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RE: Money In 10 Years - How Your Future May Look

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it always fascinates me ... my fear of negative gov interference is my main concern but then again if gov adopts the idea...poverty can virtually end?! I dont wanna get overly excited but it could potentially eliminate poverty...


poverty is nothing.
It has been getting cheaper and cheaper to produce every product.
So, why aren't prices going down? Because there is that much inflation.

With real, honest money, we will see an explosion in abundance.

abundance is the key word. It's there if we can unlock it

Abundance, like peace on earth is guaranteed.
They are not end goals, they are just attributes of the path we are now on.

As people become more accepting, and understand that war is a racket and that win-win negotiations make everything better, than world peace is just a byproduct.

Similar with abundance. There are several, interlocking forces used to keep prices running higher and higher.

  • Fractional Reserve money printing. (house prices and the stock market are only up because of this inflation)
  • Planned obsolescence.
  • Inefficient distribution caused by govern-cement red-tape
  • Over complexity enforced by govern-cement to make things harder to work on. (all those added things on your engine are superfluous thanks to the electronics, so why are they still there?)

Any one of these fail, the whole thing cracks open.

that's true too...let's hope America doesn't blow shit up know what I mean..!

I agree with your point..

when people have the choice to opt in and out of currencies, the government's role will be forced to change into a service. Governments would need to compete for the will of the people if they weren't able to control through the force of money. The implications are fascinating

Wouldn't the government just pull some shenanigans, to take control anyway.

the most to lose will pull the most shenanigans ... America! lol

yes , i am agee with this analysis..

applications that benefit the community a lot. thanks

the cracking down is happening...either you comply with their block chain version or you are out...I see wars...hopefully not!

Kenyan government is in the verge of starting their own blockchain

much needed, good for Kenya!

That's great news

u r right sir

You mean crypto currencys can eliminate poverty?

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