Bix Weir: The Good Versus The Bad ICO's

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In this video Bix Weir, "Road to Roota", Bix talks about Clif High's interview with Sam Sharma of Centra Tech and Clif's new crypto-report as well as the SALT Lending ICO.


  • Drama around Clif High's crypto-report -- the Centra token (0:15 into video);
  • Bix's comments from Clif's notes and listening to Clif's interview with Sam Sharma (0:45 in video);
  • The new webbot report -- coming chaos, death of the dollar, Bitcoin hyperinflation (10:00 in video);
  • SALT Lending (11:30 in video);
  • And more...

16 minute video by Bix Weir published 6 August 2017


Bix Weir's YouTube channel: Road to Roota
Bix Weir's website Road to Roota
Bix Wier on SteemIt: bixlives

I am not affiliated with the "Road to Roota", other than being a fan and avid follower of Bix's work.
The purpose of this post is to raise awareness of the "Road to Roota", give Bix's work a wider audience, and direct traffic to his YouTube channel.

Thank You!

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Apenas estoy comenzando a entender el mundo de las criptomedas, y siempre estoy atenta a cualquier informacion, gracias por compartir @etcnike

As a beginner, learn as much as you can and proceed cautiously. As Clif High's reports say that many ICO's will fail. People have seen that easy money is to be had by creating an ICO, this will be a draw to those who are only interested in money.

Continue to grow your knowledge and wisdom.

Have a great week!
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Gracias por el Consejo, lo tendre muy en cuenta.

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