Project Gese - blockchain technology in the sphere of alcoholic beverage products

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Gese is the blockchain based project which unites all key alcohol market participants. The application of this technology allows to track any particular product from manufacturers to consumers. With each bottle having an attached NFC tag it provides complete information about the product. A powerful artificial intelligence based analysis system generates recommendations for consumers and collects statistical data for producers.

Problems of the alcohol market

There are several key problems in the alcoholic beverage market:

  1. Counterfeit products - The producer loses profits, and the buyer loses trust of the brand.
  2. Legislative restrictions on advertising - Advertising campaigns are prohibited or substantially restricted resulting in the basic marketing tools being ineffective.
  3. Attraction of investments - Manufacturers of craft alcohol experience difficulty in attracting funds to expand their projects.
  4. The problem of choice - Consumers experience difficulty in choosing high-quality alcohol at an affordable price.

Existing tools do not allow these problems to be solved quickly. Excise stamps are easily forged and do not contain information about the product qualities. Searching for this information on the Internet takes a long time making price comparison and authentication almost an insoluble task for the consumer.

Solving the problem through the Gese platform

The idea behind the Gese platform is to provide quick access to information about the authenticity and taste of the product the customer is about to purchase. The project helps the buyer to choose a quality product and provides the following capacities:

  • Authentication of goods - All product information can be read by smartphone applications from an NFC tag attached to each bottle.
  • System of ratings and reviews - The buyer sees all the product reviews left by other consumers. The availability of reviews increases the probability of buying by 10%.
  • Availability and prices - The geolocation data will enable the display of prices and availability in the nearest retail outlets. The built-in AI assistant will recommend the prospective buyer a range of suitable drinks based on the his previous experience and preferences.
  • Activity rewards - Users are rewarded in cryptocurrency for any activity within the Gese network.

The advertiser is provided with tools for effective targeted marketing, as wel as consumer feedback mechanisms. This provides advertisers the following capacities:

  • priority placement of their products in the lists of recommendations;
  • promotion of their goods within blogs;
  • geolocation data based placement of information about product availability and pricing at the points of sale.

By using NFC tags on their products, manufacturers gain competitive advantages.
The Gese platform crowdfunding mechanism will allow new projects to collect the necessary funding as well as gain target audience loyalty.

Project technologies and features

All the Gese project participants' information will be placed within the blockchain. Main features of the chain:

  • high bandwidth and scalability;
  • ability to work with 'smart' contracts.

To this end, an original blockchain has been developed. It works on the basis of the mechanism for achieving the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus. This blockchain has already gained a good reputation on the Graphene platform and within the Steemit community.

The PoA algorithm is the refined Proof-Of-Stake consensus mechanism. The network security and availability are supported by validators. This allows to create new blocks at short intervals. The average block generation time is approximately 5 seconds.
For the convenience of users, a mobile application will be developed. It replicates the web interface functionality as well as offers additional features:

  • definition of geolocation;
  • reading of NFC-tags.

Target audience of the project

The lack of interaction between consumers, distributors and manufacturers of alcoholic products renders all of these groups potential participants of the project. Each group stands to gain the following advantages:

  1. Manufacturers will be able to effectively advertise their goods and protect them from counterfeiting.
  2. Distributors receive tools enabling them to attract new customers.
  3. Consumers will be able to purchase high-quality goods and receive full information about products' characteristics.


Past and upcoming development stages of the Gese project:

  • Year 2016 -- Research and development of anti-counterfeit NFC-tags.
  • October 2017 -- Development of the project concept.
  • March 2018 -- Launch of the Gese blockchain.
  • April 2018 -- Starting the beta version of the web application.
  • May 2018 -- Application release for mobile devices.
  • July 2018 -- Carrying out the main step of the GSE token ICO.
  • August of 2018 -- Release of the system and listing of the token on popular exchanges.
  • September of 2018 -- Entering the market of CIS countries.
  • October 2018 -- Development of artificial intelligence.
  • December 2018 -- Entering the Eurasian market.
  • February of 2019 -- Entering the markets of North and South America.

Reference Information

Brief information about the coin:

  • Token release platform -- Ethereum.
  • Token type -- ERC20.
  • Ticker of the main token -- GSE.
  • Ticker of the internal token -- GSEE.

Token distribution:

  • 65% -- implementation within the ICO program framework;
  • 5% -- bounty-campaign;
  • 10% -- reward to the advisers with a 6-month block;
  • 10% -- reward to the project team with a 6-month block;
  • 10% -- project reserve.

The ICO program:

  • Pre-sale.
    • minimum investment amount -- 0,1 ETH;
    • token price -- 7875 GSE for 1 ETH;
    • hardcap -- 3818 ETH;
    • start of sales -- May 15, 2018.
  • The main ICO stage.
    • minimum investment amount -- 0,1 ETH;
    • token price -- 5500 GSE for 1 ETH;
    • hardcap -- 49090 ETH;
    • start of sales -- July 1, 2018.

Distribution of funds collected through the ICO program:

  • 30% -- further development of the project platform;
  • 40% -- financing the production of NFC-tags;
  • 30% -- marketing.


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