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RE: Bix Weir: The Good Versus The Bad ICO's

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I do not like to see a follower asking to follow back, your reputation is still small @kp138 you do not deserve to ask mr. @etcmike to follow you, you are worth following him, because he is a dolphin who is moving to the big whale.


I do not think I will become a whale on SteemIt. I do intend to maintain and grow my reputation score on SteemIt.

In several months I will be retiring. I am planning to use some of my rewards for retirement, just like some Steemians use their rewards for travel.

It is not my policy to follow-back every follower. I barely have enough time now to review the blog post of everyone I am currently following.

I do have a commitment to help to improve engagement on SteemIt. And I standby that commitment.

Thank you @khairulmuammar for your support and defense.

Have a great week!
Steem on,

Thanks back. @ Etcmike, but why are you too quick to retire?

For my industry the minimum retirement age is 55. I am well over that minimum and have over 30 years with the company. It is time...

Steem on,

Then who will manage your mr. @etcmike if you retire also in steemit?

I will not retire from SteemIt. I plan to have many, many more years on SteemIt!

Sorry mr. @etcmike I misunderstood, I said using google translate, I think you will retire in steemit, but you will not retire, it is very good mr. Because I think steemit also needs someone like you.
thank you