Does Google feel threatened with the Cryptos and Blockchain Technology

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

Google came out with this directive that it is going to ban the Crypto advertisements from June onwards.
Do we see that Google is fearing the power of Decentralization and that they see gradually the domination they hold over centralization slip out from their hands.

And what a funny Headline that they had "Google is Banning Ban All Cryptocurrency, ICO Advertisements from June", I seriously feel they have lost it, they need some English tutors as well 😀

So much of hypocrisy, they can go ahead with all the gambling and porn sites and they claim these as dangerous to the society. What a big joke, the biggest data hackers are talking of Morality. They are trying to spread the fear in public which to an extent will work, but how long can they go ahead with these monkey tricks and stop the dominance of Crypto.

Image Source: Pixabay

The recent times have been extremely turbulent for the Cryptos, all the countries are waking up to either adapting or opposing or trying to get regulations in place. I am no expert on this subject but I personally feel that these early revolutions in the Crypto space are good for a long run. In the long run we will be able to see more stability.

Indian officials are contemplating that Bitcoin should not be allowed at all, but how much can they succeed in these directives.

All of this is putting pressure on the market value, but people will soon realize the potential once governments impose more control and restrictions on freedom. And when there will be an exit from the global banking system because of things going cashless and bail-outs/ bail-ins/ negative interest rates all that money is going to come into Cryptos because it is the only truly decentralized form of money which people can control themselves and are in full charge of their money.

The current situation may make them fly but the winner will be the one who has the last laugh so lets wait and watch the fun. In the mean time, stay strong and do not panic the extremes. Possibility is that it may go low further and we may see a bear market for a very long time in 2018.

Image Source: Pixabay

The Revolution has already begun and the threat is opposed to many but how much will they be able to control.
Cryptos are inevitable and eventually everyone will have to surrender.

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With Love and Angels Blessings 💖💖👼🏻👼🏻🧚‍♀

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Haha, funny indeed! I have always seen (especially in Indian schools), the whole class turning against the bright student who tends to threaten the position of others. The student does not worry about others or his/her performance, but the whole world is worried about him(or her). Cryptos are no exception!


it's the same with gossip. Those who are making them spend hours for it, but the person abut whom they're making it, even doesn't notice their existence-)


ohh yes, the gossip mongers I never understand what is their motive behind it and why do they waste so much time and energy on creating such nuisance


hahaha...that's so very true, our heads always turn to the odd one out

unexpected topic from you, Nainaz-)

but you're right, we live in dynamic and important time, a new world of Crypto is being created, and we're witnesses of it, and even participaters of the process somehow-))

our parents even couldn't imagine 20-30 years ago that such even would even happen in reality...-)my parents still understand nothing in it, and I am not specialist either-)


Ohhh really you find this unexpected, thing is I have been a very hardcore Corporate person for almost 20 years and somewhere it still exist within me, so sometimes I like going back to these topics :-), and my whole family is into crypto big time so its all running in the family....hahahaha
Honestly 3 years back even I did not imagine that such things will also be a part of my life, but I am glad and enjoying all this change, though its a little difficult to understand, but thanx to my son who keeps educating me all the time.

They might feel threaten but mostly they are affraid of Scams and as for Facebook they do not want anything to do with the Justice Department in case some users would have subscribed via Google.
Take care my friend.


Thank you very @vlemon for your inputs :-), yes I can agree to what you say but I still always feel that Google is the biggest intruder in our space.

I imagine most the adverts that Google will be blocking would have been for scam sites trying to profit off the unwary anyway. Cryptocurrency is volatile mainly because every time there is a hint of news some region or Government announces they are going to regulate or tax it's holding as income people sell out their holding quick dropping the value. In reality I think it is way too difficult to track these transactions, and how do they stop someone using a VPN to access a wallet located in a different part of the world? Topping it up might be more difficult, but a quick plane ride with pockets filled with cash and you could easily find someone who will fill up your digital wallet where it is accepted in return for physical currency.


This year majorly we are going to see these turbulence on and off as every country is waking up to now Crpto space. They initially may have not expected it to grow at this space but now everyone is waking up and trying to get it regulated in their own way. Its good in a way, cause the sooner it regulates we start seeing stability in future

Haha. These clowns are afraid of getting out of business. Thanks to Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies, now, many people can afford to compete with the giants like Google, Facebook, Youtube and others. As mentioned by you @nainaztengra that the current situation is quite funny and that will result in the bearish market.

I think by the time Indian govt. realizes what this is all about, we will see many free millionaires all over the country. Citizens of the country will become citizens of the world very soon. Cheers :-)


I am not suprised by Google. If Mark has a way around you think he wouldn't contemplate sending steemit out of business?

The thing is, they know that crypto has come to stay and it is a movement that cannot be stopped. They are just been protective of their creations. Being a dominating force has become second skin to them that they can't imagine a world with millionaires popping out from every corner.

The question I have for them is this: how are cryptos harmful?


They will try to bring down all those platforms that pose threat to them, so that would not be surprising at all.


I am an Indian and I have always been very attached to my motherland but in the recent times after moving to Oman, I so clearly see the difference and feel so sad how things work in my country. I hope things get better, thought I dont have much of hope.


I understand @nainaztengra. I feel the same way but my hopes are a little bit higher. We live in a time when work and pleasure don't have to be different. Many Indians are living their time well in and out of India. And I wish more will follow soon. :-D

It looks like they definitely feel threatened. Banning all crypto and ICO based ads is a clear indication of that. I think Bitclave is trying to do similar to what Google is doing, but in a decentralized manner. Other ICOs could also pop up trying to dethrone Google.


We will keep seeing a lot of these in the coming days, we need to not get into these loops and keep the faith in crypto space as this is the future now.

A very well written post:)

Yes they can stop showing crypto ads, but they can't stop growing of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology:)

Because this is the future:)


What has to come up will come up eventually no matter what resistance comes.


Very true..

No one can change the law..:)

I am sure the big corporations knew exactly what they were doing when running advertising for the of use crypto. Maybe the new digital currencies had hit their peak (for now) and it was time to manipulate the markets and bring their value back down. If you look at trends. the value of fiat currency peaks and troughs over a period of about 7 years. This has been the case since the 19th century. I'm still keen on the idea of cryto and blockchain for now as im hoping too that it will give more power to the people.
Everybody should be entitled to their own opinion and not be shut down by these market giants :)
have a great day!!


The fiat currency can be in control and manipulated but here no one has control and hence these dictators are going to have problems, inevitable, But these will also settle down eventually :-)

Agreed @nainaztengra

If they knew who created it he would have been in jail & if BTC had an office it would have been closed down a long time ago. It cannot be stopped and banning it only fuels the fire!

Some of the best crypto info out there can be found by following the links in this post -

Honestly i think there just protecting your average joe who knows nothing about bitcoin, lot of those adverts are scams

The world is conspiring against cryptocurrencies I guess. Well if Google is going to be "banning ban" all adverts, i think I will be better for the crypto world to look for a substitute, so that we the crypto lovers will massively migrate to it. Thanks for sharing.


Nothing is impossible these days, what took years for google to build up, some one may just come overnight. The Steemit data base is full of information and growing, who knows steemit can be the next google :-)

I think this will be funny if google ban crytocurrency, I can't believe google could be jealous like this lol.


hahaha, when there is a threat to them anything can be expected

I don't think they can hide for a long time. I suspect Google should also be working on using blockchain technology efficiently as an underground project like NASA working on Mission Sanskrit. I think they are just not disclosing anything to the public.

Not just google but even antivirus companies are trying to block blockchain based websites and apps. They are marking these apps and websites as malware. I hope the situation will soon change as they will find it difficult to sustain in the growing blockchain technology everywhere. We will even reach a stage where we will no longer need google at all. Who knows? 😂


The whole technology space is moving to blockchain technology eventually so do they have a choice?
Big IT giants TCS, Accenture all have already started getting strong in Digital and Blockchain space. That's the future.


Yes true. From .com to standalone databases to cloud to now Blockchain. After 10 years it is going to be fully filled with Blockchain. :) And we also have lots of things to learn.

Google can ban all cryptocurrency-related advertising of every type in June 2018, in step with a recent update to their money Services policy.The news of a crypto ad ban comes simply days when crypto advertisers victimization Google Adwords noticed a forceful come by the amount of views of their advertisements, in step with posts on the Adwords support pages. However, Google Adwords had at that point denied any amendment in their money Services rules that may block cryptocurrency or Initial Coin providing (ICO) connected advertisements.Under Google’s fresh updated money product policy, no advertisements for “cryptocurrencies and connected content (including however not restricted to initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency commercialism advice),” are accepted.
The move affects all of Google's ad product, which means firms won't be ready to serve crypto-related ads on the computer programme giant’s own sites, likewise as third-party sites in its network.


We will keep seeing a lot of these in the coming days not only from Google but other bureaucratic institutions also, so we need to be prepared for it

It is not that Cryptocurrency are bad. Rather it is the people who fell thinking it is a good investment opportunity.

Because it ain't.

It is a currency. And a very volatile one. The prices of bitcoin ranged from $1 to $10000. This creates a wave in the economics. Because many naive people invest and lose money.

In addition, many false crypto-currency company emerges to fool unsuspecting investors.

It is one of the reasons ICO ads are being banned.

I believe in crypto-currencies. And I hope blockchain gets more usage as we go along.

Good luck to us..


When people get into this space with half knowledge they will surely have problems, people think it as a quick money making buck which is not the case. Eventually regulations will be in place and we will see more stability in crypto space

Dear friend, I support your opinion that the company is worried about the fear of decentralization in general ,,, She feels that he pulls from under the rug slowly، We also know that the electronic currency markets have become the top and dominate the whole world, and has become the talk of the world at present, as it has a very beautiful future and possible to be a company of the past ، And it's funny that Google Inc. publishes jokes ، good luck my dear lady @nainaztengra 👍👍😉
All the best for you 🌹😊


All that goes up has to come down also, which is inevitable. History has proved that no one has stayed up in top positions forever, so change is inevitable, acceptance is important now.


Yes , I know my lady , u can see other company such as Nokia mobile and Samsung mobile

Cryptos threaten the status quo, where only certain people can have access to wealth. That's why they don't like it.

great article, cool blog. follow right now!Q

google had it coming. For years, they decided that some were not just worth it and did not allow adsense but granted freely to some who were downright spammers and thieves. Now that steemit has been around and paying well to those who are dedicated, both fb and google feel threatened. This probably led to the idea of ad ban. There are other search engines too...


Change is inevitable, no one in the technology space can claim to be on top forever. Its witnessed the top ones have come down eventually with upgrades so everyone needs to be prepared for it :-)

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When matured, the crypto market will be fully decentralized. Government will have hard time controlling crypto. When even government can't do a thing, the only way Google could survive would be to join the blockchain technology. :D