Another part of my portfolio is cloud mining - 15% share

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Hi Steemians!

So... Why I decided to cloud mining? As I didn't wanted to buy and build mining rig from scratch. Cloud mining is more expensive, however in the same time you don't have to worry about system maintenance, hardware warranty etc.

You will earn more with your mining rig, but you will have to invest much more in the beginning to build a system which you can upgrade in future. In cloud mining you don't have to worry about it - you can just buy more hash power.

So far I invested in 3,9TH in genesis mining. I have also 1,18TH on hashflare and 1TH on hashing24. I really wanted to know how these systems works, as I was skeptical watching all of the youtube videos. So my ultimate goal was to record video and post it on YT, but I was so into trading recently that I postponed my idea for later..

This is how my earning look so far.


Question: Is it worth?

From my point of view - Yes.

First of all I wanted to have that kind of diversification in my portfolio. Of course it's a risk, but I assume everything in cryptos is a risk at the moment.

How much did I pay for 3,9TH?* $556.
Do you want to know how much these BTC I paid would be worth if I would leave it for BTC investment? At $5000/BTC it would be worth $1050.

And how much I can in 1 year assuming BTC is worth $5000? Roughly $1600 with current difficulty. Even if it will drop to $1000 I assume it's still nice, as this isn't 1 year contract.

I will update you from time to time about this part of my portfolio sharing my experience with this kind of service. Anyway - only time will show If we are right!

If you want to join and give it a try by yourself - here's the link to sign up.

Use code "r7e0hV" and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining.


Also, check my previous post on Bitconnect - 10% of my portfolio.

Small update: Whatever you do it's your decision. I would be happy if YOU will find my advice useful. I spent a lot of time on research on different topics and I will be happy to share my knowledge with other. Your @thanks@ means more to me than you think.