Buying The Dip 026: I've Been Busy

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Hello Steemit.

So it seems I haven't posted in 8 days as of this post and I can only apologise for that. As stated before sometimes real life gets in the way and that was definitely the case this week and finding the time to post here was hard to come by, especially with me being out of the country for a few days without my laptop (I was in Germany for the curious among you) and work also being rather hectic right now. So more than anything this post is simply a reminder to my growing follower base (100 is on the horizon) and those who have recently followed or found my blog who have noticed inactivity on my part that it was only temporary, these things happen. With it now being Saturday last weeks Gainers and Losers post can count itself out and you can see that back on track tomorrow alongside the other projects I usually post. I will try and make up for this absence with a trialing of a few ideas I have been meaning to put out for a while and I hope you lovely people will support me in those and going forward where I will be back to posting as much as possible.

A small update on my week. Short answer: Crypto is looking really bullish right now. Long answer: From the time of my last post my portfolio value has increased by 20.63% seeing new all time highs of value and from that last slump has just-shy-of doubled hence my bullish mentality right now. I was also sent a very nice donation from PINK Coin which has helped towards that so shout-out to them. If you're a fan of tipping coins like ReddCoin then it's probably worth checking them out (not paid, but passing on the good will). I have where possible increased my position in certain coins, namely Cardano and Achain, if only slightly from forked profits and have added small amounts of projects I have been monitoring for a while that where on a dip during the rise (they've since rose themselves and some of said profit was used for my forking into ADA and ACT) which I view as long term holds. More info on those and other projects will come in time with another portfolio update that is planned when my portfolio sits at a nice round figure.

All in all my trip was well timed as the funds I spent whilst away and by going would usually be spent on a crypto dip buying opportunity but I can wait as this was a nice week to just watch funds go up without my input (that being said, I do wish I'd bought a bit more LTC on Monday). Hope you're all still doing well.

Lass uns dieses Geld verdienen!
HJB. CryptoKnight.



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