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Hello again, boys and girls!

Today we gonna talk a bit about musicoin.
I bumped into this one some time ago and researched it. The idea seemed lovely! As I am musician myself , the idea of a platform for fair distribution of profit looked amazing to me. To be frank, there are too many artists getting scammed by publishers, promoters etc. This could help solve the problem... hopefuly.

To cut the long story short, here is the link so read and research:

Let's move on...

This chart shows us the first-established support line in April and May (when @lastminuteman talked about it here: right after Musicoin was introduced to Bittrex. After hitting it two times it began to grow steadily untill the whole market went bearish influenced by Bitcoin fork in July.

Well, boys and girls, as you can see it hit that support line again on August 14 and bounced off it like a tennis ball! ;-)

Now, the signs are looking terrific! Support grows and things are looking very bullish!


I bought at 420 satoshi but I don't think that the train has left yet.
Do your own research as this is not investment council and after that maybe upvote and even follow if you found this helpful or, god forbid, interesting! ;-) :-D

Thank you for your time!

Invest smartly AND Steem on!

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Hey I posted this into a comment to you, but just in case you see this instead...
Here's some more good news about Musicoin. They just wrapped up a promising pilot program with @theharddata
The Hard Data - Musicoin Pilot Program

Hey! thanx a lot! this IS a great info! Ill look into it!

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Interesting. My husband's a musicain so will check it out.