Other ways to invest in/with cryptocurrencies. HYIPs? Ekhm...

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Hi guys!

Today i spoke to one of my friends at work and he said he is pretty bad in trading and if there are any other ways he could invest in much safer way. Well, nothing is safe to be honest i said. I see many different platform on youtube. I, personally, even tried couple of these so called HYIPs to check how it work, and if there is a real chance to get initial deposit back. I got some luck with microhash, but I wasn't so lucky with bitlake and ambis. I learned a lot - hard way - but still...

So why not to share my experience with other people? It's a long story and many topics should be covered so I will elaborate more in next posts.

But there is one platform where i invested more and I think that this one will stay much longer - Bitconnect.

Why i decided to give it a try?

  • it seems to be legit comparing to all other registered usually in Panama
  • doesn't use go daddy or namecheap
  • they have their own cryptocurrency
  • you can even go to their office if you want
  • they have some nice plans for future

Still, I think it's risky, but comparing to what I saw and the ones which I experienced, this one grabbed my attention. Whatever happened so far everything was solver in professional manner and i really liked it!

How does it work in simple steps:

  • you open an account
  • you have to send some BTC to your wallet on their platform (minimum $100)
  • on their internal exchange you have to exchange your BTC to Bitconnect tokens (easy stuff)
  • then you just click LEND Bitconnect
  • check their so called volatility software . They earn money trading and you basically lend you money to them

On that volatility software page you can check what profit you can expect every day. Usually it's ~1% average. There are days when you earn 0.1% but there will be also 1.95% days. It depens but what's important - they don't promise anything. As always - your money, your decision; "you capital is at risk".

If you invest less than $100 you will get your initial deposit released after 299 days. I decided to give it a try as it seems to be here to stay for some time.

If you want to give it a try as well, here's the link to platform -> https://bitconnect.co/?ref=maryoush