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Cryptocurrency is not just the trendy thing; it is the surest way to multiply wealth in little or no time. Wealth multiplicity is of course the joy of every business person and the goal of every enterprise. But what if we told you, you could multiply sums as an individual too? What if you could stay back at your home, sit on your couch and watch your earnings develop and accumulate? Interestingly, you wouldn’t have to pay a dime to raise your own tokens! 

  A lifetime opportunity 

We present to you, the Coin Market Alert tokens

 CoinMarketAlert (CMA) is an inbuilt software specially designed and formatted to take note of your Cryptocurrency alerts and to ensure you invest wisely. CMA helps you to match, watch and keep tag of your crypto investments but now, we have included an extra feature for you. CMA is a cryptocurrency alert system that offers basic alerts such as Price alerts, Profit/Loss alerts, Market cap alert (by %), etc., and also have advanced and custom alerts such as price potential alert, velocity and volatility alerts, specific coin market cap alert and user-created custom alerts. Aside getting notifications when prices increase or reduce beyond certain limits and being able to invest wisely, you could get an additive in the form of our CMA tokens

Get Value for Your CMA tokens 

Early 2016, cryptocurrency became more popular and many investors around the world embraced the idea, and soon enough, investors were purchasing tokens to grow their income. Today, the market is broader and the stakes higher, however, people are still harvesting tokens in millions and you can be one of them.  Our CMA tokens offer crypto values for every owner determined to grow and rise with time. The CMA token which powers the CoinMarketAlert platform is used by registered members to unlock services and advanced cryptocurrency alert features. With over ten thousand registered members and currently serving well over seventy thousand price alert and notification on a daily basis, the CoinMarketAlert system is the most sought after crypto alert system as of now, and that’s not even because registered members receive CMA tokens when they create alerts on the system. As a growing platform, our tokens are positioned for accessibility and ease, but that is only for the meantime and we encourage all with an entrepreneurial spirit to take advantage of this opportunity and transform it into more. The CMA token crowd sale is on, and you can get tokens at a discount. Why CMA tokens? 

  1. We have improving technologies and methods whose values will increase with time. 
  2. As the CMA gather users (which it will with our massive campaign and free access), its worth will increase and so will the value of its token. 
  3. As a lucrative branch of investment, rapid sales and purchase will follow in the next few months.
  4. Cryptocurrency is a continuing investment. Bitcoin is only a facet and CMA tokens will make the list soon. 
  5. CMA is run by experts and experienced crypto miners, technicians and trustworthy individuals. (Read our bio page for more info). 

Are there no risks? 

We wish we could say so, but as a crypto expert you will know better. Great entrepreneurs are forged from risk taking and while we cannot guarantee a ‘no risk’ condition, we can guarantee ‘high profiting tokens’ and massive ROI coupled with a stable trading environment. 

What you can use the tokens for 

Our Etherium based utility tokens can be utilized as member subscriptions. Secondly, you could activate it for advertising purposes and in creating a massive alert pool for your account. Furthermore, CMA tokens can be used to unlock advanced features. Conclusively, you could engage in a crowd sale, fund, and purchase or sell your CMA tokens. 

How to get your CMA token? 

  1. Register and open your CMA account 
  2. Track and set price alerts 
  3. Get your token on a daily basis. 

This free package is designed for every member of CMA; but allocation may differ. 

  • Platinum level accounts gets 0.06 CMA token per price alert created 
  • Gold Level accounts gets 0.03CMA token per price alert created  
  • Premium accounts get 0.01 CMA Token per price alert created 
  • Free Accounts receive 0.0001 CMA token per price alert created.

CMA tokens will run daily to an accrued maximum of 20 tokens in 24 hours. 


 As our platform grows, CMA tokens will increase in value. Here’s a long term investment that starts free. Of course you could start trading upfront and gather more than you could possibly earn in a free package. If you asked us, we’d say "You have got nothing to lose; but a lot to benefit". 

Register with CoinMarketAlerts(CMA) today and get your CMA tokens Contact us if you have any questions.  


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