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Even though last few years, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular they are still used by a just small fraction of worldwide population. There are many advantages in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies when compared to classic payment and business solutions. Cryptocurrencies are faster, more transparent and much less expensive when used for money transfers and a great solution for personal savings and online shopping. Blockchain technology is expanding its possibilities with many new projects on daily bases. It is hard to imagine that these technologies won't become generally accepted and used by the majority of people in the world in a short period.
Still, some obstacles need to be overcome before this happens. The major problems are volatility of cryptocurrency value and simplicity of usage. Even for all of us inside of crypto world, this may seem like a minor problem, this usually represents a major problem for the general population and giving them a reason not to use blockchain in their everyday life.

The future market for cryptocurrency payment solution will become huge and worth billions of USD in the near future. For this reason, we can see many blockchain based projects aiming to take a part of it with their payment solutions. I just made my due diligence on PAYERA PROJECT and discovered a great potential in their solution.

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What is Payera?
Payera platform is created to allow safe, fast and user-friendly cryptocurrency payments and shopping experience for its users. The project is composed of three major parts:

PAYERA - Multifunctional cryptocurrency payment solution and virtual meeting point for buyers end sellers. With ultimate consumer protection system, internal wallet and 0 fees transactions it is expected to represent an ideal platform for buyers. On the other hand, sellers will have the opportunity to increase their sales volume by attracting millions of new cryptocurrency users and get protected from cryptocurrency market volatility by Payera payment low fees system.

SHOPERA - Is a special part of this project that has great potential of becoming major cryptocurrency online shop for all kind of goods and services. With high security and user-friendly environment, sellers can create their advertisement in three easy steps and sell their items locally or globally. There will also be Fiat payment possibility to attract a wider audience.

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CARDERA - A perfect and usual payment solution by credit card will give Payera users possibility to connect their Payera wallet with Payera credit card. By doing this purchases and Fiat, money withdrawals will become easy and safe with cryptocurrencies from Payera wallet.

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Payera team plans to finance their future development with upcoming ICO. Pre Sale is starting 30.05.2018, and the Main Sale will last until 18.07.2018, or when Hard Cap is reached. A maximum number of PERA Tokens is 2,100,000,000 and price per one token will be $0.05 during the main Sale. To get more information about Payera visit their WEBSITE and read PAYERA WHITEPAPER for more info. For all additional questions, you can contact their community and team members on Payera TELEGRAM CHANNEL.





interesting project

Hmmm Payera looks good but it still has a long way to go.

but we have to be careful with the new ICO like payera

Ofc we do... It is same with every ICO. They are all high risk Investments that could fail, but the could also become X 1000% in a short period of time...

i have invest in some ICO like TEN before, and earn a lot of percentage in no time,,,
but last month, i invest in "many" ICO at the same time, and guess what,,, i lose money in almost of them,,, its dangerous but at the same time it offers high return without waiting

Things have changed in 2018... All of us investors must make much deeper due diligence before final investing decision... More than 50% from last 12 months are worthless now!

So true thought @kriptonoob..
We are awaiting for PRE-ICO.. Now less than 24 hours remaining..

I like the Payera platform. Hopefully Platform Payera will be the solution for the secure bebasis cryptocurrency transaction. and hopefully the platform became the number one platform in the world.
Thanks @kriptonoob

Hopefully the Payera Platform becomes the solution for secure cryptocurrency transactions, and the crypto market continues to grow..
Thanks @kriptonoob

I Think Payera Will be very helpful platform for us.. thanks for share or introduce with payera.

Wow I think Payera is Great Platform for cypto users i mean its really helpful for us.

Interesting ICO and article, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you and i'll check out the ICO.

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This is important and useful information.
payera is very useful for blockchain users.
because transaction cost is 0.
I like your post.
Have a good day @kriptonoob

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