Beware 100 Free BitcoinGold Offer!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

BitcoinGold offers an extra 100 free coins to anyone who sets up a wallet and claims now- giving their private btc key or recovery phrase!

Your own choice of course - but think hard before you do it, however official it all looks on their own Twitter account! Remember the first rule of crypto - never give anybody your private key or recovery phrase as they can use them to steal your coin! The official website for BitcoinGold is down with a forbidden 404 error so information cant be checked - which further suggests that they could've been hacked and/or their twitter account hijacked. So think calmly and sensibly before being swept up by free offers...

  1. To claim your free extra 100 coins you need only 1 btc in your account. You are being promised 100 times the regular free allowance of coin. Is this a realistic offer?

  2. Their main website is down with no explanation.

  3. Handing over the private key to your bitcoin wallet allows btc to be taken!

  4. Its just a few days to 25th when bitcoin gold is due to be allocated to all bitcoin holders. Not long to wait!

Perhaps I am wrong and the offer is a genuine and generous gift from BitcoinGold. If so thats fantastic - but check very carefully - waiting for their website to be back on line is a sensible option.

A good thing to remember in all areas of life - if something sounds to good to be true, then it quite probably isn't!

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I wouldn't be surprised if they were giving 100 away. There seem to be a lot of people on steemit saying they wont bother taking it. I think its better if people have to make the effort to claim it. I wonder how much bitcoin cash is just going to sit in peoples bitcoin accounts doing nothing until thhe end of time?

Anyone have any ideas on this? Ive been thinking about it all day and thinking that it could be quite genuine. We had to use our seed to withdraw bitcoin cash , after all, and the tweet has not been removed yet. Id have expected there to have been deletion of the post or site by now if their twitter account had been compromised.


I'm glad to see you are looking at both sides of the coin, so to speak. It seems as if the bitcoingold team are getting a great deal of criticism. It will be interesting to see if it takes off.

It does seem that gold coins will not be created on the blockchain but will need to be claimed using private keys. This has just been reported on, 30 minutes ago, "Coinbase Claims the Bitcoin Gold “Fork” has Already Taken Place". It does not mention that claims are already being accepted .


I think a few of these coins need a non-techie member on their team. Somebody who can explain things to other non-techie people like me! They willl surely never go mainstream if people need a degree in computer science and maths to understand and use them?

Like you I'm a little confused. My first thought was similar to yours - it looked sort of scammy. Others seemed to think the same way too. But as you say, it starts to look better when you read in depth, and the btcnews article seems to be saying the same. Not sure that I'd want to risk my btc to claim it though! But I'm sure we will soon hear more.

Goodness Elaine, it sounds like a con to me! Thanks for highlighting it. People need to be careful.


You know Im really not sure Dee. Could be totally genuine and the bitcoingold folk are simply trying to make it easier for us to get gold into a wallet than it was for bitcoincash.

Please NEVER EVER give anyone your private keys. There is no reason to give your recovery phrase ever. It doesn't matter how good this sounds, it's not safe. Please be careful.

Hi Elaine,

Hope you kept your Bitshares 😀, how are you? I am very busy developing a site, which incoporporates steemit, I will let u know when it is life 👍

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