My Top Coin for September 2018 - Ethereum Gets Dissed By Arthur Hayes

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I can't help but shill GoChain this month as it is hitting all the right places, literally. The pump has already begun, but new volume that is yet to come in could push it to new highs potentially. Do your own due diligence.

In other news, Arhtur Hayes pulls out his lightsaber and destroys Ethereum's already shaky foundation. The mass of ICOs holding the bags could all fold their hands, according to the BitMEX Lord.

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Hi @investing i can't imagine an ETH under 100 USD i respect all the opinions but i can't share this one come on ETH is smart money, about gochain it sounds interesting i'm gonna read more about it. Regards

That’s tough to swallow for Hayes to say ETH being as a shit coin. Well, if it drops below $100 it will be sad, but at the same time it will be a great opportunity. I believe top 10 coins have the best chance to survive and ETH is on top. I believe in ETH and EOS is here to stay as well. I don’t know what Hayes’s motivation is, maybe it’s a game for him to get ETH at lower price. I’ve seen it sooo many times. First they talk completely negative and once it gets too low they start to talk about it in completely opposite way. I think not just few, but too many people expect bitcoin to drop below 5k. Usually the oposite happens and with each price increase, more people will expect for price to go lower, which will cause another price increase. I think we will go higher with small corrections based on people’s negative sentiment. But I could as well be completely wrong and Bears could be right.

Such an valuable analysis about Eth. I think Eth is a smart cryptocurrency so I never be discouraged about it's price. Happy investing in crypto.

Great video, thanks for sharing. I don' see ETH dropping much more, just gotta have faith!

@investing, you're probably right. ETH now has too many competitors that do what they do better and it may simply be downhill from here

Great information from you and i am glad to see you after many days.

Connor it is good to see you back I have missed my FIX of Crypto Videos from you Lately. I hope all is well and I am Looking Forward to enjoying the New Crypto UP Move with You !!

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Hmmm @investing Thank God I have not invested in Ethereum yet just incase you're right

Thank you for the updates. Glad to peer you posting again.

Great investment.hopefully this investment many benefits to you.Good analysis of this coin..great investment in cryptocurrencies.thanks for sharing.

Great discussion and so logical thought about ETH future...@investing

That’s it! I’m cashing in my IRA!

😮 that’s frightening just to imagine for ETH to dip that low. This wold mean anothe 60% drop which probably take prices of other cryptos down as well. That would take the bitcoin well below $5,000.00. This would make overall market cup at around $80 billion. That’s very low probability in my opinion. Based on fiat unlimited printing, if ETH goes that low, it will only be short lifted and temporarily.

well the ico's keep coming and they took the advantage of the situation and dumped it badly

LOL! Man this is totally me that you are talking about

" are watching it everyday because you are a freak. And you can't sleep at night because you are thinking about the crypto prices."

There are a million ways to call Ethereum bad, but I don't think that it is. I have a sneaking feeling that someone BIG wants to buy Ethereum at a lower price and thus the FUD.......

PS: Good to see you again man :-)

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