Cryptocurrency Mining Revolution - SWISS ALPS MINING!

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One of the biggest problems that blockchain industry is facing is high energy consumption needed for cryptocurrency mining. At this moment annualized estimated global mining cost just for Bitcoin is over $3 billion and rising. Regarding electricity consumption, we could compare Bitcoin world mining operations with countries like the Chezch Republic, with more than 10 million people. To find out more about this subject visit THIS WEBSITE.

Even some cryptocurrencies are using other systems, like Proof-Of-Stake to avoid mining, the biggest ones (Bitcoin and Ethereum) are relying on Proof-Of-Work to secure their networks and transactions. Despite all disadvantages, Proof-Of-Work is still the best method for any cryptocurrency, and it is expected to stay as dominant in the near future. The additional problem with high energy consumption for mining operations is that most of the mining is conducted in China, and powered by energy sources that are not green or renewable. There are already few projects aiming to change this situation and take a significant part of cryptocurrency mining industry with improved mining methods. The most promising of those projects is currently in Pre - ICO stage, and this article is a chance to get basic information about it and think about investing in their ICO.

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Swiss Alps Mining is project for smart cryptocurrency mining in the better, more efficient, profitable and renewable way. All mining equipment is set in specially designed mining cubes that will be placed at Swiss Alps, as the name of the project suggests. There are several reasons for choosing this location that will create savings of up to 50% in the final electricity cost. Knowing that at this moment cost of electrical energy takes half of the profit from Bitcoin mining, it is obvious how much advantage will Swiss Alps Mining project have when compared with classic mining operations. Natural Alps climate will lover the temperature from mining operations and make a saving of up to 40% on cooling. Mining heat waste will also be used for electric power reclamation, and this will make additional savings for Swiss Alps Mining operations.

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A special part of Swiss Alps Mining project is a possibility to install mining cubes on several thousand abandoned buildings on Swiss Alps that cannot be renewed and used for housing according to Swiss laws, bur represent perfect micro-locations for mining operations. As I already mentioned all energy used for this project will be green and renewable. Swiss Alps are home to more than 1400 hydroelectric stations of smaller capacity that will power mining cubes with clean electric energy. The price of energy will be more than attractive when compared with competition from all around the world. For example, In the USA, a kWh cost is around $0.12 on average, and Swiss Alps Mining with be paying their electricity four times less than that.

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ICO of Swiss Alps Energy AG is starting in less than a month, and funds collected through this token sale will be used for future project development and acquire holdings in hydropower plants. There are more interesting segments of this project that you can check on SWISS ALPS ENERGY WEBSITE and by reading their WHITEPAPER. For all additional questions, you can contact team members and project supporters on their TELEGRAM CHANNEL.



- FINDING SUCCESSFUL ICO (part II);u=1132116


reminds me of ENVION.....and look at them now. they are facing charges

I hope it wont end like that :)

Really the Swiss alps project is revolutionary for cryptocurrency mining. I'm pleased to know that it saves 50% electricity cost thats awesome. I hope it will be the most effective mining project. Thanks sir @kriptonoob for the great mining project.

These mining projects are very promising. where we get 50% security against our digital funds that we are mine.

this is really a very unique and promising crypto mining. I will promo your post on my blog ...

Thank you sir @kriptonoob for sharing good information about cryptocurrency in steemit

i think this line a bad news for us (One of the biggest problems that blockchain industry is facing is high energy consumption needed for cryptocurrency mining)

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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What is the SWISS ALPS MINING sir?
please tell me, sir.

Great and interesting article. very easily understood by the readers.
I like with your article.
I wonder, what is planned, can run smoothly without any adverse risks.
Thanks for sharing us @kriptonoob

Really very good post.....thanks for shareing this post

These projects are very promising:)

i think this is bad news for us
thanks for share @kriptonoob

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ok i understand

Hopefully swiss the alps mining project will be the first step in overcoming the problems experienced by cryptocurrency.

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