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This is an article I originally wrote and posted on Seeking Alpha in 2015 however, it's premise is even more important today. Since the original publication of this article we have witnessed the unrelenting continued inflating of the global debt bubble by central banks, an explosion in the amount of central bank intervention, and the expansion of cryprocurrencies as a store of wealth as an alternative to debt based units.

Global Debt And The Human Bubble.
The issue of a global population bubble is virtually not spoken of, in fact I may have been one of the first to openly discuss how grave a situation it really is. However this bubble may be about to burst.

When an issue facing an individual or an entire population in this case is so immense, without any solution, it gets blocked involuntarily by the brains inability to cope. When an event is so far out and away from the ability of the average individual to get their head around a self-preservation mode “kicks in,” and subsequently the reality of a given situation gets pushed out of the psyche. The actuality is that the explosion in world population brought directly about by a complete “mismanagement” of the global monetary system via the world’s central banks has inflated a HUMAN BUBBLE. As I have discussed in my book The Politics Of Money and on my business day MarketReport many times, the issue of exploding global debt IS NOT just a monetary issue, it is a problem regarding resources. It’s just that simple. When our politicians allowed Central Banks to implement a fiat monetary system (a debt based economic model), a virtual alternate reality was allowed to manifest itself. This debt based economic model has now evolved into the greatest threat facing mankind with no way out, and there lies the problem. A massive global loss of life is a mathematical certainty. The world’s central banks are responsible for creating a “market” for their product, “currency backed by nothing.” This “arrangement” demands cash be borrowed into existence in perpetuity. This mechanism is a self-feeding one as well, allow me to explain. This debt based system permits and demands an ever increasing debt to be acquired in order to function. Therefore as this fiat currency is borrowed into existence, resources are pulled from the future creating an environment of excess. This has allowed a global population boom and as such the demand for more debt to be borrowed into existence is constantly generated. What must be understood by you the reader is this, without exception all “bubbles” must burst at one point and why is that? Simple, because they rise above a level which can be sustained BY ANY MEANS. The world’s central banks fiat monetary system has allowed a borrowing of monies from the future to live a better now. By pulling monies from the future we have been able to acquire and have access to resources which would normally not have been available. As such we now exist in a “reality” which is not sustainable. A global ever ballooning bubble in debt has directly fueled a population boom, in fact they have risen in tandem. It should be clear to you that the issue of exploding global debt is not sustainable by any means. Therefore, this global HUMAN BUBBLE will burst along with the DEBT BUBBLE simultaneously and tens of millions of people in every continent around the world will die.

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Gregory Mannarino


Thank you so much!

Glad you mentioned this on YT. Been following you for over a year & took your advise to join here Thank you from Head Magister Wartune :) on youtube.

Glad you are here!

Stock market is on huge bubble. US GDP this year for 1.quarter was 0.7% and the us stock market is on all time high. Give me a break. If you trade the market copy Greg pics :) but if you are long term investor stay away because you are going to burn and crash and lose a lot of money. Buy physical gold and silver.

Yes! Become your own central bank and bet against the debt.

I enjoyed this but the question is... how long this whole cycle can last... if the money becomes cheaper and cheaper this could just go on and on. The other question is how to fix the system and get everyone on board.

There are no real answers to these questions however, I think it is very important to have an understanding of this issue.

As long as the FED isn't being audited :)

In your next post you certainly need to link to your book, and the store where it is available.

Great to see you aboard of the Web 3.0 world. Where the internet has its own currency.

Wow I did not even know that was still available.

Solid analysis Greg. I see the bubble coming to an end sometime this year, or early nex. Only safe havens will make it out the other side, and I think your explanation of a credit bubble equating to a population bubble is the best explanation I've heard in years.

It is quite the issue.. Thanks.

Bubble has burst I feel....we have waited long enough. The big push to move funds into precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and the mining industry has started however I feel there will be a massive suppression and manipulation first of precious metals in particular because they can. Smash the Silver price down as they did in 2008? Suppress Silver and Gold, run down and exit the mining sector to as low prices as they can and then start to move back into those areas once they feel they have hit the bottom. This is what they did prior to 2008 and we saw the money move into these areas throughout 2009 and it lasted around three years (gold, silver and mining) until the end of 2011 and the massive QE and helicopter money started to take effect and the bubble got bigger as we all know. What signs do you expect to see this time around? Are you seeing any signs yet in 2017? Do you see gold and silver on the downward slide for the above mentioned purpose as they pump up the perception of stock market strength in the media (Dow Jones etc).

Miners have been getting killed...however they bounced back this afternoon before the close...hopefully a run up in the short term. I have been putting a little into Bitcoin lately and storing it on a paper wallet...just one of those investments where I add a little at a time and let it sit.

I saw this video...these ETF's really move the market when they re-balance...I picked up some First Majestic shares this morning because they are being placed back into GDXJ.

It pays to keep you eye on this type of information that is for sure. Smart game!

All about confidence. When that falters from main street to wall street the party is over.

SLV FR.TO BTC ETH for the win!

Yeah Greg I agreed. The more you learn about BTC and blockchain. The more positive I become about it.

Great article Greg, The Human Bubble no one is talking about. Wake up people

Thank you for saying this

It is going to be a very interesting next decade. Great article GM.

Excellent post Gregory. Been watching you on YouTube last few days, with some great analysis about the current craziness in the market. With everything going down with all asset classes deflating except the stock bubble, I fear this is the "non calm before the storm." Definitely some manipulation against metals ocurring it seems, especially. The creature from Jekyll Island is definitely trying to prop things up, before the reversal hits: a massive fiat debt, uber inflation tidal wave from the undrained swamp.

I'm following you since the times you had long hair and used tshirts, with a big sign behind you written "the game is rigged". Wouldn't have my silver holdings if it wasn't for you, Greg. And now a steemian. Forever thankful!

Brother Greg, this was one of my favorite podcast / communications from you. Thank you again for spreading the word of this very important message and thank you as well for introducing me to Steemit ! Have a great day / how are you today !!

hi gregory, been following you for a while... fantastic output and accuracy...!!! this is probably one of the best "holistic" explanations of our current debt-system... there is something i would like to add here... the cause of everything is of spiritual nature, the central banking system and all what comes with it is maybe the physical cause but on second thought its just a causal effect of the real cause which is distorted and evil mindsets of the "elites" (which we shouldnt call them anymore coz they are low life people and WE acting as caring humans for eachother are the real elites...)... so that thinking has to completely be irradicated, on every level... the population bubble is also a reflection on a personal level... millions of people (especially in the west) are as you like to call it "fist fed" 😉 with this distorted mindset through mainstream media, hollywood, etc. that they have built up their own little ego bubbles which will also come crashing down on a personal level once they realize that this hyper illusionary debt system is heavily ego-centered and pushing their own little ego by posing with stuff they can't afford while piling on more and more debt... it's a microscopic reversion to the mean in a sense of living a decent life again without all this materialistic crap which distracts us from living a truly happy life... the financial system ist a big part in the current paradigm but in the larger "real" picture of life it shouldnt be very relevant... therefore the bursting of all of these bubbles on each level of existence will show us how completely insane we all are in creating, helping and feeding energy into this maze of craze... well congrats to everybody who is/was already able to disconnect to their own extent and keep their own sanity and already exist in the bright future we will have at some time... thats my opinion...
thanks for all your great reports and keep up the fantastic updates 😊 saludos