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in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Good morning boys and girls!

Yesterday we were talking about Musicoin and how the things were looking to go very bullish

Well, if you have read the post and invested yesterday, today you woud have doubled your money (and some more).
Yes, boys and girls, Musicoin went from 520 satoshi to 1160 during my 8 hours beauty sleep. :-D

It is realy nice to see this kind of movement but I think that it will drop to 630 (support line 1) and the struggle will be hard to reach (and stabilize) on that second support line at 969.

Anyway, it will be exciting to follow this little guy's movement in next few days!

Have a great day, boys and girls!

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interesting. Is this a mineable coin?

awesome thanx for the link, time to put this gpu to work