Why I Think Cardano AKA ADA Will Bring the Heat in 2018.

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The World of CryptoCurrency is Always Changing and 2018 Will Not Be Any Different.

The end of 2017 brought us a Crypto that could be considered Blockchain 3.0, as Charles Hoskinson likes to put it. I am always a fan of technology evolving. Charles has been working on this project for a while and you can get the whole run down on this amazing AMA that our fellow Steemian @Crypt0 recently did with him. Believe me, spending an hour watching this will help you level up your blockchain knowledge.

What I am Doing.

I will be buying Cardano every week. I like to Dollar Cost Average my Crypto buys. This means I am buying over a period of time to average the price I buy it. I have been buying Cardano since late November and will continue to do so. I believe this project will continue to be in the the top 10 in 2018.

My 2018 Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency Market Cap Predictions.

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I still haven't touched ADA, haven't seen a good break in the price yet. I've got lots of ETH, NEO and some Qtum. I'm still a believer in ETH with such a large first mover advantage.


I highly recommend buying at least a few hundred ADA.


ADA at this point is PURELY SPECULATIVE. They have no working product, just a great team and great promises....


I've heard that also, I'm not gonna complain if I get them free through a trade or buy them with SBD


I guess that can be a deal :P
I still think ADA will be be re-visiting .70 soon....


We are seeing more and more blockchain with the capability to execute code in a decentralised and secured manner.
My concern is how much vulnerable they are from the mistakes and bugs done by dev-users (the users of the chain creating contracts). Would be interesting to have a comparative done by an independent group of dev professional to see the progress done in that area.

Greatest update of Cardano news @hilarski. Cardano has some high movement within few days.



Sure!!!! Cardano will gain more and more ground in the following weeks. In the meantime, check something interesting about ADA.


yeah @hilarski also thanx the share these 2 videos of charles honkison and i will watch these now next morning and i hope this will really help me to understand about cardano and i think the cardano is now another attractive currencey today bcz the it is in top 10 list just in 2 days

hey @hilarski friend you have collected crypto video,presented some awesome and very useful information. i am very happy on this article.
HAPPY NEW YEAR @hilarski . I hope you have done a lot of good day in 2017 and the next new year all days will be a lot better.

great, i read your post sir. i thing so CryptoCurrency is Always Changing and 2018.
The year will end and we will find it in more than $ 100.
Happy new year sir.
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Yes i have been into them since low 20 cents. They are not ripple.

This is definitely great play. Btw STEEM is exploiding:). Watching live AMA whit Charles. Thumbs up to @crypt0.

Thanks for sharing your valuable content..especially thanks for discuss about crypto..cause i gain knowledge to your post in crypto..well done.

Sir Hello @hilarski
Its very upgraded coin and hope to increases in short time. Its wonderful idea sharing for steamian who follow and get better investment.
My prediction, its touch with 1k at the end 2018 and this is not impossible if BTC raising up in couple if weaks. Once again thanks for important and informative blog.
Keep it up and stay blessed. Resteem & steem On

There have been 2 major price increases with one of them just happening right before the end of the year. Its a good time to buy again.


Hey @greyorange u flag my comment...
What is reason...please explain it...

How many times I was thinking to invest on this project! But I didn't due to lake of confidence! But today you solve it! Wow this seems an interesting project and as you said it will bring the heat in 2018! Thank you very much for sharing this great information with us!


this will be a business opportunity. and I will follow it here. I will try to make Daedalus's wallet. and i will study it.

I will participate here. and I will soon make Daedalus wallet. thanjs for sharing sir

I am already on the ADA bandwagon so I am an HODL.
So whatever you do in January will truly show in December.
Keep on steemit.

I see this will be more interesting. maybe you are the right thing for me to make a teacher in studying all development of cryptocurrency. thanks for infoemation sir

@hilarski sir...
Digital money can make us rich to deal with ourselves. I genuinely trust that. Be that as it may, what I additionally accept is that it will influence us to sufficiently fit to serve the penniless also.

It is absolutely difficult for all to give. Every one is battling in their own specific manners. In any case, that is the magnificence of life is it not? One who has seen the intense time will identify towards the one enduring. Such a one when independent can promptly consider helping other people. When I put in endeavors to gain, I should put in little endeavors along to share.

One might be poor out of absence of education, another might be expected life's weight of overwhelming obligations, another might be out of sheer apathy and some might be not able meet the sudden needs of life. In any case, the truth of the matter is same. They all need assistance. From numerous points of view it can be tended to....
Happy New Year...


Does Cardano have anything to do with what you are writing.


@greyorange why...u flag my comment..what is reason..please explain it...

Indeed a very interesting project, they kinda collaborate with the Olympic project for 2020 here in Japan.
I wanted to buy it in November but my account didn't get verified. Now the biggest gains are already made and I could bite my tail

@hilarski - Why I Like Cardano. Sir you gave nice explanation & very useful article for us... Nice you decided to share this info Sir...


@hilarski, Cardano can be argued that a large part of the value of a cryptocurrency is derived from its community, the way it uses the currency, and its level of engagement in the currency’s evolution. Cardano will be heat this year.

cardano has more features. Wallet is awesome.
Look at cardano movement.
It will be great in this year.


Excellent post..@hilarski Cardano will be a great long term HODL for 2018!! Thanks again... Keep On Steemin On!!

I also believe Cardano will take off this year. So it would be a good idea in my opinion to start investing in it now.

awesome and very useful information. great the crypto vodeo.
Thanks for this post
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This is great cryptocurrency experience. very helpful information and Cardano AKA ADA Will good project @hilarski

Thanks for the information.the very important and great video.

100% like and resteem

Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good facts why we should invest on ADA. Excellent description & valuable content.


world heat is going up. i mean crypto heat. new coins, powerful concepts, powerful projects, powerful investments heat this crypto world in 2018. impressive article with lots of info @hilarski

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ada looks great and has already grown phenomenally but it's always strange that it has been labelled as ethereum and neo killer when I really think the space is really big enough for many good projects to co-exist. But then what do I know?

Never heard about this blockchain before. Thanks for the share.

I think that's a good plan. I invested real early in cardao and continue to buy. Have a happy healthy and prosperous 2018

i m amaized to saw the cardano broken record in market this will be an more good blockchain in next some months good to talk on it and share the crypt0 and charles video

it seems a good cryptocurrency as it a open source and people can easily engage here from all over the world, thanks fpr informing us.

nice to share awesome and new u informations with us daily i see the mostly new newses in ur post hilarksi sir and also now about cardano thanx sir sure i learned many things from ur posts which help me to make decesion about best crypto blockchhain

This is very useful info of Why I Think Cardano AKA ADA Will Bring the Heat in 2018.Happy new year sir.
Thanks @hilarski
Have a great day

Yay! So happy I got some at 0.15.. didn't realize they have wallet , thank you for the info.. I shall transfer there soon :)

Are digital currencies a scientific and economic revolution or a deadly volcanic eruption?

After the unexpected rise of these currencies which are increasing in number and monetary value to them, what to expect from them I give you some facts and leave the verdict to you.

Yes, let's prepare for me. The price rise in 2018 will be significantly seen. As we expected, we have exceeded $ 5 and I say it will reach $ 10 soon. The year will end and we will find it in more than $ 100.

Nice video sir.My wishes for you are not limited to just the next year.
Have a fun-filled, smashing, rocking and…

@hilarski I need to look more into Cardano I never have given it a passing thought until now. It is time to see if I should dip my toe in the pool.....

great information shared about cardano lets collect it slowly and steadily : )

it is very good post .thanks for given knowledge.

If Ripple Shit can reach $2.5 with it's shit market supply, why Cardano can't reach $5 in this Quarter of 2018 ;)

Nice article & thank you.

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Yea - but that would go right to the speaker's point that people are just in this for the money and not the global utility! Patience and less focus on price is going to help with sustainability in the long run.

Congratulations @hilarski
Now you are in the MinnowsPower Loyalty Member List...!!!

Exceptional article & very useful topic you covered today with valuable information & videos. Crypto didn't heat the world yet. When it start heating the world, lot more things can be happen. Nice post in this new year...!!!

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Hey dear Sir @hilarski. Thanks for another interesting prediction regarding Cardano(ADA). I have baught some ADA in early December and Thanks God I HODL them. I didn't know much about this coin earlier except the low pricing. Now I will follow your strategy in 2018 and will buy in every week according to my budget.
Keep sharing and updating us with your great research. All the best.

So much change, and for crypto it seems it's getting better and better!

Cardano is a great project!!!
But we need to stop bulding networks and start building apps on top of them, without value this networks have no reason for existing...
Playstation and Xbox fight for the best games because is that that convice the gamers to join their platform not being 1,3% faster...
Still i bought some because i thing i will have ROI :P

Wow! Thanks for sharing that video.

The presentation left me very impressed with the Cardano project and as a result I will also start dollar cost averaging in over the coming months.

Happy New Year! Hope the ?baby? is doing well.

Your post gave me a lot of encouragement.
Very useful post,,You get to learn a lot from your posts.Thank you so much for sharing this kind of news. Happy New Year Sir @hilarski

Yah really a very helpfull info ..i read your posts and watch your videos ..very informaive..i hope that this year cryptocurrency will rock the world..thank you for sharing with us....@hilarski

carnado now is the best profitable coin in this crysis time

thanx @hilarski to share this toturial with images and details i see the eth address is using to buying mostly new tokens...is the next time of eth as compare to btc..have a good day..thanks for sharing your information..

I am a huge fan of Cardano. I've been buying it for about a month and I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Is Cardano more of a currency, platform, or both?

Thanks for the tip! As a Med student I relly like the idea that cardano is being developed by science man, especiallya Inge so many call"a genius".
I have been tiped by a friend (he learn arts... ironic that he is the one to offer me thatcoins) to buy it about a month ago and I bought some quantity.
I did learn some new strong points of this currency, so thank you!

A question if I may - isn't the big coin amounts a threat to the coin's growth? can we expect it to rise in a significant way more than he already did?

Greatest update of Cardano news @hilarski thanks for sharing

Wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead! Happy New Year!

Outstanding article & you covered all most all about Cardano - ADA. One of the best FAQ type session for ADA. Keep it up~

Truly I have been into them since low 20 pennies. They are not swell.

cardano is weathering this storm quite well. Its going to bounce.

An excellent solution and this project has many advantages for which you indicated, I will definitely use your information. Thank you @hilarski

Thanks for sharing Crypt0's video I had missed. I watched the entire thing and got a much firmer understanding of why this is getting hyped. I feel very loyal to Eth, so I ignored it when it was ripe for the taking at $.03, and almost bought some for the fun of it, but now I see that the man behind the project is different than most. He did throw some jabs in throughout the interview to his competitors, but it's worth the diversification. They have a long roadmap, but under a buck in the long run might be a game changer if they deliver, and supply doesn't hold them back. Thanks again.

I watching to your video.i hope your post is excellent . So thanks you @hilarski

I am already holding this great to know about that this has a great future pheww finally relieved :D

future world will be controllled by crypto

cardano is a great project !

great post thank you for this information I hope cardano will get its price dump so we can buy up some more!!!

@hilarski what do you think where will cardano go in 2018? With respect to price?

Yes, Cardano looks like a great project. But don't you think it's overvalued at $20 billion? A platform that hasn't launched yet shouldn't be #5 in market cap, it should be around #50.

i didn't knew about this project that it has that much potential this is amazing

you I respect.......
Home networks are going to require a stable, flexible system that handles video in real time and is extremely easy to use.

Good news, thank for nice information

First time here of Cardano @hilarski!!
Sure I will study it,
And there will many more and new things upcoming in 2018, we should hope for the best!
Thanks for sharing!!

I still do not understand why ADA in Japan for awhile could not gain traction while now open to all it is rising fast. Maybe I am missing something here and may as well just invest in some ADA. hhhmmm.

Already fifth in market cap. Everything is just exploding right now. I swear the big players just wait for a big short to hit the market then immediately double the price.

The most important thing I took from the interview was the scalability in Cardano, solving the 2nd Gen problems that Ethereum and the like have come across(stuck transactions, blocked network due to surge in transaction volume). Charles inspires confidence and has an open source passion pointing out that some other tech only have promises and theory where as ADA is proving solutions. Cardano is 3rd Gen Blockchain and the smart money will move here.

Thanks for sharing this info. Wishing ADA a great new year :)

Why not just go all in?

I think you have some nice crypto tips. I will buy ada also.

Full in ADA! And that interview on YouTube is awesome. Thanks Randy!