10% of my portfolio invested into "system"

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After hours of research, reading, testing different system I've chosen bitconnect, as USI tech didn't convince me at first, however right now i would take a try on this one too.

This is how my investment look like at the moment. I started it Aug 10th 2017 with $100 deposit, then $180 Aug 14th and $310 Aug 16th. Why not whole amount at once? Because after couple of days I started to feel this system as a really nice part of my portfolio.


There is many unreliable companies on the market, but i would say that bitconnect and usi-tech are the ones which will be here for a while. Of course, anything can happen, but both companies have really nice future plans.


I really would like to reinvest until I will be at $2,000 level, which is planned to be at Dec 28th (+/- 7 days I would say - it depends if I will be able to reinvests according to my spreadsheet schedule.

This is rather long term investement, but If you are willing to give it a try and invest $100 (minimum) but don't know why, then have a look at my previous post here

If you would invest $100 today, and reinvest every $10 (minimum to reinvest) then by April 2018 your investment will be worth roughly $600 and starting that day you should earn $6 per day (rough estimate, as recent average is 0.95%/day)

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If you want to know how my portfolio look like, I can tell you briefly: 10% bitconnect, 15% cloud mining, 75% coins (btc, ltc, bcc, omg, pivx, ubiq, fct, steem, some gamecredits and stratis)

Check my next post on cloud mining.

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