6 Successful Short Crypto Trades

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The market experienced a big drop today for several crypto currencies I was looking at and I took this opportunity to buy in 6 cryptos to split the risk and hope for a quick profit.

6 Successful Short Crypto Trades.

I did not know what news caused the drop for AugurEthereumLitecoinStellar LumensRipple and Zcash in Poloniex so I also checked Bittrex to see if it was the same, which it was.

This obviously was a panic sell and I believed that all were going to bounce back up, which they did.

I used the whole Tether (USDT) I had for the 6 trades, which had a value of $148 USD.

I use Coinigy to look at charts and place trades, if you would like to try Coinigy please use my referral link https://www.coinigy.com/?r=842aeb1c because I will get $15 if you purchase later on.

Let's see the charts. I bought all of them at the same time when I saw the drop and sold them almost at the same time because it was in the evening and time to take profit and be proud of it.

I remind you that I am no expert in trading crypto currencies, but just learning and sharing the results with you here. 


This is the chart for Augur.

Small profit, and I missed a bit, thinking it was going to go down again.


This is the chart for Ethereum where I made 2 trades. The first one was just before the drop appeared and it is in fact how I saw that the drop was also in the other crypto currencies because Ethereum had no reason to drop at all. I placed the second trade with a more important amount near the bottom.

That is my most profitable trade today.


This is the chart for Litecoin.

A small profit as well for Litcoin.


This is the chart for Stellar Lumens.

Another small profit.


This is the chart for Ripple.


Another small profit.


This is the chart for Zcash.

A very small profit for Zcash


For some of the coins I could have waited a little longer, but I was tired and really wanted to take all winning trades, even small. I certainly didn't want to repeat my mistake: "How I Messed Up 3 Crypto Trades Before Going to Bed."

Let's see what the profit is today.


I had $148 USD before the trades and after $164 USD.

That's a $16 profit, which is awesome because that was the first time I put all account in trades.

If I had $1,480 in the account, the profit would have been $160.

I hope this is helpful for you.

I am a student of the cryptocurrency trading course and if you are interested to join, use coupon code "michelsentme" at check out, I will get a small commission and you will get a 20% discount.

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Michel Gerard



As is someone is watching you...it is crayze...
I have zcash ,ripple,bitcoincash and everytime as is someone watching me🤔🤔🤔

Thank you very much for the comment and the upvote.

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