :)))))))) Our government looks benignly on buying (not investing) into crypto to spend, so official word, I intend to spend it my leisure :)

Power Ledger was your first ICO ? BOOM, you've got golden gloves @katyclark. Now you're an Investicus boomerii I wrote an excited post about Power Ledger yesterday. Renewables and BlockChain make me hopeful for the saving of humanity and perhaps the world (maybe).

I've read quite a lot of criticism of ENVION. A lot of people seem to think it's a total scam and the numbers don't add up. I always keep an open mind! It sounds clever. but yeah that's going to be a lot of kit.. my question would be cooling the stuff down. there are a few projects taking advantage of being built near cheap hydro electric sources. The solar farm powered or wind powered mine is the future. I personally think proof of stake is one of the better ways forward. lower power and much easier on the machines too !
one day we will harvest more renewables than we need. that will be a great day for planet earth. CanYa. will have to look at that too.

I was just looking for a quote from Novogratz, the Ether billionaire. He's a former wrestler who just happened to have had smart room-mates in college. He telegraphs his every move. He says Ether is going to go up 25% between now and end of the year (probably because he just bought some for his new hedge fund company). I recently bought Ether - to invest in some start-ups, including CanYa. What I like about CanYa is its potential ubiquity :) Aussies love the barter system, and it enables a classic barter set-up. I'll bear in mind what you said about Envion AG. My biggest issue with them is, seriously, who guards the solar container factory?? Who's going to want to hang around to ensure it doesn't get stolen or vandalised? It's a smart idea - and a silly idea, too. I was interested because they promised to give back to the community of investors. I've qualified as a dolphin for CanYa :) so I'm entitled to 40% bonus in the ICO if I buy before 26 November. I was going to monetise my POWR, since it rose more than 10x since launch, but then I read about the Government's investment in a 12 month trial with PowerLedger, the CSIRO, two universities, et al, so resisted. If power is coming down, won't it one day all be free?? Here's a thought. ANY company can install a solar factory ANYWHERE and use the blockchain to sell it to customers. Mmmm..... I'm putting time and effort into this space (crypto), in a hope to set myself up so I don't have to think about it. retire to relax and do only what I want to do in a foreign tax which all of my friends and family have also retired. Maybe Steemit should start a community of like-minded souls and start saving to buy an island :)

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LOL another one :P