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This document highlights some core iOlite functionalities that in my opinion are game changers in the IT industry and have the power to disrupt a lot of existing businesses. All functionalities will be explained with why they are so important in my eyes and will have a real-world example.

All functionalities are quoted from their whitepaper

“Our goal is to create a convenient solution that will bridge the gaps between these individuals and let all engineers with programming skills write their own smart contracts and rapidly deliver applications to end users...”

1-What it solves
Every programmer knows that the learning cycle never stops. New languages are born every year, and as a programmer, you would have to learn some of them to stay relevant. Being familiar with only one or two programming languages doesn’t cut it anymore in this era. Now, imagine that it would take an average of five years to specialize in just one language. Five years iOlite just saved you.

1-Real world
iOlite provides developers with their FAE engine to program smart contracts in a language that they are specialized in. With iOlite, every IT company in the world could adapt blockchain technology without having to invest in learning courses, which saves them a lot of money and time. This will make blockchain technology approachable to every programmer in the world.

“As we discussed in Use Case 2, we want to be able to support non-programmer players, such as lawyers, to create smart contracts. This is a trivial use case for FAE as a natural language adjustment.”

2-What it solves
Anyone is able to create smart contracts by just using natural language and it allows industries to easily adopt smart contracts as they don’t have to spend a lot of time on writing these contracts. It allows businesses as well to create new products on top of iOlite.

2-Real world
A webshop owner who’s selling bicycles can reuse an existing smart contract expression like ‘sell template computer’ to be changed to ‘sell bicycles’. The FAE is perfectly capable of understanding this and creates the required smart contract code. This lowers the barrier even further for non-technical people to start using iOlite and create new business products on top of iOlite.

“We plan to create iOlite plugins in most popular IDE solutions.”

3-What it solves
Software programmers tend to choose for languages that support IDE integrations. IDE integrations can be things as:

  • Auto-completion
  • Code generation
  • Code snippets
  • Project setup
  • Auto-compiling
  • Auto-indent
  • Languages that have IDE integrations are much easier to adapt. With IDE integrations the IDE can automate a lot
    of work for you, making the life of a programmer much easier.

3-Real world
Programming is always the same. The only thing that is different is the syntax. Let’s say you are free to learn a new language, Spanish or German. Spanish doesn’t come with auto-complete and German does. You can learn both, but German would be a lot easier, since you could suggest what you want to say, and the word would be auto-completed for you. This will save you a lot of unintended grammar mistakes or time googling for the translation. The same goes for programming. It would be a lot easier and faster to learn a programming language that is auto-completed then one that isn’t.

“It is important to point out that plugins released from the community will have a strong supervising model. Only users certified by foundation blocks can make contributions to official releases. The code itself would be open source and any group will be able to create its own domain of FAE, however, the iOlite foundation will not support it or take any responsibility for it.”

4-What it solves
Most companies develop software that is maintained by them and them only. Maintaining software costs a lot of time, and the company is probably the only one that knows what is coded. Opening up your software to the public to create open-source plugins makes the development of iOlite a lot faster. The public can request what they need, and anyone could pick it up, instead of iOlite having to queue it up. And the greatest benefit of open-source is that it can be verified by anyone.

4-Real world
Some real-world examples of companies that have adopted community plugins are Wordpress and Magento. Both are one of the leading software products for online webshops. That’s because everyone could start an online webshop with Wordpress, without any knowledge of programming, and still have all the functionalities they desire. Now think of a scenario that you need a smart contract for your company, and you could just download (buy) it from the iOlite marketplace, without having to spend time on coding or outsourcing. As we speak about this, iOlite succeeds in removing the blockchain barrier as people don’t need in-depth knowledge of smart contracts or blockchain in particular.

iOlite Unique Selling Points

  • iOlite requires programmers to deliver all their code included with unit tests. Unit tests are insurances that your code is running as it is intended to be. A unit test tries a lot of possible scenarios with correct or incorrect input and compares the results of all these scenarios with the expected results the programmer defines.

  • Marketplace integration for plugins which makes it easy for anyone to get their hands on what they need (for example a smart contract).

  • iOlite removes the barriers to smart contract adoption.

  • IDE integration which makes iOlite more approachable for software programmers.

  • FAE (Fast Adapting Engine) which makes blockchain programming approachable to any programmer in the world.

  • No more server costs for companies. Data is now saved in the blockchain.

  • Any company can now offer smart contract technology, imagine the interest in this.

Visit their website:

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