A Year On From Buying My First Ever Bitcoin! (28 May, 2017)

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I'm in crypto for a year now. It feels incredible to have undergone a year of such volatility, gains and losses. It's an important day for me due to my first ever purchase of Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.

First deposits on Poloniex.

The first Bitcoin was purchased from @rizcryptotrader (who insisted that I join Steemit and eventually I did). He was my first crypto guide because he taught me how to place a buy or a sell order on Poloniex.

I was in knowledge of Bitcoin's existence since 2013 or 2014. I knew there is this digital currency people are investing money in. But it took me 4 more years to get in. I joined a Facebook group which gave crypto signals, mainly Poloniex based. So, Poloniex was my first exchange.

I joined crypto with a trader mindset due to that signals group (I wish I hadn't). That's why the 0.043 BTC I purchased from Cex.io (an expensive exchange but the only one which let me buy BTC and Eth with fiat) was also deposited on Poloniex. The three deposits shown in the picture above were my first ever purchases of Bitcoin.


This is the snapshot of the day I bought my first Bitcoin. I had bought 0.5 Eth under $170 I remember few days after buying Bitcoin. I just wish I had held it till $1000 (which I didn't because I was trying to trade).

I had bought Bitcoin under $2200, Ethereum under $170, and Ripple under $0.25 back then. I just wish I hadn't sold them to trade for altcoins. Despite being a cherished year for me in regards to crypto, 2017 was my worst year in crypto because I lost every penny that I put in crypto. Here are my five big lessons from the disturbing experiences.

Anyway, I am happy I got in a year ago. It has been a year of great learning, lessons and losses for me. But there have been some amazing developments as well. Crypto market is in a bad mood right now but compare the current rates with the prices shown in the snapshot from a year ago and you will see what it means in the longer run.

  • When did you enter crypto?
  • What is your biggest regret in crypto?
  • Where do you see Bitcoin and cryptos going?
  • Have you earned / lost money in crypto so far?

Share your answers in the comments below. Let's learn from our experiences and cherish them.


Ilyas Tarar


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İt was perfect time for entering CryptoCurrency wold that you First put your foots on it.the matter is not buy bitcoin the matter is keeping it in safely. In the beginning of the story ı had 2.2 btc but now it is so far from it.


Keeping it was the wisest thing to do. I was stupid. Wisdom was not my thing. I don't have much btc as of now but my alts portfolio is nearing a btc. Dips have hurt a lot lately.

July 2017 and despite all odds, my love for crypto has not exhausted.


Same here. I lost all my initial investment but Steem helped a lot. Since December, I have been regularly putting money in some projects. I am not exhausted but my funds are. So let's see.


Those who HODL, lose nothing but time. I think putting some money in Tether to buy dips would have been a better strategy but even I realized it when I had lost a lot of money. A steep price for this learning curve but at least I learnt something. Wish you good luck man.

Happy anniversary.

I've just figured out that it's a good idea to use @penguinpablo's daily stats to predict when to buy more steem... not yet!


Thanks. Interesting. I'll check his stats.


It's just based on the Powerdowns... I think it's safe to assume that if someone powersdown, that steem is only going in one direction! And the price is thus going downwards.

Just not 100% sure how the timings work out.

I started just month ago, biggest regret to not buy Eth when it was $20 and i knew about it. :(


Buying without much knowledge generally leads to selling at loss or minor profit. Buying and holding would have been great.

So for us that did not join cryptocurrency a year ago what is our fate?
Should we cry😂!

Crypto has been fun so far,buying and selling and investing and saving.I feel crypto is ours and has come to stay.
Happy anniversary @ilyastarar.Hope to wish you happy 5 years anniversary soon.


Hello Marvy, how are you doing? Your fate depends on your decisions. Crypto is here to stay and let's hope that we benefit from it as well. 5 years is a huge period in crypto. Let's see what happens.