The Spirit of Hackathons

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The Spirit of Hackathons

Joining a hackathon is a great way to spend the weekend meeting other technology enthusiasts out there. It was a pleasure being part of the first Ethereal Blockchain Hackathon. Participants assembled teams with professionals providing mentorship throughout the competition. 100 participants, 18 teams, 30 hours and one goal: to create a blockchain based governance system that takes advantage of Ethereum’s unique platform of identity voting and asset transfer system.

The hackathon kicked off with welcoming words from organizers and host of the event, Consensys, a company founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. Followed by interesting in-depth presentations on blockchain and how to write smart contracts.

I believe hackathon is an opportunity to capture the spirit of disruption, innovation, and collaboration.
Here are some tips for those out there who are attending their first hackathon

Throw Your Ego Out The Door

This is a great opportunity to learn and also a good opportunity to equip junior developers with new skillsets. Also, seeking for help won’t make you lose points for the competition. See someone without a team? Invite them to tag along. It bothers me having to see people leave the hackathon just because they were too shy or feel incompetent to join a team. Make yourself available and respect the skills and limitations of others. Your team will require a diversity of skills, not just coding.

Be Flexible With New Ideas 

You can come into the hackathon with a plan. However, be flexible, teams are made as ideas are formed on the spot since innovation is flowing through the room. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with other teams and collaborate. You will obtain more from the event by working together rather than working against each other. Disrupt the idea of a zero-sum game.

Start Building 

This is a hackathon after all. Participants are supposed to focus on creating a demo rather than providing a business plan. Even if the demo is not completed on time, don’t be discouraged and show everyone what you have achieved and learned. Didn’t make it to the final pitch round? Ask mentors why and how you can improve next time.

(Ethereal Blockchain Hackathon 2017)

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It is cool!

thanks sarahs, hackathon is fun. Kindly spread the words of MindSports IO with your friends .

If you want to learn more , feel free to check out our whitepaper

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Know of any hackathons for us east coasters? I would love to participate in one, but cant afford airfare to uc berkley haha

hey josh, theres many cool blockchain hackathons around.
kindly check it out here:

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