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I felt compelled to write this post, following some exciting updates coming from The Manna Project (also formerly known as GrantCoin, as it was called back when I first learnt about it in the end of 2016).


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The growing economic inequality is something that I see as a threat to peace and stability within the countries and on the global stage. Isn’t it crazy that less than a hundred individuals possess as much economic power as the poorest half of humanity? It is, to me.

Also, the current system of creation of new money, partly by quantitative easing (aka “printing money”) by central banks around the world and partly by creating money out of nothing by private banks, when issuing debt, is as unjust as it is unsustainable. A huge part of my interest in and my enthusiasm for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is because I see them as a solution to this crazy house-of-cards monetary system we have today.

While Steem is one of the many amazing examples of how blockchain-based currency can help to create and distribute value in more equitable ways, there’s definitely space for more experimenting and more solutions.


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One of them is MANNA (you know, like the magical food from heaven in the Bible) – a cryptocurrency that was created by The People’s Currency Foundation (a US-registered charity organisation) with an aim to enable a blockchain-based Universal Basic Income (UBI) subsidy to all living individuals in the world. It is a relatively young initiative, one that started back in 2015. Still, despite this relatively short timeframe, the cumulative of its coin, Manna, has increased 80-fold in value since 2015. At first about 3,500 individuals from over 100 countries signed up for GrantCoin airdrops (yep, I was one of those people). $250,000 USD were distributed to those people through the end of 2017, with the market cap of Manna reaching $4 million USD by January 1st this year and then doubling again. Yesterday the project launched its new website,, and 17,000 more people joined in the following few hours.


I won’t bore you with more details about this awesome project – you can find them out for yourself in the project’s whitepaper. If you want to sign up for your Manna Wallet and participate in the weekly distributions of Universal Basic Income subsidy (paid out to your wallet in Manna starting on March 1st), you can do it via this referral link:

I firmly believe that UBI is a great solution for us as a humanity moving forward. At least until we hit technological singularity some time later this century. Until then we’ll have to manage the rising income inequality, the increased rate of technological innovation, advances in the AI and many jobs becoming obsolete due to that. Universal Basic Income can help mitigate some of these challenges that we are facing. And Blockchain is a perfect technology to implement it.

Now go ahead and grab your Manna! ;)


An UBI would be a solution to our world's many problems. I didn't have time to read much about this project...but it's worth giving it a try! I'll buy you a drink when I get my UBI! :))

It’s a deal! And hopefully you can pay for it in Manna. ;))

And I totally agree that UBI would help solve many problems that our societies and economies are facing today. Some Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, and Canada are doing some limited experiments with UBI. I’m hopeful that we will see a nation-wide implementation at least in one of those countries within the next ten years. And hopefully Sweden will be among the first ones to introduce it to its residents (I’m partial, because I live here!).

(The whitepaper that I linked to in my post has a one-page executive summary, if you don’t have time to read the whole thing. It will be worth your 3 minutes of time, I promise you!)

I'm interested in basic income with blockchain. Resteemed this post. Thank you.


Interesting project I will be sure to check it out. While I’m not happy with universal basic income being the solution the fact of matter is I’ve not heard much better. Every day more and more stores, malls, and places of work are lying off or reducing their workforce in favor of automation.

A few people I know are currently in the process of training their automotive replacement or their customers on how to use their replacement when they are gone. Thankfully some of their industry they work in some people realize what is going on and refuse to use a device and request a person every time.
I know anytime I go out to restaurant or other places and they try and get me to “use” a tablet to order food or self-checkout I request a human. Society is not in a place yet to have a developed answer for all these displaced workers.

I agree with everything you said, @enjar. The rate of automatisation of jobs is alarming. It would be okay by me, if it led to increases in free time for the human workers, while retaining their levels of income. But in reality, as you pointed out, it leads to lay-offs and loss of income. It benefits the rich few, while hurting the struggling working poor. UBI can be a counter-balancing (or at least somewhat mitigating) force during this transition to a more automated jobs economy. I believe that in the long term the decision makers will have to choose between facing mass unrest (revolution?) and implementing UBI.

I'm seeing it more and more in the US. Good honest hard working people can't even make it anymore. Instead of them only having to work 15-25 hours a week like automation should be creating. They are putting 60 and are making less then they where years ago.

Exactly. Ideally automation should have made the working class people more free and prosperous, by allowing us to work less and/or under less strenuous conditions, while enjoying more free time and wages in line with at least a decent living standard (and ideally quite comfortable lifestyles that working families enjoyed for decades after the World War II). Instead, in reality we are seeing people being pushed towards the margins of the labour market, or out of jobs entirely. People are forced to take less well-paid jobs, more precarious or outright dangerous assignments, working longer hours for worse salary. Those who own and control technological capital have found ways to exploit both the machines and the people. :-/ Hopefully it’s not too late to find ways to direct this technological development towards the benefit of a much larger number of people.

I have failed quite a number of years trying find alterative ways to get around such control these people wield. I hope one of these days to find something so I no longer have dependence on the couple of crumbs they "feel" we have earned.

Hello, Mr.Oleg!
Thank you for finding my page.
I was surprised at Monna!
I'll find project's whitepaper soon.
I will also do my best.
I followed you!
I am supporting you forever from Japan!


Cryptocurrency will sooner than we expect

Hi @oleg326756 - I have tried multiple times to sign up to the Mannabase site, to no avail. The site does not send me the email to verify my account.

I wonder - do you think this is a problem with server load? I've been trying for a couple of months now. I register and it seems to go into a black hole. :(

I really like the idea of Mannabase, though! I hope these opening problems can be ironed out and fixed. Good luck!

I think it might, indeed, be a problem with their servers being overloaded at the moment. Try a few days later, and hopefully it'll work for you then. Have you managed to join their mailing list, at least?

Estas mojose renkonti alian esperantiston cxi tie, cetere! ;)

awesome information im looking into manna tonight for sure

Hey thanks Oleg, I signed up because why not? :)

Indeed, there’s nothing to lose. And you can always sell your Manna for USD or Bitcoin, if you like.

Hey, guess what book I am reading at the moment? ‘Your Money or Your Life’, of course! :D Took me that long, but man – am I glad I’m finally doing it! Somehow I assumed that the book was primarily about money and money management. But it turned out to be so much more than that. An almost philosophical / psychological / spiritual work. I am now recommending it to people I know – and I’m sure I’ll be re-reading this book in the years to come.

I cannot thank you enough for having recommended it to me!!

Oh yeah, that book is so good as a tool to strengthen your money mindset. I have no come across any other book that does it better. It really gets to the deeper meaning of your time/money and what to do.

One of those few books that can truly change your life.

wow it's an old coin, I am interested, I registred using your link, how much they give per referral ?

Thank you! Their referral bonus is extremely generous. For every registered and approved user that you invited they give one full UBI subsidy for the duration of one year. So, for example, if I invited five people and four of them got verified and approved, then I will be getting 5 subsidies for one year (my own + four for my approved referees). Neat, eh? So spread the word and enjoy the benefits! ;)

You are saying UBI for one year, what is UBI and how I can get a coin to withdraw into bitcoin ?

UBI = universal basic income. You can send your Manna from your wallet on to SouthXchange and sell it there for Bitcoin.