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For those that have been following me lately, you'll know that I've recently been posting about a new coin called DeepOnion. More information can be found on the official website at

My previous articles are available here:

You might wonder, why are you posting so much about this coin?

Well, I'll be honest - their are a few different reasons.

  1. The most obvious is that I've got a stake in this coin and I don't try to hide that - the more interest - the better the price and my investment does. Beyond that though...

  2. I really do care about my privacy. I'm involved in crypto for the long haul and the last thing I want is Uncle Sam or anyone else in my business with what I spend my money on. This coin has some great technology behind it (more coming) and it runs on the Tor network

  3. Perhaps most importantly, the community behind this coin is amazing. If you have checked it out, please read the thread on bitcointalk at and look at the official forums at:

Why am I so high on the community? I'll give you two examples. The first, is this thread that raised over $1,500 for Hurricane Harvey relief:

The second is the current thread that is raising money for Irma/Jose:

From my previous posts, you'll notice that I'm in Charleston, SC and that most of my photos are of the area. We didn't get hit by Irma nearly as bad as Florida, but we did experience quite a bit of flooding. It's really impressive to see a coin's community rally around so quickly and compassionately.

The features already had me sold, but the community has me hooked!

If you haven't looked into DeepOnion yet, please check it out!


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I'll start running the client tonight :)

DeepOnion is looking good:

  • TOR enables
  • development of new privacy functions (DeepTrust, DeepSend)
  • active community

Can't go wrong.