Exciting months coming for Crypto !!!

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The beginning of a new bullmarket


Crypto recovery

March is the worst month of the year in the 8-year history of Bitcoin. In the past 7 years, the largest cryptocurrency in the world could only close one profit. This was in 2013.


April, May, June, on the other hand are historically much better months!

When history is a good adviser; Bitcoin seems to have reached the bottom and we can see some nice things happening in the months to follow...

In the last 24 hours a nice wave upwards started so this might just be the end of the fall of our beloved cryptocurrencies. On the other hand some self-proclaimed experts are saying we need to go down one more wave...

In each case it seems clear and pretty certain that the downfall of our cryptos will not continue much longer... A little more patience; in June everyone will be euphoric again and conversations about moonrides and lambos will redominate the internet...



Are you ready for the new bullmarket?!

Make sure to pick up some cheap cryptocurrencies if you haven't yet, now that you still can...

Thank you for reading.
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Just hodl and don't sell
I say one sentence to the moon coming soon

Exactly... April, May and June will be so awesome, moontimes are back, HODL and enjoy the ride up!

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Well that is good to hear this down time for crypto this month is finally starting to lift some especially in the case of Bitcoin.

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We are still in the downtrend but seems like a recovery mode with Litecoin's judgement day coming tomorrow and the tax due date on the 17th, its still to early to say we are gonna get out of this bearish trend but we will have to see what happens! Great post man! :)

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