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Dear #PURA Community,

All of us who use PURA for payments, in Masternodes, mining, or Bitsurge we form the PURA Community. From us the users depend on the future of the currency and each one is invited to contribute with his best efforts, so that PURA reaches the #Top20 positions in Coinmarketcap.com as we grow the future together! 🌏❤️

Big steps have been taken with products such as Pura card or the investment token #Bitsurge to start creating the mass-adoption and #Real #Utility with the PURA coin.

The next steps as the UPGRADE to #Aurora that will make our currency the fastest within the market using #Artificial #Intelligence in its Blockchain, mobile mining and common nodes are about to be released in the near future (exact date yet to be set).

We also have since yesterday PURA listed in the new #OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange.

To increase volumes and currency prices it is now important that we can show the strength of the PURA Community, so that it can be listed in large exchanges (creating even more interest and PURA lovers). For that one of the requirements is to have a Telegram Community of at least 3,000 people (We currently have 1700). This work to increase the number of subscribers is from the Community.

That's why I challenge them. Let us together reach the 3,000 members until February 28, 2018 !!! JoinNow the official PURA channel on Telegram

https://t.me/puraofficial <<< ❤️❤️❤️Pura-comunidad.jpg


Wow, amazing Community!

1200 NEW people in the Telegram Group in the last 24 Hours

JOIN the PURA Community


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I love PURA, но съм влюбен в...асмата пред къщи!

"Pura vida"-успех на общността!!!

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you already have one more user in the telegram channel, I am following very close to pure.

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