It's a bird...It's a plane....It's DeepOnion!

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If you've been following me of late, you know I'm high - no, I haven't relapsed, still 17 months and going strong - high on a new crypto called DeepOnion! You can read the previous entries I've written below:

So I've looked a little at the technology and privacy aspects as well as the charitable contributions of this coin - what is the focus of this weeks article you may ask? Cold, hard, cash...

At the end of the day, I believe in DeepOnion - it's got the Devs, it's got the community, it's got the technology. It would be a great coin to get in on the ground level for if it's value were worth less than a few pennies. It's value, however, has held pretty steady of late around the $1 mark. You can look at the users this coin is making wealthy at

Check out page three - you'll see I've earned nearly $6,000 since the airdrop began.

So my question is - Why haven't you jumped at this opportunity yet?!?!

Are you at least a member on
Do you make at least ten quality posts per week?
Did you register your account on or before July 12th of 2017?

If you can answer, 'yes,' to all these questions and can follow a few simple rules found at then I've got to ask - why aren't you taking advantage of free money? Not just free money, but free anonymous money that has the potential to go to the moon! (See this thread about a new exchange being added soon:

Even if you don't qualify for the airdrop, you can still pick up this coin for cheap at:

So what are you waiting for? You'll either be crying tears of sweet, sweet joy from the scent of these onions or you'll be crying bitter tears that you missed out!

Keep Calm and Onion On!

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Your post instantly made me feel poetic. Someday bitcoin will become greater than gold, a beacon of light in the financial night that's so bitter and cold... Oh I should just stop, here's an upvote for you!