My 2018 Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency Market Cap Predictions.

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OH My, How The Cryptocurrency Markets Have Changed.

Last year I predicted that Bitcoin would rise by 100% in 2017 and hit a new All Time High of $1815. Bwahahaha, I was off by a little. At least I said I was being conservative with my numbers. The top ten cryptos have changed much more than I could have imagined.

Below is a Snapshot of the Crypto Markets in Late December 2017. Red Lines Mean They are No Longer in the Top Ten.

Here is my article, "My 2017 Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Predictions."


Look at the Dec 31 2017 Market Cap Growth of Some of the Top 10 I Wrote About Last Year.

Bitcoin $224.5 Billion from $15.5 Billion - 14.5X

Monero $5.3 Billion from $189.3 Million - 28X

Ethereum $70.9 Billion from $693 Million - 102X

Steem $692.7 Million from $38.7 Million - 18X

Dash $7.94 Billion from $78.4 Million - 101X

ZCash $1.4 Billion from $16.5 Million - 85X

Ripple $92 Billion from $233.7 Million - 393X

Litecoin $12.1 Billion from $213 Million - 57X

CryptoCurrency Market Predictions for 2018.

Below are the Top 10 Cryptos based on total market cap from Coin Market Cap. What stands out to me is how different it looks from last years Top 10 at this time. Gone are Monero, Ethereum Classic, Maidsafe, Augur and Steem. We welcome Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, IOTA, NEM and Stellar.


My Top 10 CryptoCurrencies in Market Cap for December 31 2018.

  1. Bitcoin - $55K or 4.25X. $935 Billion
  2. EOS- $800 or 100X. $800 Billion
  3. Bitcoin Cash - $30k or 12X. $510 Billion
  4. Cardano - $10 or 14X. $260 Billion
  5. VeChain - $250 or 113X. $216 Billion
  6. Litecoin - $1500 or 7X. $82.5 Billion
  7. Omisego - $500 or 25X. $51.1 Billion
  8. Monero - $3000 or 9X. $46.6 Billion
  9. Verge - $3 or 15X. $43.5 Billion
  10. Dash - $3000 or 3X. $23.4 Billion

OMG Randy Where Did Ethereum and Ripple Go?

I am one who believes that technology constantly evolves. My personal belief is that EOS will supplant Ethereum by the end of 2018 as the smart contract platform. My guess is that Ethereum will still be in the top 20. Ripple looks like it might be listed on Coinbase so it could rocket but I don't trust that centralized, non-crypto Swift replacement. I wish they would just de-list it from crypto exchanges and punt it back to Wall St. where it belongs.

My Favorite CryptoCurrency Sector for 2018.

Lending is going to be hot in 2018. SALT and ETHLend are my favorites, "2 Crypto Lending Tokens That Could Explode to the Upside in 2018." I was made aware of Ripio Credit Network as well.

The Technology That Will Catch Everyone Off Guard.

I believe DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) or Blocktree will be a hot ticket in 2018. My favorite is GULD which is a project by one of the Bitcoin OG's Ira Miller. The project is not available on the open market yet but follow me for more information. The word on the street is that Ira will make a big announcement at the upcoming Panama Glass Conference February 22-25. It is a conference about transparency in Panama. Guld is a sponsor.


I am Still a Crypto Bull as You Can Tell.

The Crypto market still is like a feral horse. Wild and difficult to tame. 2017 showed us that the CryptoCurrency markets are quite resilient and love to bounce back after bad news. I am hoping 2018 goes more smoothly than 2017. We will also see plenty of regulation in 2018. This could slow the markets considerably but I am not worried. I remember the days when I was happy with tiny gains.

Happy New Years Everyone! Remember this is not financial advice, just my personal opinion.


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Thanks a lot for sharing this incredible info with us. I just wish i bought EOS earlier but it is never too late. Have a happy year and may the cryptos be in your favour.

Hello , you think Eth even with sharding and anon plus Pos is not going to do so well 2018? I hope your predictions for the others hold true or surpasses. HODL most of them and SUP


ETH will do fine but I am betting that it falls out of the top 10.

Thank you very much
I am glad I found you article
I am interested in the bitcoin coin
I will definitely buy a few and make an exodus wallet too
It seems to be a very good useful coin..happy new year
Thanks again@HILARSKI

2018 will be the crypto year and bitcoin volume up. Happy new year 2018!

Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good analysis. Never heard about GULD before. ATleast 90% of your prediction will come true in next year. I STEEM will be in top 10 as well. Happy new year too.



I've never heard of guld either. I love stumbling onto projects out of the blue like this. :)

Wow, great.There will be a lot of action coming in the next few months. I hope that it makes it to the top 20 again and stays their where I think it belongs.

great stuff @hilarski! thanks for sharing this informative post mate! very very useful! will definitely take your advice on SALT and ETHLend! I wish you the best for 2018! un abrazo desde España amigo!!!! :)

and hope ur predictions are true for 2018 and also we follow u which u preffer coin we hold that and not forget ur personal opinion

this interesting, EOS has just was born. but can run. prediction you make me excited. might be bright for everyone. for me steemit has been a window for digital currency. thanks for sharing Sir.

Happy New Year. Wish you all a Cryptophilic 2018 :D


Cryptophilic 2018 LOL Love it

I am also turned to be a firm believer in crypto just because of you.

I like your analysis. It will be interesting to see what blind sides us this next year!

I really, for the life of me, can't figure out why Steem isn't performing better than it is, especially relative to the competition. There will be a lot of action coming in the next few months. I hope that it makes it to the top 20 again and stays their where I think it belongs.


Steem looks like it will be a niche token. I don't think SMT's will bring it back. Too many technologies that can supplant it.


Nice work @hilarski. That was interesting seeing your comment on Ripple, I have not heard it explained that way. I think the innovations this coming year and beyond are going to come fast and furious, along with a lot of volatility, both good and bad for crypto bulls like you and I. I am curious to see potential takeovers, mergers, in the crypto scene by outside investment and by the cryptos themselves. Maybe it is too soon for that, but in this sector just about anything is in play. Thanks for the fresh thoughts I will take them to heart, Happy New Year!


I disagree, there's no blockchain that can scale better than Steem right now and it's designed for social media. Any site that wants to do what Steemit is doing is going to use SMT.


So you think social media is well represented by all the whale flagging wars? You think social media is well represented by a system where 90% of value is owned by less than 1% of the accounts? You think social media is well represented by a system where the relatively rich in Stake Whales, get to go around and flag opinions they don't like?

You are relatively new on Steemit. You will learn. And your learning will inform you that and STEEM have too may inherent issues to ever be a top 20 coin again.


Totally agreed on the assessment for STEEM. An interesting niche. Too little attention paid to resolving the whale flagging wars. And the huge ninja pre-mine hurts the credibility o the founding team. STEEM will sink to below 70 on CMC by the end of 2018. Might still make it to $10; but it will below 70 on CMC even if it does make it to $10


Are you optimistic about STEEM in 2018 then @hilarski ? whats exactly the potential impact of SMT if you dont mind clarifying please? thanks mate


Top 100 coin, that is still good but far from what it could be.


thanks mate!


I am very optimistic in steemit's 2018 for sure. The trading dynamic is almost built more on the screwing up by international politicians than the countless merits of hopping on board a blockchain based currency. An economic recovery will slow down this momentum a little, but I think the seepage of people leaving the social networks has started and it's only a short matter of time before they panic, as they should. Maybe they go out buy a platform like steemit for a price that can't be refused. Being a decentralized chain I am almost confused at how that would work.


great point @cryptkeeper17 ! thanks mate ;)


Absolutely loved the back and forth @albertoyago. I too am curious of people's thoughts on these topics so I am glad I was able hear a bit of yours. Happy New Year sir, best of luck in the coming 2018!


Thanks a lot @cryptkeeper17 ! Happy 2018 man! :)

oh my god why u not mention steem in top 10 for 2018 hilarski sir do u not think the steem will not include in this list in next whole year
images (2).jpg


No, maybe in the Top 100.


I am curious to why you don't think Steem will be in top 10? After all Steem is build a very good blockchain in my vies:

0 fee
3 seconds transactions
witness model to do many hardforks fast

Crypto is changing my world, and many others!

Will remind you on this in 12 months, I think EOS will not be that high but I hope IOTA. Happy new Year

Great predictions..I firmly believe that the markets will have at least a 10x next year meaning that we will be at the minimum level of 5 trillion by the year end with the top end of range being around 10 trillion.


That would be amazing!


@kouba01 hope you are right in your thoughts mate! We all will benefit extraordinarily from it! wish a bright 2018 for us all! :)

Not bad indicators. Really this year there was a lot of everything but more good with Crypto currency than bad. With the Coming New Year !!!

I also believe that EOS will be big winner in 2018.


so far EOS gave me a 500% return! do you still there is room for growth?


Absolutely. But in every investment there is risk, so you have to manage your risk.

Wish your happy new year 2018
this is very important information CryptoCurrency Market Predictions for 2018
Thanks @hilarski


happy new year to you also @goldcoin! greetings from Spain mate! :)

Excellent Market Cap Predictions of CryptoCurrencies. Great Update sir.


Good analysis. I think for all indicators the new year will be even better. Happy New Year !!!

Dear @hilarski Your prediction seems very interesting on cryptocurrency 2018. I'm totally agree with you except Ripple. This coin is already at $3. So will it remain constant here....?
All the very best for your great work in 2017. And I wish a very blessed Happy New Year - 2018.


Ripple is not a Crypto therefore I do not support it.

Crazy looking at last years prices.

Congratulations @hilarski
Now you are in the MinnowsPower Loyalty Member List...!!!

Exceptional market review & prediction. Thank you...!!!

20% Upvoted by @MinnowsPower

Two more tokens that will change the history in 2018. Valuable prediction from a genius predictor. Happy new year~

sbd will rock or not sir : )
your crypto prediction is on point


It is not supposed to. It is meant to be pegged to $1 USD.

hopefully 2018 will be the best year for bitcoin. It should be a bitcoin-related rule can be done wisely, see the development of the world of crypto more interesting. thanks for sharing bitcoin related information. I understand. hopefully 2018 steemit growing.

Either, cryptos will skyrocket as mass adoption starts

... or, it is time to grab your guns, ground and grub. (meaning, full on, overt police state in The USSA.)

I am hoping for the crytos. Because that leads to a much better world. And going from 1-2% adoption to about 12% adoption means everything, including shit coins, will go to the moon.

I agree that crypto-lending is the biggest upcoming sector. It is fraught with dangers and bears and bear traps, but the ones who actually get it working will bring about the greatest change since the introduction of bitcoin.

Emmm quite interesting aspect of market you shared with us today. This thing will definitely help me where should i invest. By the way you always give us some sensible advice and you never made us disappoint with your analysis for which you deserve #massive Respect :) @hilarski

Thanks for making the picture clear for 2018. Now i can invest in all those coins you mentioned for 2018. I always consider your personal advice to serious level :)

Thanks for making us aware of everything you did for us in 2017. Hope so you would continue this beautiful journey in 2018 as well.

My support is always with you, Keep writing such posts.

Don't forget to rock the party as 2018 is just arriving

Happy New Year to you too :)

simply get ethlend yesterday from kucoin! truly need to get salt, yet it's very pricy as of now. Also, glad new year ! 2018 will be so amazing!

And dont forget Lisk,Lisk will boom after rebranding,i see Lisk 100/200$ usd by the end of 2018,look at the qtum,similar but Lisk will be for mobile apps,happy new year :D :D :D


I agree it will boom. I have been backing up the truck. Maybe top 20.


How many transactions a day does Lisk currently do?


If LISK is gonna get boom, then i am going to die soon :P :D :D @hilarski

One of my favorites is Fun Fair at 10 cents, up 85% in a day.


I am making a pile with FunFair as well.



A lot to swallow, but I like your point of view.
You are right it is not financial advice.
Completely forgot about EOS, sleeping giant.

2018 is the year to stay informed and grow your portfolio in crypto.
Keep on steemit

Great analysis Randy! I always enjoy your articles. I am curious what your precious metal outlook is for the coming year? Do you have any predictions on that for 2018?


I am a Silver Bull. Gold not so much.


GoldSilver ratio suggests Silver is under valued. But you already knew that, as a silver bull.

I am glad to see Bitcoin and EOS on the top 2 spot, which will make me very rich.

@hilarski, another great post, wish you all the best in 2018.


Excellent just excellent analysis. Happy 2018 with lots of fun.

~Followed & Upvoted

From all the altcoins mentioned, I can see with sadness that Steem had the lowest growth. I hope that it will perform much better in 2018, especially with the introduction of SMTs. We are living interesting times!


I also hope STEEM performs much better in 2018 @mejustandrew ! Im optimistic about its future! whats the impact of SMT exactly?


I can't say for sure and I guess nobody can say this exactly, but I tend to think it will be pretty big, hopefully over 50% growth :))

Resteemed as always! I 100% am I believer in EOS and couldn't agree more with that taking over ETH. Should be interesting to see what happens with VEN when they rebrand ;)

DBET & Flash predictions?


DBET top 50 Flash Top 150.

Hmmm....very bullish on EOS - I am still looking carefully at that one. A bit different than my list:

nice to see ur top ten crypto and i also mostly hold these and i hope these will be the always most best
happy new year 2

Happy New Year @hilarski and I just wanted to post this on the last day of 2017.........FLASH 2000 tokens that I received from you are currently worth $48.97........ .0244 price per token.
Thank you for the Gift I am Grateful.....

Thanks for the information sir. it is great post .

100% like and resteem

@hilarski - Sir thank you for giving us an ideal opportunity to understand where we should invest in 2018... You know how market react & your prediction of EOS is very useful Sir... I'll invest on that coin soon... Wish you a happy new year too Sir...


EOS,Cardano and OMG really good profits there man, you can add subs i think 2018 will be the year where we will see coming tons of money to cryptos, i mean each year more and more people know this coins and the market grow year with year. Regards

Cardano and Verge will be the most profitable ones. I believe in them
Good article !! Vote UP


I am also a Cardano bull, I am watching it since it was on 20'th place. I don't know how much more than this can it advance, because it just reached 5'th place which is completely huge for a coin of only 3 months old!


It has a good project and great directors. The greatest advantage is the popularity of its origin, that is Asia !!

I got this question and you answered it clearly? One more question, where we can see STEEM? Top 20 or not?
OMG Randy Where Did Ethereum and Ripple Go?
Wish you a happy new year friend! This is a very useful thing to us!



My guess Steem will be in the Top 100.


Why? With SMT can't it compete to top 10?


wow! I just get ethlend yesterday from kucoin! really want to get salt, but it's quite pricy already. And happy new year ! 2018 is going to be so awesome!

it worked well, this time it'll work well too. excellent & very informative post. happy new year. @hilarski

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

Happy New Year!
Super cool prediction and i am almost there with you... can you please let me know what do you think about BitShares, Status, Humaniq and DogeCoin for 2018...
Let's have a rock and roll year in the crypto world!

You took the words of ripple straight from my mind. I also want steenlar lumens out delisted from

Wow great information and valueable information sir, about" 2018 Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency Market Cap Predictions.
Thanks @hilarski sir for sharing this post.😊


@hilarski sir
Actualy fristly..I want thank you so much for sharing ur valuble knowledge with in 2017 year...ur advice and ideas very important to me..bcz..I' new comer to crypto world...
I'm alwats try collect some crypto for my future..bcz..I'm resly know snd trust ctypto can change my future...
Good luck sir...
Happy new year 2018...

Thanks for sharing your views. Some good insights. Much appreciated.

In my opinion, you are overstating the success of EOS vs ETH in 2018. EOS has to be ready for prime time and then still have time for an uptick.

That won't happen in 2018. More likely delayed until 2019.

You are way way way under-estimating the potential of ADA. 3rd generation blockchain. More technologically advanced than BTC, or ETH, or EOS.

And no pre-mine, and already up and running, with a technical design that allows for rapid upgrades of new pieces of functionality as they become available.

It would not surprise me to see ADA challening BTC for dominance in Sept 2018

Have you read the ADA whitepaper? If no, go take a read and you will be impressed.

I agree with your assessment on XRP. XRP is a public token, which the banksters are NOT going to use to implement their own private version of Ripple blockchain.

I'm also watching SALT as you are. Could be a huge star in 2018.

Enjoy 2018. May it find you healthy and prosperous.

Great article Randy. There is some great buys right now, and everyone should join into these great crypto technology wave.

Does EOS have a capped number of units? That would make it a lot more legit than Ethereum right off the bat.


I Billion


Sounds good.

I'm a huge believer in Cardano. I'm also glad to see Verge on your list. Everyone seems to think it's a scam coin lately but I believe it's going to surprise a lot of people.

I wonder if Ethereum would be able to hold their place in second if they just get their new tech ideas sorted out. Lots of competition out there.

just need to buy few cryptos otherwise the list is perfect for me :) Wishing you a happy and fun-filled year ahead. Happy New Year

Investing on Ethereum on 2018 will be good?? I suggested from many person to invest on Ethereum...


I am not sure about Ethereum. I have chosen to ride the EOS train going forward and will only use Ether to buy into ICO's.

What do you think about Coinbase adding Ripple in 2018?

A leaked video online shows someone using Coinbase beta with Ripple.


So Be It, but I won't participate.

Happy New Year

giphy (9).gif
giphy (10).gif
giphy (11).gif

Happy New Year

Ripple shouldn’t even be on a crypto market cap, it is a protocol created for banks, something that bitcoin wanted to get rid of from the beginning so there is no reason for it to be on coinmarketcap...for the rest, I really hope you are right Randy! Happy new year!

Technically Ethereum is a more programmable crypto than bitcoin. In my opinion it will stay at top ten.


My bet is that EOS will be better. CryptoKitties showed the chink in Ethereums armor.

Great work and excellent post of Top 10 coin

Upvote Resteem

Hey sir @hilarski
I become very happy to see ur blog.
If it did not produce you joy
barely escape it behind
Let's institute the recent year
with great point in mind....

Let each bad memory
That brought misery and pain
And let's give new leaf
with the emanate new rain...

Let's omit late mistakes
Making indemnity for the aforementioned one year
sending you the particular greetings
to make you count on and cheer

Thank you for owe allegiance the people
who constructed the one in question group an excellent situation to are living in.

images (3).jpeg

I recite that fact you’ll enjoy height, care, luck, friendship and joy. Keep stay blessed

I'm super curious how Stellar will do this year. Rising market cap, soon to be #9 and holding very well after each run.


It could do very well.

I hope it will be bullish just like 2017. Long bear markets are boring.

First great job with your 2017 predictions. I think yours were some of the closest

I ask believe that this year will be a fun roller coaster and that techs replace themselves constantly.

While I think spa could make gains. I don’t see it taking over Ethereum. I think Ethereum will update taker and that Vitalik is such a force that it will continue to be a grey year for both Ethereum and EOS. Eos already had a lot of gains in 2017 without much production or actual uses.

Ethereum will still have a solid 2018 and will be x5 I predict

Everything else I totally agree with. I think your bitcoin might actually be conservative though 😜

Great job and happy New Years to all

Wither way remember to diversify your coin portfolio!!! I’m going apx 30% and HODLing it

It's all ways fun to have your predictions be wrong when they are wind in the right way 😊 thanks for the tips- I was at a search for a coin to invest in and I will take your advice and buy myself some DAG.
So have a lovely new year, thanks for the info and may your coin value rise and all your wishes fulfill! 🎉🎊

Steem has grown from 38billion in dec 2016 to 717billion in dec 2017. That's no small beans.

It has dropped down the super-stellar list of growing currencies, but we shouldn't be too quick to talk down Steem as it's growth is still stratospheric.


They could pull a rabbit out of the hat. I just feel they are ignoring and are relying on third parties too much.


I think has a long way to go to reach it's full potential and won't be knocking any of the big Social Networks off the perch.

Steem has legs though!

It is too bad that Steem has fallen out of the top 10. Hopefully it can regain some of that ground next year.

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Thanks for the update of My Top 10 CryptoCurrencies in Market Cap for December 31 2018. useful info.

For your post propagation.

Great outlook for 2018. Hope you will have a nice party and to read more of your stuff in 2018. Keep on the good work to the community next year. Thank you Randy!

Thanks for share your Predictions. Wishing you Happy New Year!

Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last...i have read your post.happy new year...

Great insight. I will be watching for more of your analysis!
Happy New Year!

Grandes predicciones ...

Yah no problem dear in 2018 also bitcoin will be grow very high and it will reaches upto 25 k usd ....wish you a happy new year to you and your family ..i hope that this year god will gives you a good health and wealth to you...... @hilarski

We have the same line of thought towards etherum and ripple.i can't actually predict there direction.thanks you for this great insight toward btc and other top altcoin.i must appreciate your prediction because it is worthy to be embraced

Does it really work.

one post.thanks for sharing

every thing has gone 10x wow

Nice post

crypto bull on run :)

that much changed just under a year oh my good look at that

nice analysis..hope 2018 will be a great year for steemians :) wish you a very happy new year sir..may your all dreams come true..thanks alot for what you did for us in this year :)

Nice post! Your post is wonderful, we appreciate your expertise. I follow and upvote.

a very good post, you clearly and in detail explain it,
Thank you sir @hilarski

Thanks for this, it was a great read and solidified me on some new positions. Guess I should look into vechain... Happy new years!