Steem Revival, Campaign to get SBD listed on Binance

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago

Hello Steemians, @m3mt here, as you know, not long ago Steem was finally listed in Binance, yet SBD was let out, so some Steemians have started a campaign to get SBD also listed in Binance like my good friend @krenter following the steps of @socky, so I will also take this chance join them and try to make more Steemians join this campaign

Binance + Steem Dollar

A few days ago @socky started an interesting campaign in which he proposed that @ned make a formal request to Binance to include the SBD as part of the currencies they trade, just as it happened a few days ago with STEEM

You can find @krenter post about Here

I hope more Steemians to join this campaign as it would be to the benefit of everyone.

Until next time Steemians.

Thank you for reading thus far, you can go ahead and give it an up-vote if you like it, it helps me a lot and I can keep creating new content for Steem.

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That sounds like a good idea I hope this campaign work, I saw this project for all steem community.


Thanks, i hope SBD gets listed soon