BROCK PIERCE | Is Billionaire Bitcoin Board Member, Founder Of Tether, And Alleged Pedophile, A Covert CIA Asset?

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Some may know him as the childhood actor that stared in the hit movie The Mighty Ducks, others may know him as an early Bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency pioneer. But what many don't know is that he's been caught up in a Hollywood pedophile ring scandal, has been known to rub shoulders with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein, and is an active member of the Clinton Global Initiative. He's also received Millions of dollars of investments from the likes of Goldman Sachs and Oak Investments. Oh, and he's also the founder of Tether.

Tech Figure In Dot-Com Child Sex Scandal Was A Clinton Global Initiative Member Disobedient Media - 01/27/2017

Brock Pierce is a controversial figure who has received surprisingly little attention despite connections to the Clinton Foundation, digital currency Bitcoin and involvement in a notorious scandal involving a child abuse ring. Pierce’s involvement with a child abuse ring, Digital Entertainment Network and The Clinton Global initiative were first highlighted in the documentary An Open Secret, Directed by Amy Berg.

Before the advent of Bitcoin, Brock Piece made vast amounts of money buying and selling virtual assets in the gaming world. In 2001 he set up a company called IME that bought gaming credits from people playing games like World of Warcraft and Everquest, which by 2006 was turning over $8.5 million a month. The business model was built around buying virtual assets from gamers in places like China and the far east where people had plenty of time but not much money, and selling them to western players that had less time to play but more money to spend. In the end Pierce was eventually replaced as CEO by ex-Trump advisor, Steve Bannon.

As an 18 year old, before his rise to fame in the crypto world, Pierce found himself caught up in a high profile child abuse scandal whilst he was vice-president of DEN (Digital Entertainment Network), an online video streaming platform. In 2000, along with 2 other DEN founders, Chad Shackley and Marc Collins-Rector, a lawsuit filed against Pierce by 3 young actors claiming they had been sexually abused by the 3 men in the late 90's. Further lawsuits were filed against Collins-Rector, Shackley, and Pierce in various states in the early 2000s by boys/men claiming to have been sexually abused as teenagers.


Mystery Man At Center Of Alleged Hollywood Sex Ring Has Vanished | Buzzfeed - 04/24/2014

One suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in July 2000 listed the plaintiffs as Egan, Alexander Burton, who played Pyro in the first X-Men film, and Mark Ryan. All three were DEN employees, according to court documents. An attorney for the plaintiffs, Jacob Arash Shahbaz, told BuzzFeed the case was over alleged sexual abuse. Collins-Rector did not respond to the suit, and the plaintiffs were awarded a multimillion-dollar default judgement, according to court records and the Associated Press.


With Brock Pierce and Chad Shackley eventually settling out of court, Marc Collins-Rector was the only one out of the 3 to ever be charged. Since Rector's arrest, he has been in and out of prison, changed his name, and is now a broke, disabled recluse living a life of anonymity in tiny little flat in the port town of Antwerp.

Found: The Elusive Man At The Heart Of The Hollywood Sex Abuse Scandal | Buzzfeed - 06/26/2014

Digital pioneer Marc Collins-Rector lost millions before he vanished, believing that movie mogul David Geffen wanted to destroy him. Now he's broke and alone — but the sex scandal he left behind continues to consume Hollywood.

In the early 2000's whilst in Spain, Rector, Shackley, and Pierce, had built up an extremely profitable business buying and selling virtual world gaming assets. By February 2006 Goldman Sachs, together with a consortium of private funds, invested $60 million into Pierce's (and Rectors) company. Netting Pierce $20 million whilst still retaining controlling interest in the company. The odd thing about this investment deal was that even before the Goldman Sachs deal was done, profits in IGE were falling, and by January 2007, the company was losing more than $500,000 a month. Although Pierce claimed Rector was never officially on the IGE payroll, an ex employee in a lawsuit, and Rector himself, claim otherwise.



There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Tether and the Bitfinex exchange over the last year. Since it was revealed in March that Wells Fargo had blocked all international bank transactions with Tether, people have been speculating that Tether is no longer backed by USD. This has lead some people to believe that Tether Limited have been issuing millions of USDT coins a week and funneling them through their parent company, Bitfinex, to other exchanges, eventually trading them for Bitcoin.

In April 2017, we announced that Tether’s primary banks in Taiwan were being blocked by U.S. correspondent banks, including Wells Fargo. We are among a number of innovative companies in the digital token space experiencing such banking roadblocks. - Source

Although Tether is technically a cryptographic currency it isn't actually mined like conventional coins. Instead it is issued, it seems, when ever they feel like it. Much of how, why, and when Tethers are generated still remain a mystery, even though they claim in all there promotional material that they are a transparent company. Up until recently Tether stated in their legal documentation that there is "no contractual right or other right or legal claim against us to redeem or exchange your Tethers for money." This has since been updated.

For a company that advertises that every Tether is backed by 1 US dollar this legal statement seems rather conflicting. Here's a great blog post by someone on Seeking Alpha that has examined the movement of Tether and Bitcoin funds between exchanges, and how they were possibly used to manipulate the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin.

Regulators Must Investigate Bitcoin And Tether | Seeking Alpha - 12/11/2017

I examined the flow of funds originating from Tether Limited and determined that Tethers are being funneled to other exchanges through Bitfinex
Tether is a cryptocurrency issued by Tether Limited that is supposed to be backed by USD reserves, hence allowing traders to have a portable version of the dollar. Numerous indications of fraud (failure to produce an audit, opaque banking relationships, strong correlation between Tether’s supply, and the price of Bitcoin, among other things) led me to believe that Tether Limited was issuing fraudulent Tethers (i.e not backed by USD) and funneling them into other exchanges through Bitfinex to buy Bitcoin, rapidly increasing its price in the process.


The correlation between the recent price rise of Bitcoin, and the amount of Tethers being issued, has lead some people to believe that tether has been helping to pump up the price of bitcoin. We can see that Tether started off 2017 with a little under 15,000,000 coins, but now has more than 1.6 billion. This means they have issued well over a billion coins just in 2017 alone. Much of these was issued whilst Tether did not even have an offical bank account.

So if they had no bank account to back the Tethers, yet were still issuing them, how were they backed? To me, there can only be 2 possible reasons. Either they were/are lying about backing Tether with dollars, or they received more than a billion dollars investment from an unknown backer. Tethers odd business practices, and cozy relationship with Bitfinex has even made it to the pages of Bloomberg news.

There’s an $814 Million Mystery Near the Heart of the Biggest Bitcoin Exchange | Bloomberg - 12/ 05/2017

Among the many mysteries at the heart of the cryptocurrency market are these: Does $814 million of a digital token known as tether really exist? And what is tether’s connection to Bitfinex, the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange?

Some wonder whether tether has helped pump up the price of bitcoin, which recently surpassed $11,000 after beginning the year below $1,000.

Here's Tethers current balance sheet.


CIA Conspiracy

Can Brock Pierce be trusted? Well, the author of this fully sourced timeline of events thinks not. In response to an open letter written by Brock Pierce in 2014 denying all sexual abuse allegations, and published by the Wall Street Journal, the blogger points out that Pierce failed to cover his time spent in Spain with Rector and Shackley, shortly after the first accusations were made in 2000.

Brock Pierce Timeline | Medium - Crypto Cuttlefish 06/19/2014

According to Debonneville’s original legal complaint (also reported by Julian Dibbell) Pierce spends this time trying to get Collins-Rector out of prison, going so far as to travel to Liberia to bribe / purchase an ambassadorship for Collins-Rector which would grant him diplomatic immunity.

There are at least 5 months before the summary judgement that the lawsuits are being written about in mainstream press, and 3 other DEN executives who are brought into the suits shortly thereafter. During this time, Brock Pierce is not living in some remote place without access to communication, he is launching an online business in Spain, so it strains credibility that nobody in America would have been able to reach him to inform him of the lawsuits as he claims. There’s no indication that he returns to the USA at any time before Marc Collins-Rector is released from Spanish jail, extradited and charged in New Jersey.

So, how is it that out of the 2 people who were arrested for allegedly being part of a high profile Hollywood pedophile ring only one ends up being charged and disgraced, whilst the other becomes a successful Bitcoin billionaire. Was Brock Pierce let off his crimes and then placed into a position of power within the digital assets/crypto space by the CIA? Is Tether a way for the US government to keep track of people cashing out of Bitcoin? Are the CIA secretly funding Tether through offshore companies?

Having the ability to potentially effect the price of Bitcoin, and also having access to peoples financial records at the point of cashing out, would be something I'm sure a lot of government agencies would be interested in. This leads me to speculate that Tether could in fact be a government funded cryptocurrency designed to monitor and control the crypto-sphere.

In my next post I shall be delving further into Bitcoins recent price rise, and also I'll be looking into Bitfinex's business relationship with Tether and Brock Pierce.



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Excellent post @fortified!

When I first found out about Brock Pierce's involvement in Bitcoin I was taken aback as I had just seen the doc "conspiracy of silence". I didn't realize he was the lead on Tether, wow.
Now, I can't remember exactly but I believe that @ura-soul made a post connecting Brock Pierce to other cryptos as well, namely EOS. I believe that he's one of the co-founders of Block-One. This is very disturbing to me as I've invested in some EOS.
I was also under the impression that Brock Pierce may have been a victim of child abuse in Hollywood. I couldn't remember a lot of the details from "conspiracy of silence", however, your research here makes it quite clear that Brock was involved in settlements of lawsuits and obviously very close with Rector long after charges were brought against him.
Thank you for bringing Goldman Sach's participation in cryptos into the light here as well.

Amazing piece, very much looking forward to part 2!

Edit- relevant link

Yes, that was me - the post on that topic is here - along with the link to the uncensored version of the fully documentary covering the DEN events that I uploaded to DTube a few months ago.

Broke has stated he left Tether that he does not know who is running it now.. Yea, sucks how Tether is working out, I would be more careful in the future how this technology is being developed and used!!!

Sounds like he had a very challenging child hood. When the time is right for Brock I am looking forward to seeing him rise above this and come to terms with the people and events of the past.. I see Brock being really focused on enlightenment and non-egoic thought and taking counter-greed measures.. So I really like this in him. I believe though that for Brock to be fully successful at this long-term he needs to find a way to shine a light on this and rise above it.. No way around it.

Brock is by the way a very wise early adopter. Maybe he got a boost but his investments and we don't like his funding sources .. moving forward though his ideas are very well though out and I can see why they are paying off. It would be nice to have assurances that there are no strings attached or if there are they are brought into the light so the public help handle it in the best way possible.

This can't be an easy subject to broach, so thanks for responding to some of the concerns here. Like so many investigative digs we're often looking at things from the outside in and we can come to conclusions without a complete picture. The truth is often sorted, complicated and messy and I can see from your response that there's much more to this story than meets the eye.

It's great that you've introduced the human side of Brock into the story as it's reassuring on some level and at the same time there are a lot of question marks that need to be addressed at some point. I also feel for someone who may have been the victim of abuse and how they'd like to move on with their lives and not be constantly living in its shadow. Not that this excuses anything but hope that he does clear the air for those of us who don't know him as you do.

Above all, when I think about EOS I think of the genius of Dan Larimer and his track record in the cryptosphere, the team of core developers, the potential of future Dapps, and the like. It has so many things going for it, it really one of the most exciting projects being developed right now.

I can only speak for myself here, but I hope you're right and Brock does turn it around and rises above this. Thanks for being so candid about this, I think that goes a long way to reassure people like myself who are feeling a little bit uneasy considering some of the issues raised here.

shameless attempt to get your attention with 2 posts I put a lot of work into and which I think you might find helpful, starting a whole series.

I worked my ass off on these. And I know these people know who I am, if the community does not value my work I'm done. Thanks in advance for any way you could help, all comments and suggestions welcome.

Hey pal. Sorry I missed your reply. I hope I didn't come across as to harsh on Brock. I don't think he's a pedo or anything, but some of the things he has previously been involved in come across as a bit shady.

I'm really looking forward to eos. Here is a recent post of mine celebrating the exceptional platform. I hear you are a part of EOS. I'm an animator by trade, so if there is any moving graphics I could help you with, please let me know.

Super excited to see EOS in action. Thanks, and good luck.

EDIT: glad to hear Brock is no longer with Tether.

I know it's a presumption based on no evidence, but one look at his face in that early DEN footage in the documentary, and I knew he was also an abuse victim. It's quite the vicious cycle they perpetuate.

I've been reading all kinds of scathing things about the James Franco and his bro (mostly underage girls stuff), and also his relationship with Marina Abramovic and it made me immediately wonder who groomed him early on back in Freaks and Geeks heyday.

Hi pal. Thanks.
Yes, he is a founder of and is heavily involved in EOS too. Part 2 will really shed some light on the recent banking blockades on both Tether and Bitfinex, and will reveals who is really behind it all. These people are even showing up in the Panama Papers.

watch this space.

yeah he was advisor at eos but when that comedy show with that john oliver had EOS as topic to laugh about in his jokes he also said people should google brock pierce scandal and the same day he got roundhousekicked from that advisory board and all content of his were removed. I checked it up then, seems to be he's a child star who was active with teen male prostitution or something aswel i think. I wonder what on earth is going on with all the richer people over in the us that have kind of attention or are known in the pictures and why everybody seems to be either jewish, sexual harressor , peadeaufile or knows about child traffic apparently and later on mysteriously seems to kill theirselves and 9/10 times have a connection to clinton. listen how he calls him cowboy from the future :'D

Great post @fortified
Well researched as ever buddy. It's an interesting one as the list of people/companies you list at the start that Brock is linked with raises a massive red flag.
As for tether, I wouldn't touch it with someone else's money. When I first looked into it something didn't feel right, it was the same feeling I got when I looked into Bitconnect!
Nice work dude.

Thanks. Yes it's always best to look into these things properly. I definitely smell a scam here. Until they publish a full audit of their finances, it would seem they are basically printing money rn.

Bitconnect is a funny one. Even after dropping several hundred $s the price today was going back p again. I guess some people jsut can't turn down a bargain.


The fact that Tether/Bitfinex have not been shut down by the US authorities yet speaks volumes! Either that, or the whole operation has been under investigation for quite some time now and we may see a globally-coordinated raid on Tether/Bitfinex some time this year.

Yes. There is definitely something shady going on behind the scenes. I give them both a year tops.

Great digging my friend!! I'd also like to add, how the hell is Bryan Singer still walking the streets!!?? I have always thought of tether as being as dodgy as hell and I wouldn't go anywhere near it! What a disturbing and tangled web these people weave. Equally it makes me wonder if certain elements of these business practices are being monitered as a learning curve and potential template for future clandestine banking institutions. Great work @fortified

a) Pedo coin
b) CIA coin
c) IRS coin
d) all of the above

I always knew Tether was sketchy as fuck... This guy straight up looks like a creep too.

BitShares and BitUSD is the answer guys!!!! Its actually backed by a reserve pool of BTS held by the blockchain which has more value than the actual amount of bitUSD, bitCNY, thats been issued!

Thank you. I need to learn a bit more about bitshares.

However, Brock and Dan word together

It seems as though they are issuing 100,000,000 Tethers a day.


It's as if they are just printing money.

Is not this the main cause for the rise in cryptocurrencies' prices?
So BitFinEx' only tie to USDT is listing it?

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What the heck

Well written, lot of information, well done. Upvoted. I will steer clear of all of this crap.

My investigation also has turned up that 'The conscious resistance' and 'the antimedia' are not who they say they are either.

We have to be very wary of people like this, who seem to swim in money with no effort and have all kinds of absurd connections and contradictory philosophies.

Highly rEsteemed!

Respect bro

great article! this is what steemit's all about! i knew about the whole pedo controversy but had no idea he was into crypto! i supposed in general there's a conversation to be had on general pedo use of crypto has a safer form of currency, between this link and the etherium guy's comments on child porn.


etherium guy's comments on child porn

Haven't heard about this. Could you link me to some more info. Thanks

What lol? that is a lot of evidence that you have in this article. wow you definitely put in the time here. Great information.

Great to see this get out into the open!

Good work @fortified!👍

There is a question in my mind for many weeks that now I remeber again while reading you article& I want to ask you,
"Is there any chance that these all decentralized crypto currencies could be controlled in future by governments, international bank lobbies or these kind of global powers or groups?
I would be thankful if you explain it to me. @fortified

There are multiple "pump and dump" people and groups out there that have the resources to manipulate the markets in seconds. The markets are based on trading volume and supply/demand. If enough money is thrown into the markets, then of course it's going to move. It's entirely possible

Each crypo has a different level of decentralization. So, if you have enough money, time, and technology one would be able to manipulate some cryptos.

Hope this helps.

You know, it doesn't sound like a bad strategy to allow a single company to ramp up the price of something, get everyone hyped about it without fully understanding what it's really all about, and then pulling the rug out from under it when millions invest every last dollar they have if one is deliberately trying to attack the public perception of something and damage it forever. I know much of the reason tether-talk is so hush hush is because nearly everyone has a vested interest in seeing prices go up, so thanks for taking the time to actually piece this info together. We live in interesting times.

And goddamn, running an mmo gold-mining operation? Talk about being comfortable with exploiting children.

Thanks a lot bro.

This is crazy. I was just thinking earlier today i should read up on tether and store some of my money with them for the next big dip so i can buy more cryptos at the low points. It’s crazy that i found this. Great post. You really dove into all aspects of tether and gave a really descriptive piece. Thanks again

Hi, Thanks for the kind words. I don't want to scare you off using Tether as it does seem to be ok for now. It seems that problems start to arise when you are ready to cash your Tether out into fiat. My only advice is, don't store large amounts of assets in Tether for a long period of time.

Thanks for this great research. I know this guy from many videos about pedophilia and how he helped to pimp young artists. But do not worry. I strongly believe that the time is coming whe they will be charged.

I hope so. But I'm not to sure Brock will ever be. He seems to far in.

excellent stuff! very interesting to read. thanks for all the work

Thanks for the detailed post @fortified, it's troubling to discover the continuous efforts of agencies around the world, especially the ones with not good reputation, be after brilliant and neat ideas like the Bitcoin through some people with not good reputation as well. It does hurt and harm many who believed in the business module cryptocurrencies bring out, yet shouldn't affect those determined on fighting the system of authorities issuing fiat currencies out of thin air without any backing. Hopefully the recent correction in the Bitcoin price would hold at a proper acceptable price especially with the difficulties getting harder and the issued Bitcoins are getting halved and being more scarce.

Looking forward for more of your insights. I come from a country that fiat currencies issued without any backing are financing terrorist organizations with the help of rotten agencies with bad reputations around the globe. Any of these news directly touches the lives of my people.

So was Brock Pierce 18 when he was charged?

"As an 18 year old, before his rise to fame in the crypto world, Pierce found himself caught up in a high profile child abuse scandal whilst he was vice-president of DEN"

Not saying its right or anything.. but and 18 year old getting charge for exploiting a minor is not the same to me as a 21 year old doing the same thing. How old was the minor? was there even more than a years difference?My friend dated someone a year younger than him, he turned 18, she was still 17 though.. He almost had to register as a sex offender when her mom ratted him out because of 6 months age difference.

Im in no was defending or supporting Brock for this.. I just like to really know all the facts before I pass judgement and this article is missing some of those that would help me make a better, informed decision.. But thanks for all the investigating you did do!

lotta work went into this post, i can really respect that. instant follow, upvoted. thanks for sharing the realness.

This is one heck of a rabbit hole. Very interesting information. Can't believe he was replaced by Bannon of all people....though I had heard of Steve's ties to World of Warcraft. Great post

We need other crypto to take tether place in times like yesterday to mild the crush and put some money back to real fiat backed coin. Swings are huge and if you sometimes arent willing to take to much risks with coins that would be nice option. I did use once USDT(Tether) but wasnt feeling well knowing is scam coin.

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mmmm, interesting, I think I'm one of the few people who do not use Tether to freeze Bitcoins, I've always had my doubts.

Nice actors and movies. And your post is vary informative .so thanks for sharing nice post. Upvote now done @fortified

Not a nice actor, or movie. that was the whole point of this post.

Good stuff brother 👍👍👍

Very helpful information,thanks @fortified

yo stop fucking fixating on a Mighty Ducks Child Actor as if hes the illuminati ring leader lol
focus on some people who may actually have something evil planned

Brock Pierce just wants to trip on acid at burning man and build stuff, seriously what do you fear so much from that man brock Pierce?

Take some Ayahuasca and leave him alone take a look at yourself instead

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