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RE: Money In 10 Years - How Your Future May Look

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@happymoneyman Great video man. It's always good to hear another person's history in crypto. I think EOS is a winner.


@thetruth36 yes exactly man, any move to empower the economies is the greatest and winning move itself..

yea, Eyal is a legend. I love talking to people like him and getting some good insight. I love his take on thousands of micro economies that people can move in and out of.
Interesting times

Hello sir great article but sir i want to know more about cryptocurrency please iam very interested to knw and who introduceyourself cryptocurrency to us?

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yes thats really a smart and helpful move by Eyal, and great info by @happymoneyman

Listening is a great way to learn about stuff. Thanks for sharing :)

@happymoneyman Es tan grandiosa esta publicación me encanta por que me da mucho animo para tener éxito aunque soy nueva en esta pagina aun no he tenido votos espero ser como tu tedeseo mucho exito grandioso video saludos desde " venezuela"

i thought that was a good point also

Greet Video Men . Good work . You Will Gone Moon.

The obvious issues are the ones that seem to be overlooked, like simplifying the technology so it becomes a platform for mass adoption. Learning curve needs to be byte size, user interface needs to be intuitive, and there needs to be stabilization of the currency to allow for transactions to occur without risking either party.

yes,happpymoneyman can you give answer for a question that why bitcoin is not rising?

yes sir bright future of eos.
please follow and vote me , we can earn money by helping toghter.

You think crypto currency will take over?

@thetruth36 Yes bro, this video gives a lesson for us and other people that history of crypto currency is too good in future.....

Its True. Its always good to explore own experiences rather than opening other broadcasts..
I really love to listen this

I used to have EOS, but...

its great to hear about

yes eos can be big in coming days

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