Celebrating One Year in Crypto : My First Ever Altcoin Purchases (Ethereum & Ripple)

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I have completed one year in cryptosphere. It was late May 2017 when I first purchased Bitcoin. Bitcoin was not my only purchase though. I had heard and read about altcoins too and wanted to have some stake in a few of them.


Ripple was the first one that caught my interest. It basically seemed to me at a reasonable price under $0.24 at the time and I wanted to hold it till $1. It did go well over $1 in January but I had traded my 450 XRP tokens long ago.


I just wish I had stuck to my original plan of holding. But stupid decisions based on bad trading advice and destructive crypto education from likes of Suppoman led me to believe that gains are in trading. I have found losses mostly, while executing some profitable trades as well.

Ethereum was around $170 when I first purchased a half of it. I used Cex.io exchanges which is very expensive so it was bought at $186 when the market rate was $170. Stupid exchange but there wasn't another option. Coinbase and the like do not work here in Pakistan.


Just like XRP and Bitcoin, I wish I had kept Ethereum intact. There were huge gains to be made just from hodling these three coins. I was too stupid to benefit from such good purchase prices. That's why I called myself the worst crypto trader of 2017.

  • How about you, though?
  • What coins did you purchase first?
  • What altcoins attracted your attention first?
  • How is your crypto experience going so far?

Share your answers in the comments below.


Ilyas Tarar


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My first investment in Cryptocurrency in September 2017, was in following coins:

Sia Coin
Redd Coin

I haven’t sold any of these, as, I am quite optimistic about the future of these coins.


What a good time to purchase these coins. Wow! I think we should sell in times like December-January and buy back later. Hodling shouldn't stop us from selling at lucrative prices.


Dec-Jan was an awesome time to cash out. I preferred to HODL because I think Frequent Buying and selling of Cryptocurrency is costly in terms of time and money.

share your views about this dip.

I haven't purchased any coin, oh yes i have invested some sbd's in Appics and purchased some Xap tokens.

I think every bussiness having risk but the person has to believe in his skill that what he can do.

I am in your shoes to be honest. I bought not only the ones you bought but a lot more too. However, I sold in panic too. But thanks goodness, I have become better today. Happy steemivansary


I guess experience is hard to get and is more valuable than money. Happy that you're good now. My frist Steem year will be completed in a week too. ;)

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