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RE: Updated Steem Price Analysis: Steem tops the $1 mark.

Japan! We love you and welcome! :OD


Haha I agree! Now we just need India to follow suit!

The summer of all cryptocurrency lol.

India was never a part of the party, right?

That is a good question. I think crypto is being introduced over there as well but most of the buying of bitcoin recently (and then the altcoins) was coming from Japan.

I am saying this because I am Indian. Government hasn't considered these coins legal yet. A lot of companies are trying those online petition signing...

Mostly for Bitcoins...

Nothing has changed much. This is a country with a billion people and so many are deadly curious to get into crypto.

Too tough.

Heck, even buying litecoin was quite a process as we have to convert from INR -> USD -> BTC -> LTC.

Kinda unfortunate, but hey, that's life I guess. :)

This comment is very insightful being that you speak with experience. Hoping India joins the party. Population is always a huge thing and India has it!

Yes, absolutely! I do tell my friends about it.

Most of them still don't believe / take cryptos seriously.

The problem is, many media outlets have shamed cryptocurrency. Still those who know its potential - who have been around for a while - are always finding ways to enjoy the benefits.

We definitely need the government to legalize cryptos! This year, the focus is on going digital / cashless - so let's hope things changes. Fingers crossed there! :)

Yes, things will change in India, pretty sure about that. Bitcoin has been the face of crypto and that has really affected how crypto is views in general. But India has a level of literacy, so change will definite happen soon!

Oh wow. Yes I would imagine in time that will change... if that does the sky is the limit for these currencies. Hopefully all the increased awareness and publicity puts some pressure on them...

Absolutely. If India enters, man, we are all gonna have a Ferrari. :D

Until then, we function slowly yet steadily. :)

Thank you for this post. I have been very curious about what is happening in India but here in the US we seldom hear anything about the economy in India, especially the crypto currencies.

I am glad to know!

India is huge! And our PM wants everything to be digital - to go cashless is the aim. Unfortunately, crypto doesn't make it into the list. We have private companies offering faster "wallet to wallet" transfer that are gaining huge traction.

It's mind boggling, really!

How I wish cryptos were part of our everyday affair. Also, as much as it hurts to say, our Government is trying to "control" everything - so they can have more control over the economical situation.

I am anyway adopting and embracing cryptos. I see it as one of the best way to transact internationally and quickly without leaving any trace.

You guys love your gold as much as I do

India is deciding on what to do soon regarding regulation and taxation. They should be entering the crypto party more fully soon.


This makes me happy, very happy lol

Bruhh its becuz the creator is Japanese and has 1/3 of all bitcoins or something like that

You are referring to "Satoshi Nakamoto". No one knows who he really is. However most people think he isn't really Japanese.

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