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I love investing and crypto. I dove in head-first since late last December, but I need your help.

My Two Problems

#1. I recently decided to pick 20 coins, yes, just 20 coins, that I will invest in over the next two years. I have 11 that I've decided on, and nine open spots. I need your help convincing me what coins should fill these spaces.

#2. After giving away 9 SBD, which is explained in the rules section of this post, I will have around 215 SBD that I would like to invest now. I keep going back and forth on which coin(s) to start with, and I'm having a hard time choosing how to invest that.

My Goal

My primary goal is unrealistic, however, I have little to lose. I am investing my time here on Steemit for fun and for some SBD that I can use to invest in cryptocurrencies. I do not expect to accomplish this goals, but it's important for you to know what it is if you would like to help me in this quest:

  • Earn $100,000 in two years (looking to pay off student loans and for a down payment on a house)

I also plan to have fun and invest in projects I'm interested in, and look for undervalued or early-stage coins with a lot of growth potential. As you'll see from my list, there is a wide variety of projects I like for different reasons.

My 20 Coins

Here are the coins I like and a short explanation as to why I plan on investing in these over the next two years:

  1. EOS: I believe it's revolutionary and will be a dominant coin over the next 5-10 years.

  2. Steem (SP): I love Steem and Steemit, and earning additional SP will help me earn additional cryptocurrency to invest. It will help me get closer to my goal even if the price if Steem remains the same.

  3. Cardano: Long-tern play that I believe is relatively cheap at the moment.

  4. NEO: Another strong long-term play that provides dividends (GAS) to hodlers, something I love in a coin.

  5. KuCoin: A notable exchange that offers rewards to hodlers.

  6. XLM: Stellar Lumens is a coin I like but I could be talked out of. I think it's another solid bet for the long-term with their partnerships and potential partnerships in the near future.

  7. Nano: Speedy and extremely cheap.

  8. Essentia: Very early-stage project I like. 100,000 for a masternode but I don't believe that would be possible for me to achieve.

  9. Bethereum: A great new social betting community with a deflationary coin that should increase in value over the next two years. I'm in their bounty program and believe that niche coins like their BTHR token could be strong plays over the next few years.

  10. OPEN Platform: Payment structure that has strong legs. They are rewarding early hodlers via their token swap. Considering investing some in them now to take advantage of this.

  11. I have decided to remove STOX from my list. I am replacing it with VEN, which is a coin I invested in several months ago.

  12. NEM (@feelsomoon recommended and has convinced me to add it to the list)

  13. HST (Horizon State, recommended by @mrj3nks): I love this niche (voting) and like thier progress and team. Nice recommendation! I also like that it's deflationary, meaning it will become more and more scarce as it's used.

  14. Presearch (PRE): This is a coin I believe in and have been following for a while. I probably should've had them in my initial list.

  15. 0x: Another suggestion from @mrj3nks. The market cap is a little high but ERC20 tokens will be here for a while and everyone wants to trade them asap. This will be a hot space.

16 - 20? Coins I am considering for the final five: Substratum, Icon, Lisk, Ark, and Ardor.


  1. Vote and resteem.

  2. Convince me as to why a coin should be added to my investment list. For each coin I decide to add based on recommendations, the user who gives me the best response as to why will receive 1 SBD (Note: I am not interested in TRX, XVG, XRP, BTC, ETH for my list).

  3. Tell me what I should do with my 215 SBD right now.

This will be first-come first-served, and I will update this post when someone has convinced me that I should add a coin into my list of 20. I will also provide a .5 SBD bonus if you are able to convince me that a coin on my list should not be on my list.

And although I am asking for your help, I am not taking this as "investment advice." In other words, I won't be upset if you recommend a coin and then it tanks. I take responsibility for my decisions.



XEM is also one platform I really like. They are a plaformm for ICO's but have a blockchain that can easily help a lot of small to midsize companies update their software into the blockchain. This is important as not all companies are as big as Chase, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or Facebook.

When the time is right NEM will help all small to mid size businesses adapt when the time is right.

Big market cap. Do you still see a lot of potential to grow at 2.25B?

There is plenty potential. Right now transactions are low but once the projects take off so will the NEM ecosystem.

Thanks. I'm convinced. Sending 1 SBD. If you have any suggestions on what of my coins you would invest the 215 SBD I'd love to hear that as well.

I would probably go Cardano. I've been looking at it myself. Thats my next coin to buy when I have some funds.

Add Horizon State (HST), a voting based platform on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is one of my sleeper coins. The team already has a working product, Partnered with MiVote which has a ton of customers already, and recently landed a deal with Indonesia Oh.... and did I mention they will burn tokens after every election / corporate vote? The just performed one of the first burns as seen here:

Whoa. Definitely intrigued with this one. I think this might be a winner. I'll get back to you on this.

Just sent 1 SBD. Thanks for the suggestion!

I would suggest focusing some attention on legit programmers who are veterans in the programming space. Bram Cohen( inventor of Bittorent) is launching Chia. It’s not available until some time this summer. It will utilize Proof of Space and Proof of Time. Totally decentralized in terms of mining etc. Bram is a genius so it is more of a bet on him than anything else.
Better explained here:

BTW: I have a few bucks set aside for this one as well. .

Wow, looks really interesting. It also looks like it's going to be very difficult to invest in. I'll be keeping an eye out for it, I just wish they were doing a traditional ICO or something close so I could get tokens without bidding on an IPO.

Yes, may be difficult but I like their approach. Even if you miss out on bidding it should be still a worthwhile investment imho. Assuming you were not just looking for a quick buck and by the sounds of your post you will be holding for a while. Good luck with whatever coins you go with. May the force be with you. :)

Thanks @rawdawg! Yeah, I will be hodling for at least two years.

My favorite coin:

  1. Diversification - this one will be different than other 19.
  2. It's price has 0% chance to go to zero.
  3. Other 19 need this one to function, i.e. silver is in every electronic device.
  4. Limited supply.
  5. Current price at attractive levels.
  6. No problems exchanging to fiat.

And you should send those 215 SBD to me. They'll be happier in my wallet. Or exchange them to BTC and go to gold/silver dealer and buy some shiny precious things :)

lol, you would post a response like this. I appreciate the effort. Nicely done :-)

so no 1 sbd to me? :D

lol, I didn't add it to my list :-). Haven't you won enough of my money in the HORSE with Hoodish tourney? JK :-)

What can i say :) i enjoy taking your $$$

I would recommend Gridcoin, you can stake them and let your computer mine with your unneeded recourses, still very low market cap. It even pays quite high for CPU work.
The ‚mining‘ in Gridcoin actually means to let your computer support science, I will post about it, but there are also many informations about it already, just google it.
To start, 2000-5000 gridcoin are needed, BOINC payouts are paid with the stakes.
One SBD is about 60 Gridcoin right now, it’s a strong community, especially here on Steemit!
Gridcoin is definitely a good choice!
I hope you’ll look into it!

Also I would totally recommend Monero and maybe check DMD, very low supply staking coin.

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll consider this one and do some more research.

Of the coins you mentioned you consider to pick i'd really recommend Ark since you can Keep them staking on the ledger nano s hardware wallet, you can't store them safer, same for Neo btw, you can claim gas from your ledger wallet.

I think you can try a new coin in COBINHOOD coin sponsored by COB that you can exchange with Eth ... or you can follow trading also there through their own Platform ... for more info you can come to COBINHOOD platform

This is really interesting. I am familiar with the platform but haven't used it. The coin has absolutely tanked, but if it gets some momentum, now might be a good time to buy. I need some more convincing. Why do you like them?

Because I see they guarantee the benefits of its investors ... Can we take their example to prepare the info and tips to ensure profit for their investors can you enter their platform to check. This is almost the same as Robinhood helping small people to move forward and grow.

Add 0x Protocol as Decentralized exchanges will continue to gain popularity. Also Coinbase just purchased Paradex which is built on top of the 0x Protocol and there will soon be a metric ton of ERC20 tokens being traded through it.

Not very familiar with. Looking into now.

Market cap is a little high, but I like it overall. Adding to the list.


Add AdToken (ADT). This project was a baby given birth by a joint venture between Consensys and Meta-X to address a huge click fraud problem with the advertisement industry. The concept is a no brainer and is a win for everyone within the Advertisement ecosystem. Was just launched on the Ethereum MainNet and is the first ever Token Curated Registry. I have more.... but this is all I am willing to give up at this point :) Cheers

Don't overlook Ontology. It’s the same company which created NEO/GAS (originally known as Antshares) in April. It is a really good coin and has amazing potential. Make sure you check it out since you like Neo/Gas ;)

Rewards for holding? What all do you like about it?

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