Will Altcoins rise again ?Which are best to buy now ?

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Hello Friends,

So are back again with another interestting blog for you guys, as most of you were asking for the future of Altcoins as of now.


Looking back 2-3 years only bitcoin and few altcoins were prominent in the market.But now with almost 1800+ different coins in the market and many more to come, everyone is worried about altcoin future now.Majority of them are ERC20 based.Some of the are working on Neo blockchain too and lot more.But certainly very very few of the coins will survive, thats the bitter truth.


As mentioned above, there is cut throat competition between altcoins now in the crypto market.Many of the times -34 altcoins are working on the same idea and with same vision.It is always advisable to invest in top 100 altcoins in the market.Although rankings in the market keep on changing, our outmost advice is to keep an eye on the market on regular intervals.


Now comes the main question, why altcoins are falling regularly.Look at the Btc dominance it is over 50% now.Btc dominance is 2018 ATH.Major crypto whales and investors are in no mood of buying alts right now.Their only focus is Bitcoin now.The same was happening last year too, when Btc doinance crossed 50% and altcoins bleeded badly.ay be Btc dominance can increase more, that means alts will bleed further more.

It is not that the other coins team are not working properly actively but the market crash mostly harms the altcoins.If Btc drops even by 5%, altcoins fall by 10-20%.Majority of the altcoins are 90% down from their ATH.This will be the best oppurtunity to get hands on them now, but buy in parts.Who knows what will happen later.


Crypto market is very unstable and unpredictable now.But as of now which 9 ETF approvals in september, we are very much bullish in the final quarter of 2018.May be it will break all its previous records, or can make us to hold even longer.Only time will tell us.Be patient, the blockchain technology is here to stay.

See you in our next blog !

Don't forget to comment down your opinions below, see you there.

Sumit Kapoor

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Bit coin dump lose increase some time wait

hy ... let's vote together
I hope we can be good friends.

Yaa why not

Its simple just track top 10 alt coins.. No deep analysis no rocket science

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One analyst said btc will come to 5000$ and pump

I think that 5.000$ is good for BIG investors..like financial institutions

@rehan everyone's prediction is different, but pump is for sure

14/08/2018 bitcoin is 6074.15

@moneyguruu Luck has a funny way of coming into people’s life. It follows hard working people wherever they go and does a no show for all the slackers. Congrats, you deserved to be the lucky one. No matter how big a crowd may be, a person like you always stands out! There’s no one who has worked as hard as you have in the last years. Now your efforts effort have paid off. Congrats!

@áadil wonderful lines, God bless you

Nice content you information always helpful ✌✌✌

I just wish you always keep smiling

aap ka d tube par channel hai sumit sir

Awesome post sir! But What about Etherecash Future ??

@rai thanks and let the market gets stable first

matter of time bro . Just TMC need a solid reverse . and when TMC and BTC dominance start moving simultaneously.......... Altcoins full moon

what is TMC?

Total market cap

@moneyguruu Wow sir,, What is the secret of your success on Steemit?
Plz tell me
Your blog is very good sir

@deeptarana success myntra is consistency and great content

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sir , you doing such a tremendous work man!! i absolutely agree with your word thanks for support :-) !!!!

Thanks for the appreciation, keep supporting

The main thing is that 1800+ alt coins are on CMC listed while more than 2000 coins are apart from list. And either they are in ICO or planning to release their ICO in last quarter. And more than 70% alt are Ethereum Blockchain based. It means demand of dApps, solidity and Ethereum network is high.
Now comes on my question that is price of ETH that is really shocking.
And Ethereum is below $325, 5 times down to ATH. So what do you think about ETH and starting of the year everyone was expecting that ETH will cross Bitcoin in 2K18. So, there is any loss for ETH because there are few new platform came for dApp like EOS and few more..
My Last question is that I wanna know about AVINOC ico.??

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@devkapoor too many questions bundled in one, predictions are not always true, ethereum has a nodoubt great future dont worry about it in long term.And i didnt studied about avinoc ico yet

Sorry for long comment...

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great information sir and offcose atlcoin delfinately rise again

@cryptolovr thanks for the support

Bhai good going , upvote us also link is ;- https://steemit.com/mgsc/@badripanda/again-a-short-fall

done my friend, but elaborate your content and add images

thanks guruji....

Is it time to buy or wait for more dip in Altcoins ??

@newsbull as told in article buy in parts

When will come bull run for Altcoin???

wait it will surely come, it is just checking our patience

Sir @moneyguruu according to you which are top coin to invest?

i had given the video link in the last blog, check it out

Sir @moneyguruu , I am waiting for bull run.

we all are waiting, it will come for sure

@moneyguruu sir I'm agree with you crypto market is totally unstable and unpredictable.
BTC killing every alt coin
Sir I'm stuck in Electroneum what should I do????
The option I can see is only HOLD..


Etn team is not working properly

At last all the great projects would crest and knolegeable people who have invested in them would gain profit. It's the only truth. Digital currency is future no matter what. Just think of a time people living on diffent planets, they would certainly do business in digital units. We are in phase one, resurrecting these coins.

exactly my friend, great

yes it's a very frustating moment

dont panic sell, just hold

Thanks for sharing this informative articles.

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@fzabedin thanks for the support

Hi @moneyguruu all the alts are way down as on today. If we look exactly one year back then current price is still a bit higher than last year. Anything can happen in crypto market and we never know. Price of alt coins are highly dependent on bitcoin so if btc price recovers in coming weeks then we can see growth in alts as well. Now talking about etf, if I am not wrong then last year bull run was not because of etf so this year if there is no ETF approval then nothing to worry. There are many other factors involved in market increase and etf is just one of them but please make a note it's not 100% only etf. What you say on this Mr Kapoor ?

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pretty right said, btc needs to stable then we can expect alt bull run

There can be n no of factors but one factor is sure to work which work not only in cryptos or stock exchange but in every field of life and that is.. "What goes down will come up"



hi summit

You said rightly there are Alt coins are working on the same concept and there is tough competition among them. Everyone excepting Btc will reach ATH by the end of this year.

Which are the best Alt coins will buy now?

surely it will reach, alt coin list i share in last blod via video link check it out

@moneyguruu exlent information. Thanks for all your post for earning source. Always grow up & success.

thanks for the support

Sir will u plz review about pundi x

i got hands on it when it was 10-15 satoshi and sold at 150, thats it .It can also hit high again

great post sir for infometion cryptocrurrency

Thanks for the appreciatiom

Perfect and Accurate scenario in time.

It is beginning of something BIG ,And the crypto is famous in all over the way .Now .Accepting and adopting crypto and blockchain technology people are getting aware.So, Dont' worry about it .It will grow and grow and grow.Just put the eyes on ETF apporoval and India Court decision .It can be the biggest pump again.

Surely, it has great future

Hmmm seems u have a point


thanks for the support

Thank you @moneyguruu for this informative post
Love you bro :)

Thanks, keep supporting

Sumit bhaiya aka Money Guru i have joined steemit after watching your video on youtube thank you for making a good community,i hope in future we all get help from this community

Thanks a lot, keep supporting

Even i started working after watching his video although i have joined in January itself.. I must say thanks to him one again

yea man

we just hope for the best sir, we all have a strong belief in crypto currency and we are ready to wait some time for the market recovery and i hope it will recovery very soon so thank you so much @moneyguruu sir for giving us important information :)

Thanks for the appreciationit has a great future

Invest now in little amount..and just enjoy when market goes up

Hello sir ,
11 september ko kya hoga please apni ray de..Thanks I support crypto.

I am very optimistic for 11 september

Same here

  ·  11 months ago Reveal Comment

crypto k bare m kuch kh nhi sakte kb kya ho jay


Exactly my friend

Nice brother and please tel me future of iota coin. Can iota coin have potential to cross 10$

Wait till 2019

etheruem is going down

Need to keep patients it will up soon



Take time to do research on various alt coins before investing in them. I would like to think coins focused on being used as currency have a chance of doing well. The people from countries like Zimbabwe, Venezuela and more recently Turkey would be a little safer financially if they consistently invested a small percentage of their earnings in crypto currency over time. Cryptos are here to stay.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

My reply is no

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Sir as always, your advise help us to grow ! Thank you !
Please up vote me also

He is genuius who is rising from us.. I like his effort of making people self sufficient in earning

@moneyguruu yaah that's right. No one predict now. But this is oppurtunities to buy ALTCOIN for long term investment. Hope bull run comeback, so we all are happy.

yes these are the oppurtunities when you look at the bigger prospect, good luck


  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Recently predictions are mostly going wrong , yes Bitcoin dominance is going up and that's mainly the cause of Altcoin drops, but what you think about exact reasons for BTC crash and continuation of that position , is it price manipulation , will expect to hear from you , really getting stressed by this BTC position. I will wait for any response from you in any upcoming video or any post here
From : @pksur

Everything from price manipulations, futures market, negetive news and media created FUD.. see after Bitcoin futures entering the market those big pocket investors who belived bitcoin is overpriced got an opportunity to invest in it.. They started shortselling so that price is corrected and they will test it to what extent it can be reduced but as even Sumit sir said a time will come when they will have to do exactly the opposite.. Just wait for that time.

@moneyguruu well I own a few alt coins for the past few months. Should I hold them or sell them? Considering the ban on crypto trading in India?

You should try accumulating more in small amounts as iy will go up.. Just holding is not enough take advantage of price drop available

sumeet, nice article...crypto is still a risky thing in India...Still not popular..Do you think its gonna work the same way as our share market ? please do reply..MGSC

Non it wont but surly you can corelate how stock market behaved at its inception before regulations kicked in and volatility reduced

Even i am of the same opinion and i have also written a blog in saimmilar topic


Dint get one thing.. How come you are having only 0.57 earning even after so much discussion and upvote from and outside of the community??

Glad to be here sir i am one of your youtube subscirber.
New to steemit
Thankew for Providing us knowledge and for Supporting us..

Why BTC improved in a single day yesterday? Any idea?

Thanks for the right and useful information

what about electroneum and doge coin ?

i think, etf will approve in september30 of sec meeting and then bullrun will start in october .

sumit kapoor sir i am very gled to see your post and i also think that it will growup again.

Highly thought out! You are so inspiring! This is magnificent work dude

Thank you so much sumitkopuer sir for sharing ur knowledge


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