Verge: Interview With A Verge Developer

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The recent excitement surrounding Bitcoin and Ethereum has also led to a boom in many alt coins. People are beginning to realize that there are a lot of exciting projects and technologies behind many of these cryptos. One project that caught my eye recently is the privacy focused coin Verge. Verge is currently ranked 67 in market-cap at the time of writing this article. The coin trades under (XVG) and is currently trading for $0.002949.

I had the pleasure of asking one of the Verge Developers a few questions.

What is Verge?

Verge is a cryptocurrency that focuses on user privacy, while maintaining a public ledger making it easy for any kind of market adoption.

What makes Verge unique?

We use a multi algorithm proof of work system (5 algorithms total), as well as multiple privacy resources and clients to help keep our users' identities private, using the tor and i2p networks. we have an i2p "lite" client for instant transactions that also conceal our users' identities, and we're releasing the first tor based android wallet here shortly.

Verge was designed for privacy and accessibility. How does this tie in with the ethos of the Dev team and community?

Half of our community members are InfoSec geeks like me, and the other half are people interested in privacy and new to cryptocurrency. Everyone on the development team has experience with secure networks and come from high profile companies.

What advancements or developments are in Verge's future?

I think the biggest advancement is our tor-based android wallet coming out (we'll have an i2p version as well). we're really excited to bring mobile privacy to the table, as it's something no one’s doing yet. We are excited to start rolling out a smart contract system next month as well!

What are your thoughts on the latest boom in the crypto market and where does Verge fit within the sector?

I think now that bitcoin's market cap and daily volume are getting so large, investors who got in recently, are starting to look around the blockchain world and evaluate altcoins based on the tech they provide. Over the years, a lot of people, especially investors, are learning just how important online privacy is.

What challenges does the Verge community face?

The only thing I can think of, is that we try to make a lot of our decisions based on the community's input, reaching a perfect consensus among thousands of people isn't always easy, but we still try!

Do you have any thoughts on PoW vs PoS?

I do prefer PoW, but I can see a lot of benefits in PoS, mainly the energy efficiency. I'd like to see more PoS systems that don’t reward users based on their balance, but maybe offer flat rewards. no need to make the rich even richer.

I would like to thank Verge Dev for answering my questions. If you are interested in the project, check out the website and Github below.

Verge Website 

Verge Github


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Verge is greatly undervalued. Huge potential. Tech is solid. I agree the dev team is very active and I feel this will be a big mover in the future.

Thanks for stopping by!

No problem. I will do a video on Verge. I also watch passively in the telegram everyday. I see what is going on. :)

That would be great! Drop me the link when you do.

what about the total amount of verge tokens to be brought into existence? I read the black paper and went through the sight and found no answers. wont that greatly determine if this is an appreciable asset?

also you talked about bitchute being brought into steemit for video.... anything on that?

No, I haven't heard any more on that or SteemQ, but if I do, I will definitely post about it, I think decentralized video would be a huge deal! Thanks for reading and commenting!

I ran into the same problem but I found the info on coinmarketcap

Circulating Supply
13,409,472,280 XVG
Max Supply
16,555,000,000 XVG

So here are my thoughts. This supply is massive when you compare it to BTC's 21 million coins, that being said there is a reason for it. The developers wanted a coin that would have a lower price threshold so it was easily accessible and also transactions would not be going out eight decimal places like BTC.

Verge may never hit $5 let alone $1, but it could still see 10x growth and that is all that really matters.

I feature projects on my blog as potential investments but also for the tech they use, Verge is a pretty cool project with tor and I2p.

This is not investment or financial advice, do your own research make your own decisions, hope I was able to answer your question.

that helps alot!! thanks for the info and I follow your blog already and really enjoy the interviews on rogue money

Thank you, It is always nice to get positive feedback! :) I am working on another project, hopefully out the first week of July you might enjoy that too! More info on that in the coming days...

Just upvoted, and reposted on my twitter :)

Search for me, @sapphire_vixen

I'm interested in what Verge is going to accomplish in the near future.
Though I question how he's going to do this since there is only 1 dev. working on it if I'm not mistaken.

They are pretty quickly knocking things off their road map which is a great sign.


Verge price is undervalued ...
i think it will going up after this month
and my prediction it will touch 1000 satoshi

Thanks for your comment! We will see!

Dev is right, best community iv been in and a bonus that dev talks to everyone

Yes, extremely friendly and accessible!

Great Dev
Looking forward to this coin
And already bought hell amount of verge

How much exactly is "hell amount"? lol
Thanks for reading and for commenting!

Super interview. I like crypto multi algorithm, I think it's the future. I had bought a few rods without knowing too much what it was thanks to you I know :)

Thanks I am glad you found it helpful!

I liked discovering about Verge from what is written above... I'm also now watching the team talk about the technology and their vision here:

Not being a developer, however, I would have loved to see a tabular comparison between the technologies used by other altcoins like Zcash, Dash, Monero that also brand themselves as privacy-focused, as compared to what Verge is implementing.

With more money coming into the cryptocurrency space as we speak, especially from the less technically inclined, I think it would do good for this coin's future. Cheers!

Thanks for reading! Those are some good ideas. It is important to remember as well that some of these coins if not most of the coins on Coinmarket cap will probably disappear in the next few years. It is important to understand the technology behind them in order to choose coins that have a real future.

Exactly. No point of a coin that doesn't offer something unique that is also appreciated by the market, because they understand it. Making the people understand it is key to survival beyond the whitepaper.

Proof of work is outdated, don't you think?

I don't know if I would say it is outdated, I think PoS is an interesting system that will grow in popularity, but PoW coins will still remain strong.

Yes you are right but POW has its limitations. A combo of both; I find to be good for both decentralization and security.

Good post. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. Blockchain is here to stay, therefore we shouldn't look at what most people invest in but in the real quality projects, with great teams, management and a great product. Some people are still investing in "an idea". Is an Idea worth 100m+ USD to you? I really advice people to take a look at: The site is my go to place for crypto investment analaysis and indepth coin research. On: To watch Verge Investment research report.

Yes I am sure there will be a divergence in the near future, between quality projects and everything else...similar to how some companys survived the .com bubble and went on to grow into powerhouses, but many companys dissapearead.

take it now. great post!

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