Review of Binance, KuCoin, and COSS.IO

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I've been trying out new exchanges over the past couple of months so here are some of my thoughts about them. Please note they're currently centralised exchanges, each controlled by one company just like Poloniex, Bittrex, and many others. So it's recommended that you only park small sums of funds in these exchanges. Don't count my word on it, but they might transform these exchanges into decentralised ones in the future, so that's something to take note of.

There are a number of decentralised exchanges already like Bitshares. They're safe, but suffering from the lack of trading volume and liquidity for the most part. That's for another post. The reason why I'm sharing this is because I think their centralization to decentralization (again, big maybe) is the smarter move for transitioning everyday users and network activities into adopting the technology.

The special thing about Binance, KuCoin, and COSS.IO is that they've their own cryptocurrency as well. Let's check them out! It's also a good time for me to share my referral links for these exchanges since I've never got any referrals before my whole life!

1. Binance - Exchange The World

Possibly the fastest growing exchange in the industry. At first, I didn't really like the user interface but I've gained an appreciation of the exchange over time as I start to understand their approach to building out the world's best cryptocurrency exchange.

So far, the user experience has been second-to-none. Quick and responsive user-actions and exchange-feedback makes all the difference. Just about every button you click on the exchange operates at lightning speed from inserting and cancelling orders, to trade-pair switching and fund withdrawals. They've a high-performance engine in place that's capable of processing more than 1 million transactions per second.

The exchange is also very pro-active in running trading competitions and giving out Lambos to the top traders, essentially doing all they can to attract capital and activity on their platform. Now they're one of the leading exchanges in record time with the highest trading volumes. Expecting to see them grow really huge in the future. Hopefully they'll remain secure enough until their decentralisation phase.

They also have the lowest trading fees in the game at 0.1%. The Binance tokens (BNB) can used to reduce and pay for trading fees by 50% in the first year, with discounts halving each year until 0% discount at the 5th year of operation. There are other use-cases for the BNB on the Binance platform and that includes crowdsale participation, access to advanced features, and staking (perhaps in the future when they plan to decentralise).

Here's my referral link for Binance:

2. KuCoin - The People's Exchange

First noticed this exchange when people are spamming all about it in Telegram channels a few months ago. They seem to have the same modus operandi as Binance although the exchange doesn't have the same high-performance engine. The UI is better one eyes with smooth edges and all, but at the cost of browser rendering speed.

Regardless, it's still a great and growing exchange. They've even added Raiblocks recently with a whole load of other coins, running trading competitions and all just like Binance. Their trading fee is also at a competitive rate of 0.1% with referral modifiers.

As for KuCoin Shares (KCS), it's a departure from Binance's BNB token away from savings. KCS is all about profit sharing (at 50%, with a decaying rate every year) from trading fees in the network. Just get KCS on the exchange and leave them in your wallet. You'll accumulate fractions of all sufficiently-traded cryptocurrencies on the platform every 24-hours, every single day. This is awesome because it's a great diversification tool.

Here's my referral link for KuCoin:

3. COSS.IO - Crypto-One-Stop-Solution

This is a far more complex project with many moving parts other than a simple exchange. However, COSS.IO has so far been operating one of the worst exchanges I've ever used. It's slow and terribly designed at its current state. I hope they have good plans to focus on getting a great exchange up and running first before everything else they wish to achieve.

The only redeeming factor at the moment is its relatively cheap COSS token and a great potential if the developers learn from the teams in Binance and KuCoin. The COSS token is also similar to KuCoin's as it shares 50% of the trading fees (and to my understand, the ratio will be maintained at 50% throughout the project's lifetime, unlike KuCoin's decaying profit-sharing ratio).

Trading fees being at 0.2% is also not as competitive as the rates in Binance and KuCoin, but not a bad deal for a profit-sharing exchange. As for the COSS token payout from profit-sharing, the process is a little more complicated than KuCoin's and you don't actually get to own a diverse range of traded coins. On COSS, you'd have to convert them to Ethers. It's a weird design choice, in my opinion. It's also based on weekly payout that unfortunately has a more cumbersome process than KuCoin's.

Regardless, the price of the COSS token under $50m being 10-30 times lower than BNB and KuCoin is reflective of its current state. Until their exchange is able to handle trading volumes of more than $1-2 million, I'm not expecting any growth in this coin. High risk, high potential I guess. So far I have feeling they're not moving fast enough. Now that I'm stuck with some COSS tokens, I really do hope they continue to improve and make strides in their roadmap.

Here's my referral link for COSS.IO:


Performance and satisfaction by rank:-

  • Binance (Exchange 5/5; BNB token 5/5). High-growth potential but makes it likely to be targeted for exploits.
  • KuCoin (Exchange 4.5/5; KCS token 5/5). High-growth potential but makes it likely to be targeted for exploits.
  • COSS.IO (Exchange 2/5; COSS token 3/5). Low token price compared to BNB and KCS. Could grow upon improvement.

At time of writing, it seems all 3 projects have plans for transitioning into decentralized exchanges, so again, might be worth noting this information. I hope Steem gets listed on these exchanges at one point, especially Binance.


Binance is my favorite, I rarely go to Britrex anymore or any other exchanges unless Binance just doesn't offer a specific pair. I have been meaning to sign up for Kucoin since they have a lot of new coins that aren't on Binance, I'll use your referral link.

Thanks, much appreciated! You might be the 1st person to give me ref bonus. Never used any of these things before lol (other than genesis mining a long time ago).

And yup, Bittrex has been slowing down. Still a pretty impressive exchange though but plenty of the coins are not as desirable as the ones found on Binance, imo.

Hey Kevinwong how are you doing? I hope your friend @terrybrock is doing great.

That's what I think, I have used other exchanges but always end up disapointed when I compare to Binance lol.

You should definitely sign up. I invested little and am already getting some coins on Kucoin.

I signed up, only bought 3 Kucoin shares though, I think I need more for the profit shares as I haven't seen any yet. It's been more than 5 days since I signed up, think something is going on their end that's just not working correctly, Since none of my coins show up in the Bonus section, but they do in the asset wallets.

Binance is best no doubt.. i never tried kucoin .... i will try this also..thanks @kevinwong ... i need advice about copytrack which is under pre ICO ...what is your views about that ...please tell me if you have some time..thankyou

Is copytrack still under presale? I thought it's over. I think it'll be pretty good, although personally I don't believe much in copyrights and intellectual property.

COSS is Still runner up. Don’t be fooled by the beta stage at this moment and the site barely holding up now due to all the attention and people trying to get in. This project still has to make the first big jump that KuCoin and Binance already made.

No doubt, if they focus on making their exchange performance better and come up with a roadmap to scale the operations. I've some COSS as well, so here's to hoping it improves :)

I've been using Binance for the last couple of months and I would say that I have no problems with the services other than the frequent suspension of coins during periods of "high congestion." I hope they beef up security measures and decentralize the exchange.

Oh do they frequently suspend? I don't trade so it's not something I noticed. Just buy and exit the exchange lol. Definitely would be nice to have a safe place to trade without worries.

well, I don't actually trade that often. I'm looking to build up a portfolio of coins and my coins are currently on the exchange. Getting a hard wallet to transfer all the tokens into cold storage. Better to be safe than sorry especially with incidents like Mt Gox.

Some helpful info here, thanks. In our local exchanges, they mostly only support Bitcoin and Ethereum. I have a few mates who are working via Binance and Kraken to buy alt coins.

I'll click on your Binance referral link when signing up as I need a Binance account in any event.

Thanks! Yeap most local exchanges usually only deal with the top coins, so far BTC and ETH.

Binance is just a charm, super fast and reliable. Since switching from bittrex and poloniex, I've never looked back! Also, 2 weeks ago they've added Stop Loss feature. Brilliant!

They're doing a lot of things right. Let's hope they've got good security measures in place as they're trading around $10 billion in volume now.

Agreed on Binance. And they have drawings, featured coins and more. Their Challenge/response for logging in is much better than a Captcha to boot.

Where is the Stop Loss feature on Binance mobile app? Can't see it.

Actually I use the desktop version so not sure. But on the market when you place order it has tabs like "market order" and "limit order" so you can switch there. You have to make an order with condition, but I assume you are familiar with that.

Found it on desktop. Thanks

Great read! I use Binance, though I find it frustrating that most of the very low value shitcoins are not there, and in order to invest in those I have to resort to sketchy places like livecoin :D

Lol cryptopia is pretty good for mini cap shitcoins as well :)

I also considered to choose between Bittrex and Binance. I finally choose Binance as it was much easier to start. Based on the fact that Bittrex has reached enormous traction the last months/weeks new users don't seem to be that welcome anymore.

The only negativ aspect of Binance: The interface is not very intuitive - so a lot of space for improvement

Positive aspect: Lot of altcoins are available, ICO LaunchHub for new coins gives the possibility to be an early bird sponsor on a quite convenient way

Bittrex is extremely slow now. Painful to use..

time to switch :)

Couldent even sell tron @ binance when it peaked last time dropped 30% b4 i could even type in the amount :) unusable! KuCoin is supreme :)

Binance and kucoin is taking over the world 😂🤣🤑

We need to get Steem in them!

Been saying it so many times. Let's hope something is in the works!
I've a feeling when SMT and DEX comes out, Steem would be quite the exchange too!

I was actually looking for an undervalued coin to invest in and Coss might be it. ( I'm not going big on it just a small amount).
Again, awesome comparison, these kinds of post are incredibly useful.
I've being waiting for several months in order to get in during a major dip but so far I've missed them. Do you think I should wait some more ( Kucoin looks very nice at the moment) ? just lookin for ideas, I know it is not investment advice etc....

BNB and KCS coins are pretty damn insanely priced now. Well I'll say wait. Not sure if the BTC madness will be back again or not. Historically, it most likely will.. Ethos is a pretty good alternative too, and probably will end up better than both of these. It's pretty expensive now though, even without any product to show. COSS is the cheaper shitcoin xD.. although it looks like it's beginning to brekaout now.

Thanks man, I appreciate the advice. There are so many coins it's hard to pick a undervalued one. I'm going to try Cross out, see what happens, shitcoin or not , we shall see:)

Mind blown, a lot of info. (-: You've never got any referrals, wha? ... well i don't usually bug people with that stuff either (-: Question: when you say targeted for exploits, what exactly does that mean? ty / peace p.s. - i guess i'll keep my eye on binance

Oh I've never bothered with referral stuff before as well lol. Guess it works for hardsellers and marketers. Now that Binance is trading about 10 billion a day, pretty sure it's being targeted by hackers and all, just like any website with plenty of money flowing would.

Damn, things are crazier than ever with Meltdown and Spectre now too. I'll keep trying to keep my head in the game to figure out which way is up / Ty

one downfall of Binance: steeper withdrawal fees.

shall be interesting to see how these perform once more decentralized exchanges come onto the scene.

just watched this interesting overview of some of the leaders in that game:

@kevinwong - I have been using Binance now for about 10-15 days. It is fast for sure. The interface did feel a bit weird compared to Bittrex but once i was used to it, it is easy to navigate.
No experience yet of KuCoin. Will try it out.

Thanks for the comparison. It helps to get a view from experts before we go through all the circus of verification etc.


Only COSS would need verification for withdrawal..

Great explanation for the 3 exchanges. What I'd like about Kucoin is the revshare of the exchange. As their volume increases, your income also does. I would prefer leaving KCS in Kucoin and trading on Binance to maximize savings/earnings!

Good strategy, I'm also using it that way recently lol!

An excellent analytical article and it is clear that even though these exchanges are similar, all the same have a number of differences among themselves. The Binance exchange is already familiar to me, but I heard about other exchanges only from you and it is very good that you explain everything in detail as to how things are on these exchanges. Тhanks for the info @kevinwong

Try them out! Kucoin's KCS token is pretty cool, but i feel it's kinda expensive now

Binance is my go-to exchange for now because of the advantages you listed.....that is until KNC (allows direct altcoin-altcoin trading) comes out:p

Will it work that way for any coin trades?

seems like most of the exchanges are overloaded at the moment, so hard to trade anyway.
Binance is doing very good at the moment and created a nice momentum to overtake other exchanges.

@kevinwong. I tried registering at earlier today it says Registration has been paused. I will get back to it later when it resumes.

Ah I think they're maxed out. Pretty sure they'll come back soon enough. The team is quite capable.

Binance has got their own coin too and moving fast :) thanks for sharing the post didn't knew about the other two finally knew them

In case you have not noticed, the daily volume on the COSS Exchange is going through the roof right now:

Same goes for the price of the COSS token:

If you want to repeat what the KuCoin Shares token has done recently, better act fast.

I was in the ico ;)

I've been thinking of try Binance but I heard they stop new accounts. Bummer. But at least there are other options here. Thanks for the info. I heard about kucoins too. Maybe have to check that before they also stop.

Yeah KuCoin is growing fast, grab your seat before then!

Kucoin is moving. Alot of my friends cannot open accounts. They are frustrated

Oh I didn't even know about these exchanges!
So you recommend Binance a lot? I'm just scared...
That it will be hacked or any other thing happens and I lose my precious tokens :(

Yeah it might happen, so just put small amounts if you need to use it. or exit as soon as possible into a private wallet :)

Its more informative one. Already know Binance exchanges. But did you have to used KuCoin & COSS.IO exchanges? Attractive features seems from here. But have some doubt. If am wrong correct me plz.

Haven't used KuCoin or COSS yet, but I definitely plan on using KuCoin in the future (when it happens to be the only exchange I can get a certain coin on, I'll sign up). Overall from experience, I've heard lots of positive things about KuCoin, whereas over negative things about COSS. I'd put my trust in KuCoin.

Also, there is a new type of exchange that will be opening soon called "Next.Exchange". I suggest looking into it because there's already been a lot of talk and hype surrounding the grand opening.

Is part of NXT?

No I don't believe so (or at least never saw anything suggesting/advertising it), but I'm fairly certain NXT will be available on Next.Exchange when it opens or in the future. Nonetheless, I have high hopes this new exchange will be a great alternative to the current options out there.

thanks a lot for sharing recommendations of crypto ..I appreciate on your put up..This put up could be very useful for us...thanks for sharing...My pal. first-class of good fortune. .

Good fortune to u too buddy :)

yep Buddy :)

Keep posting buddy :)

@kevinwong, Absolutely important review you sharing to steemians. Appreciated work with share your experience to others. As me, I've heard only Binance. Its very best, faster and low transaction fees indeed. Poloniex and Bittrex exchange has huge traffic may be unconfirmed transactions lot. I think you gave decentralized exchanges sites. I read carefully your blog post. Has some advantages other both sites. Also they have own currency module. BNB already knew me and learning it more time checked with trend. Other ones I'll check it later. Most better for take user experience of those exchanges. There has a high performance engine processing over millions transactions per second. Also they have low trading fees for their transactions. Its stunning point to me. However Your opinions very better for following to new users.

Have u tried idex, ED is still working but the ETH congestion is killing the speed

Nope I've not. Better not go into any slow exchanges, it just makes me mad! lol

So far of all the exchanges I have used I also like Binance the best. No hick ups and I feel save to have some coins on there, relatively speaking anyways. I hadn't tried Kucoin yet, but I will soon. I find it's always good to have a few exchanges so that you can transfer funds if one starts having problems or feel sketchy. I can tell you I don't have any more funds on Poloniex .. Welle xcept some SBD that is still locked up haha

I just made a list of all the wallets / exchanges i've littered all around with. What a headache. Hopefully something like Ethos solves that headache..

Yea it is not very convenient at the moment. Whoever solves this will do really well hehe

Yeah, I've joined Binance a few days ago. Wanted to purchase few new coins.
So far it's not bad :)

Oh so you got in before they announced stopping any new accounts atm. It's way faster than most exchanges, it's better than not bad xD

I hadn't heard of the other two but have been impressed with binance!!

How about tradeqwik?? xD.. shhh

Hehe, I was going to say that lol!!

Binance is currently disabling new user registrations until an infrastructure upgrade. Kucoin looks interesting, have interesting new tokens on their exchange. Will check that out, thanks for the review!

The Coss platform is still garbage and the team continues to bungle things, with their poorly managed fork to ERC223, latent and buggy platform, terrible customer service turnaround, and censoring social media commentary. All of this will be reflected in the long-term value of the coin. Time for the crypto community to turn backs on bad exchanges.

It's true. A lot of garbage in crypto lol

I started with poloniex but shifted to bittrex soon after but now binance is my favorite with kucoin at a close second. Thanks for the clear comparison :)

I have Binance I can't complain they are alright , don't know the other two I will check them out

Kevin, Great analysis on those exchanges. I switched to Binance. The US government hurt the crypto space with their new tax plan. Binance represents an opportunity to park crypto's outside their view.. upvoted and resteemed.

Went ahead and signed up for kucoin under your link. Least I could do for all the great info you provide for us plus you just made it sooo easy! I went ahead and posted my link as well for referrals so hopefully this will work out in time for both of us. Thank you brother and I do hope you and yours are having a fantastic new year!

Wow! This is very useful as I'm looking to expand from coinbase and open ledger. The insight you provide is very helpful although I think I'd just get into all three based on what you've stated just to have more options down the road. I was going to join binance just the other day but it seems they've stopped with new accounts for the mean time? Kucoin is another on my list maybe today, if so I'll def. use your link. Nice to get the ins and outs of each briefly without having to read all the fine print. Much appreciated.

Where are their servers located? And where are their businesses registered? ... considering possible exchange bans in China and Korea

How do I get involved with Binance because I can smell a future where parents no longer write will for their surviving kids buh passwords and usernames instead

I use Binance but I dont think it can be the fastest growing anymore they stopped allowing new users to sign up like 2 days ago so acutally its not growing at all anymore which I dont get because they try to say you can refer people and get a portion of the trade fees. I just started using Kucoin because I wanted Dent and a few others that are only offered there.

kucoin has 2 coins that i am really bullish on. dragon coin (DRGN) and deepbrainchild (DBC). Do your due diligence and look at those coins. I bought into DRGN on tues at $3.2, it is now well over $4. DBC- bought in at $0.22, it is now around $0.28

i love binance and its my choice for coin exchange and its very effective . my disappointment is that it doesnt have steem

Excellent exchanges program,You have given the information very well, and always work better.

This is a very important and interesting topic for our entire community, so I congratulate you for your initiative and contribution

I like cryptocurrency but the Bianca and the kucoin are safe because a lot new cryptocurrency stealing people

Thanks a lot for sharing tips of crypto ..I appreciate to your post..This post is very helpful for us...Thanks for sharing...My friend. Best of luck. .

These exchanges are more good than current exchanges because they are working more on low transaction fee which is a good sign for traders specially small traders who thinks 100 times for fee .

Thank you very much for posting so beautiful a post to us

@kevinwong, I just resteem my brother, if my crypto problem is confused..hihihi

i bought in Kucoin at $0.60 and because now binance and Bittrex aint accepting new registrants, Kucoin is mooning!!!

giddy up!!

This post is really verbose and important. Thanks for this piece of information.

I'm using binance for a long time and it's the best of it's kind. I will recommend it to anyone. Definitely a great tool in for most of the traders.

Sounds like nearly all of the deals are overstuffed currently therefore tough to deal anyhow.
Binance is performing excellently at present and also produced an excellent progress to get the best of additional deals.

I think Binance is the better more than other exchange sites. More users exchange and trading through Binance exchange. But you gave exchange sites more valuable for cut down our exchange fees. Its too low and profitable. Thanks for the information @kevinwong.

ADA income : 3400,000 $

Follow me and voute

this is my first time i have herd about it..thanks for news

Very good post, I like this with your post. Because this is very useful for everyone who visit your post. Can get very good information. Thank you for sharing your greetings and getting more success for the future @kevinwong

It is good news cryptocurrency I like it 👏👍

of the three cryptos i have only traded with binance . its a great service they have and Binance has been perfomin well on the Coin Cap market. i have high hopes for its future

I recently switched to Binance too. So far so good.

This is quite good a content and very informative. Thanks a lot.

I do like the various exchange explained but always face barriers in making exchanges in uganda(Africa) . We do use bitpesa to send bitcoin to mobile money accounts. This exchange is slow and always bring uncertainties. For example, for the money to reach my mobile money account, it somehow take like 2 hours or more.

I think if possible you can write more about these exchanges available in Africa and their available potentials.

I do always fear to withdraw my money cause sometimes it looks risky

Binance i'm enjoying . haven't looked at the others. I guess I should!
Thanks for the information

I've done this in DASH, but because of it internet network is very slow, i ever lost some SBD there, I will try it again for another currency. thank you, @kevinwong: this information is very useful for us

The Binance exchange is already familiar to me, but I heard about other exchanges only from you and it is very good that you explain everything in detail as to how things are on these exchanges. Let's hope they've got good security measures in place as they're trading around $10 billion in volume now. @kevinwong

I've opened a binance acct. I'm really intrigued by their token and how they reduce the fees. Thanks for your review, I makes me feel more confident moving forward

I've been hearing so many people switching over to Binance from Bittrex, but you're definitely right that may make it more prone to attacks, which we are all obviously scared about.

Very interesting and amazing shots nature is amazing too :)

I have a question in the past whenever I have wrote and article on steemit if I put any kind of referral link I get flagged to the point that my post doenst even show up and gets hidden but I see you posted even more than one referral link that provides you some sort of monetary reward if used so how come your post is not only not flagged but has so much upvote value? I am in no way trying to say it should be flagged but trying to better understand how I can make a post with my referral links without getting flagged. Please help with any tips or advice or anyone reading this that may know.

Which is the least interruption @kevinwong

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great post, wonderful exchanges pogram, thanks for sharing following up voted

Nice review! Binance is great, but i will check out the other ones you listed. Thanks!

this post was really educative though.

Binance is awsome!!!

Thank you so much for sharing @kevinwong. This post is a solution to my problem this past week. I have been looking for an exchange I knew only of bittrex and coinbase. Bittrex closed their registration and coinbase does not support trading from my country. I am going to look up the ones you just listed and hope you don't mind I would love to get back to you if I run into any issues. Thank you.

Great reviews. I'd love to see a review on the Cobinhood exchange sometime. They let you put cash on with no fees (they are making money off interest from those who trade on leverage). I signed up but haven't tried it yet. Im at the neophyte phase where I'm comfortable with Coinbase and Blocktrades right now. I need to take the next step and try Binance. The user interface immediately looks more complex, but I'm sure I'll feel comfortable after a few trades.

Interesting articles though I do not yet have many exchange places. Some of the worries in exchange are high deductions, server maintenance, and trouble learning the new system. Thanks a lot for new information @kevinwong.

At least it provides many options to convert cryptocurrency.

Great info on the exchanges. Hopefully these exchanges will start to list Steem soon. Thanks for sharing.

Hay nice to meet you. I like your post its full about cryptocurrency. I like cryptocurrency. And i want to learn all of them. My name is ubay by the way

Use anything, just dont be a fool like me and don't go to hitBTC. I'm not even sure I can withdraw any earnings. Everyone is stuck on there.

Thanks for the share though <3

Binance breaking it into 400 thousand pieces, in fact apparently yesterday closed the records of new users because there is a massive migration and the other intelligent move because they should not let saturate an exchange that is giving the time.

This might apply to all exchanges, but I think new users looking to get familiar with buying and selling crypto coins with small amounts should stick to one or two currencies. Binance only allow trading at certain decimals so you can end up with a few $ here and a few $ there that you are unable to trade out of unless you put more capital into you account.

I just love Binance, simple to use and feels it is secure. Just want to add something Binance has stooped taking new registration because if over-crowding. I'll try using Ku-coin because of recommendation and news coming over from all places about it. Bittrex is one of the platform which I feel like SPAM.. dunno why, It may there UI or strategies for securing the platform.

There is a new one in town and they are giving 500$ to starter accounts!

After a short pause Binance allows opening new accounts:

Binance is already open for registrations again!

But there are a lot of new undiscovered top exchanges! Check the comparison

Thanks for the review & referral link. I am signing up for with your ref link

I am using binance and they have their own crypto currency too.

Binance and Kucoin are my favorites as of now. I will move all my stash to Kucoin once they implement the stop loss feature. I have written a review of Binance and will be reviewing each of the exchanges I use over the time.

On Binance you can sign up with an invitation from a current member. Take my referral code to register

This is an awesome review and it helpes me to have second thoughts. Can you also make a review about Coinut? Thanks and be awesome...

I have a similar view, and sorry but I'm already on them and would have used your ref had I found Steem earlier also. I enjoy Binance very much and KuCoin is pretty fun also just sitting there doing nothing and making crypto! Gotta love it.

Thanks for the great analysis. With the number of exchanges not accepting new customers (Binance, for instance) it's good to know which good exchanges are still available.
I'm having trouble receiving my confirmation e-mail from Kucoin. (I've checked spam and other folders, not their either.). I'll give it a while, because it sounds like a good exchange.

Currently i use binance, i think its the best now!

Binance is at no 1 all over the world , here in pakistan many are using binance :)

well i love ku coin exchange good i think

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