Crypto Film Puns : "Dude, Where's My Cardano?" - KEEP IT GOING!

The well-known Bitcoin Enthusiast and Blockchain Ambassdor Nick Patel just posted a great starter list of what he called CRYPTO FILM PUNS yesterday.

The action dwindled quickly over on LinkedIn, but it's such a fun idea so I thought I'd import the list over to Steemit.


Here's Nick's starter list :

The Silence of the Lambos
Bitmain Vs Suppoman
Tango & BCash
Raging Bull Run
Tales from the Crypto
Django Blockchained
Theta Pan

Matthew Morrison chimed in with a great list of his own (and possibly wins the contest with "Who Framed Roger Ver?") His replies included :

A Fish Called Wanchain
Enemy of the Status
Who Framed Roger Ver?
White Men Can't Pump & Dump

And then I made a few decent (imho) contributions of my own :

A Ripple in Time
EOS Dawn of the Planet of the ASICS
Pulp Factom
Dude Where’s My Cardano?
From Here to Aertenity

Resteem and/or add your own ideas in the comments below! I'll upvote any and all serious efforts with crypto-inspired film title puns in the comments below.

(Credit to Nick Patel on LinkedIn for the great idea )


Steem America
The NEMoji Movie
The Texas VeChainsaw Massacre
At the Bitcoin's Core
Captain NEO

Way to work STEEM in there, these are great!!!

Oh yes, Creators of the hit Broadway musical, "The Book of Monero," as well as the hit TV show, "South Ark," Dan Sharker's's and Ned Bone's "Steem America" hilariously depicted the heroic battle of Steemiams to defend the Steemiverse from the external threat of the politically correct yet still fearsome Fiat (Bad) Actors Guild, as well as the internal threat of an army of terrorist bidbots!

With "Steem America" deservedly achieving it's status as a classic of Crypto Cinema, Dan Sharker struck out solo, starring as the loveable supervillain in "Despicable M-EOS 3."

Now, Steemiams brace for the most epic battle Crypto Cinemas have ever seen, as Dan Sharker's followup, "Captain EOS" is due for release at the same time as Ned Bone's "Steem America 2: The Revenge of the SMTs."

The social media Cryptoverse has never known anything like it, and the all anyone knows is that the world will never be the same again!

Hedge your bets and buy both tokens, folks, but remember, this is comedy, NOT financial advice! :)

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Captain Tron
Qtum Raider
Tether will be Blood
Bitcoins in a Fountain
The Monero Pit

Again, some truly excellent ones.

Hard To Hodl
Lisky Business
The Steem Experiment

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Great job @tts nailing those strange titles and words!

BitConnect Untold

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Two and a half Ripple
Games of Thron
Tomb Tether
Breaking Neo
Guardians of the Bitcoin

Nice one . Here is mine

Ripple Money Triple
Wonder Stellar
Neo the Lion

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