Money In 10 Years - How Your Future May Look

User-Generated Currencies & How They Could Change Your Life

If you studied blockchain full-time until 2025, you may earn this kind of understanding.

Eyal Hertzog from Bancor has been in Bitcoin 7 years
How user-generated content led to user-generated currency.

The evolution of decentralized protocols from Napster to blockchain.

Eyal and his team released a non-blockchain user-generated currency in 2013 as an experiment.
They discovered it's pointless to create currencies without liquidity.
Liquidity is the internet of values. The ability to move liquidity from one network to another.

The Bancor protocol enables liquidity for any asset big or small with smart contracts and automated market makers.

How do user-generated economies improve national economies?
How can every network of people who share data and collaborate work on a decentralized network? There would be no intermediary to drain the network effect of the internet. Only the end user.

Why coin maximalism could be short-sited.
How Pareto's law applies to creative processes.
How this reality plays into a capitalist system and leads to the concentration of wealth.
It drys out the economy because less money circulates.

A thought experiment on how money operates in the economy like blood in a body.

A single world currency could be a very dangerous plan. Alternatives are a necessity. The ability to succeed from a currency community will be liberating.

Now anyone can publish videos. Imagine if anyone could create a currency. We're in the middle of an amazing discovery process.

Everything around us has been created by the invention of money. Corruption and monopolies take away the freedom to choose, but money itself is a powerful tool.

Efficient markets would allow people to choose their own currency. That would be the ultimate free market.

How will governments ultimately react to the influx of blockchain? What is the end game?

How trust makes the world more efficient.

How is Bancor tied to EOS. What is the future of the EOS experiment? What are the possibilities?
How the Liquid EOS Block Producer is adding to the EOS ecosystem, plus much more.

Cheers my crypto friends.


@happymoneyman Great video man. It's always good to hear another person's history in crypto. I think EOS is a winner.

@thetruth36 yes exactly man, any move to empower the economies is the greatest and winning move itself..

yea, Eyal is a legend. I love talking to people like him and getting some good insight. I love his take on thousands of micro economies that people can move in and out of.
Interesting times

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yes thats really a smart and helpful move by Eyal, and great info by @happymoneyman

Listening is a great way to learn about stuff. Thanks for sharing :)

@happymoneyman Es tan grandiosa esta publicación me encanta por que me da mucho animo para tener éxito aunque soy nueva en esta pagina aun no he tenido votos espero ser como tu tedeseo mucho exito grandioso video saludos desde " venezuela"

i thought that was a good point also

Greet Video Men . Good work . You Will Gone Moon.

The obvious issues are the ones that seem to be overlooked, like simplifying the technology so it becomes a platform for mass adoption. Learning curve needs to be byte size, user interface needs to be intuitive, and there needs to be stabilization of the currency to allow for transactions to occur without risking either party.

yes,happpymoneyman can you give answer for a question that why bitcoin is not rising?

yes sir bright future of eos.
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You think crypto currency will take over?

@thetruth36 Yes bro, this video gives a lesson for us and other people that history of crypto currency is too good in future.....

Its True. Its always good to explore own experiences rather than opening other broadcasts..
I really love to listen this

I used to have EOS, but...

its great to hear about

yes eos can be big in coming days

What is language?

Really great video and very helpful. Cheers!!

what is your story sir?


Pay using Steem may be?

Block-ketju on tulevaisuuden tulevan sukupolven teknologia, joka voi muuttaa maailmaa.

sophisticated technology because human sekang already smart

Crypto currency is the new future!

I don't own any crypto currencys...I any have to look into it..

a brilliant future


I can't wait to see what happens!

If BTC reaches ONE MILLION my future is BRIGHT!! If not I'll enjoy watching McAfee eat his own.

impresionante!! buenos argumentos

All cryptos will die,it will be only USD Tether,and nothin else. :)

Enlighten video though!!!

cryptocurrencies needs more awareness in order to achieve global adoption

it always fascinates me ... my fear of negative gov interference is my main concern but then again if gov adopts the idea...poverty can virtually end?! I dont wanna get overly excited but it could potentially eliminate poverty...

poverty is nothing.
It has been getting cheaper and cheaper to produce every product.
So, why aren't prices going down? Because there is that much inflation.

With real, honest money, we will see an explosion in abundance.

abundance is the key word. It's there if we can unlock it

Abundance, like peace on earth is guaranteed.
They are not end goals, they are just attributes of the path we are now on.

As people become more accepting, and understand that war is a racket and that win-win negotiations make everything better, than world peace is just a byproduct.

Similar with abundance. There are several, interlocking forces used to keep prices running higher and higher.

  • Fractional Reserve money printing. (house prices and the stock market are only up because of this inflation)
  • Planned obsolescence.
  • Inefficient distribution caused by govern-cement red-tape
  • Over complexity enforced by govern-cement to make things harder to work on. (all those added things on your engine are superfluous thanks to the electronics, so why are they still there?)

Any one of these fail, the whole thing cracks open.

that's true too...let's hope America doesn't blow shit up know what I mean..!

I agree with your point..

when people have the choice to opt in and out of currencies, the government's role will be forced to change into a service. Governments would need to compete for the will of the people if they weren't able to control through the force of money. The implications are fascinating

Wouldn't the government just pull some shenanigans, to take control anyway.

the most to lose will pull the most shenanigans ... America! lol

yes , i am agee with this analysis..

applications that benefit the community a lot. thanks

the cracking down is happening...either you comply with their block chain version or you are out...I see wars...hopefully not!

Kenyan government is in the verge of starting their own blockchain

much needed, good for Kenya!

That's great news

u r right sir

You mean crypto currencys can eliminate poverty?

This was an inspiring and insightful interview, Brendan. Eyal is a true visionary who thinks on a very large-scale. I also loved how you conceptualised the money and its role in your personal life and how it led to creating of the “Happy Money Man” monicker.

sir... please tell me is there any online courses on net so that we can improve it

have you guys heard on ALQO coin?
I like them they seem like a very legit bunch, they opened a swiss company for their crypto exchange, and they plan to do real fiat trading once the exchange is built :D

Do you think, is it possible to underdeveloped countries??

Is he blaming capitalism? Sounds like he doesn't understand the function of saving and profits. And stock piling money actually benefits everyone, because they put in the pot and didn't take anything out. Sure, they may get rich on paper but if they're saving the money to create future production they're a benefactor, not some 'greedy' capitalist.

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I guess in a simple way I just keep the coins that I believe in for long term. Just HODL them FIRM enough!

If we are ready to take crypro currency for long term then we really gonna earn great

But the most of people are in serach of easy money in crypto

People are eager to know future predictions of coin price but hardly few to understand how blockchain and these crypto work!

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information is good bro but last line (How the Liquid EOS Block Producer is adding to the EOS ecosystem, plus much more) i cant understand why it is.

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Thanks for Great knowledge video for sharing valuable knowledge with us and knowing history of other's people is very knowledgeable because we don't know that people and we came to know its past it is very interesting

I know. right? People like him motivate me alot in this space. @docsait

Bockchain technology has really been a revolution to this world since the end of last decade..the non-monopolization of cryptoassets is the biggest reason why the governments of some nations like India are not accepting it..but the bockchain technology is kind of a Tsunami wave which may be controlled upto an extent but certainly cannot be stopped..

Best thing is that it is incorruptible 100%

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@happymoneyman ya cool nice video brother but in this market we have to have a lot of patience because this will become in 4-5 years after .
before then what should do we can't sit idle

It is always good to have a fall back plan.

yes @happymoneyman,money operates in the economy like blood in a body.
if you have money then you inter in crypto world,otherwise you can't.
as we know money will make money,like that types of things happens in crypto world .

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It's never too early to start thinking about your future and what you want to do!

When you’re young you might think you have all the time in the world, then all of a sudden you have to start making important choices. ‘What activities do I want to do?’ ‘Which clubs should I join?’ ‘Which subjects should I pick in school?’ Then you have to decide about further education, work experience and careers.

@happymoneyman nice video, if you can please make time marker, it will help viewer to go to there choice able point.

eos is best investment bro

Whatever may be the predictions for the price of the cryoto currencies in the coming future, but all are just assumptions. No one can predict the price. We can make calculations based on the previous up and down fall of the market. But the future is unknown.

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Bockchain technology has really been a revolution to this world since the end of last decade..the non-monopolization of cryptoassets is the biggest reason why the governments of some nations like India are not accepting it..but the bockchain technology is kind of a Tsunami wave which may be controlled upto an extent but certainly cannot be stopped..

great videos man
I am really forward to ripple i hope soon it will reach good heights

Yes indeed, Blockchain is the future of money. We really need to understand the new payment method. World is changing and Blockchain is a solution to the recession and other economic problems. lets vote for Blockchain and make the world change. :-)

what's you think sir......2018 is good for cryptocurancy??????

Cool blog,brother.
True that cryptocurrency is the future. What do you say when's the next bull run coming? This year? Would love to hear it from you. @happymoneyman

And my posts never did 1SBD 😂😂😂

Good luck with Bitcoin becoming the international reserve. And don't think that governments can ban Monero. They can try all they like, because it's nothing more than a piece of software than runs a decentralized value transfer network. Throw in a decentralized exchange and it's all over red rover.

god is one
good good your post is realy tranding and good blog post so good features

People bought goods with goods. They traded one thing for another. This is known as the barter system and it was the best forex trading for that time period. If you had to travel with your goods, it was very inconvenient and heavy. It was because of this that money was invented.
Money is not what is produced. It stands for your production. You go to your job and you get paid. You take your pay and spend it. It is much easier to do this instead of hauling around a basket of eggs or gallons of milk. As you can see, it is much easier to have a wallet or purse with money instead of needing a truck. Money is compact and easy to exchange for goods.
Even though money came about to make our lives better, there is still a sinister side to it. This is the side that manipulates the money supply in order to make profits. The world bankers buy and sell currency and created inflated or deflated money supplies in order to make a profit. They print the money and then determine if the value will go up or done. This is where the root of evil comes in because forex trading tips the balance in their favor. There is no production or creation of any kindHealth Fitness Articles, only the buying and selling of useless paper or fiat money.

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But the main problem is the amount of energy use in mining of crypto currency in future maybe we don't have enough power to mine the coin so what you think tell me correct me if I am wrong.

Spotcoin’s place in the NEO universe

The number of companies operating on the NEO blockchain grows every month. It’s a happy family where many of the companies work together and give each other advice or attention. Spotcoin teamed up with four of them for our airdrops, for example. Others flew out to Georgia just last week to be there when we helped launch the NEO Black Sea community. The question is: what does Spotcoin contribute? The short answer is: simple liquidity.

Full Article :


Hello happymoneyman sir,,Your blog is very good. Which has a lot of good information which can be very much influenced by you and is very much influenced by your blog. please help me.

i am from India bhai kaise kama lete ho mujhe bhi batao!!!..

Hello happymoneyman sir,Your blog is very good. Which has a lot of good information which can be very much influenced by you and is very much influenced by your blog. please help me.

Sir I am following you from 1 year. I Repair my house from crypto earning. Sorry for Bad English. you are Great and god bless you.Screenshot_1.jpg

Blockchain definitely has Bright future and we will see application based on it but for now it does not seems that (highly unstable) crypto currency could replace stable fiat currency.

@happymoneyman very informative video, keep it up brother. and please share your reviews when we can see bitcoin again upto 20k $ plus..

This may happen in maybe 2 years but i am not really sure this year it is possible. A lot of people are still afraid

@happymoneyman great post and comparisions. but i want to know what u think which way is most profitable only?

@happymoneyman i read your full article, and i agree with your each point that you want to say, but what to do you think about governments of another country like india, suddenly india's government refuses to grant stay againts RBI's banking ban against cryptocurrency and in know a days this is going to be difficult, china also ban on cryptocurrency if like this situation occur then this will going to be very difficult for Bitcoin future.

Follow me and I will follow you.

@happymoneyman Everything has its own chance. Everything grows, develops, shrivels, and vanishes. This is the cycle of life – and a similar procedure additionally applies to cash and the way you get it.

Our impression of cash – how it is earned and its esteem – is experiencing a noteworthy change.

You open your wallet and see a dime. The coin is physical, you can lift it up and grasp it, and you are certain that it really has an estimation of 10 pennies. In a couple of years, you will in all likelihood be holding a little plastic thing formed as a heart or a star, or you won't not have a wallet and just approach a virtual money, which you don't comprehend what resembles. You must be set up for a money related unrest in the following 10 to 15 years.

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I think future may be awesome for rich peoples only.

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Thank you for such a great video i also would like to study blockchain not untill 2025 but more than this for the better understanding and to keep myself always engaged with it for new learning.


Daddy! Crying kids and blockchain. Really educational interview. I love to hear perspectives on the technology than description of the technology, which tends to happen more. It's all about the angles. Changes reality.
It's my first time hearing from Liquid EOS. Glad to have come across this interview.

anyone please tell me how to earn money easily & without investment

Yea really it's good about money liquidity and also I am very impressed about this described with this lines "money operates in the economy like blood in a body"...Great and good also..@happymoneyman

Interesting your article, we could be thinking that a future not very distant, we could all be using only cryptocurrencies ...

Sadly in 10 years the world will be in the same boat, the fomo's will be broke after yet another gamble failed and savvy investors will be holding the cards as always. Dividend / shares coins the future for me.

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do you think that crypto can replace existing payment types Like VISA?

yes there is already smart payments on the blockchain and banks are already trying to join the blockchain @sarthak9213

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@happymoneyman what an amazing video, great job

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Good video. I am a beginner in crypto field and your video is a great source of learning for me.

Thanks for sharing...!

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It's nice that you @happymoneyman always talk about important topics .

End game will be won by our new technology ...blockchain!!!Well done!!!

@happymoneyman you just made my day. You made me for a minute see myself in the Newly founded rich suburbs in Mars lol

@happymoneyman Ohh nice man I think EOS is winner.

Hey @happymoneyman, its great enthusiasm topic and encouraging us to stay with cryptos and can make future.. thanks a lot..


Ha ha ha ha sir you are amazing really. I loved your theme of the post sir...

Unbelievable video @happymoneyman after hear this video I feel power crypto in world

@ happymoneyman blockcchain is a good security system

Great video bredren, very helpfull... Thanks

What do you think Ether or EOS which one will lead in 5 years from now?

Very nice post @happymoneyman, i like the post you wrote, hope so this will happen in future


hello very interesting your publication, every day you learn new things.

are you sure let's do it now

IN crypto currency people don't have patience. they want profit in short term . they don't understand bitcoin is not an investment project only digital currency is the future

R u money man?

I hope I am

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

hello sir,
can you predict the price of EOS till end of 2018 ?

Nice work from you sir

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@happymoneyman what you think about the future of those plastic notes ??

@happymoneyman is it the safe time to invest in TRX what is your opinion on TRX? please suggest me so that i may invest in it.

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