Let's Talk About Universal Basic Income (LIST of UBI coins!!)

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Universal Basic Income (UBI) has become a hot topic in the media these past couple of years. With the inevitable automation of many industries looming over our heads, one of the proposed solutions has been to implement Universal Basic Income. Some governments have already conducted small-scale experiments that seem to indicate an expected positive outcome on different levels.

Today I want to have a look at some of the UBI projects created by the cryptocurrency community. It was surprising to see that there are quite a few such projects that are working towards creating a form of Decentralized Universal Basic Income.

There is a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something like that, due to automation -- Elon Musk


This project was created during the Techcrunch Disrupt European Hackathon 2017 and aims to provide people with a basic income through the mining of cryptocurrency. They are developing a website plugin that will allow people to mine Monero through their browser. The income generated by this will be used to distribute a basic income to applicants. You need to have an account at Deutsche Bank in order to apply.

This project seems far from finished and I'm not sure if I am a big fan of their method of generating income. Their website seems rather empty at the moment, but you can leave your e-mail address to receive updates.


Altrui.st Website
Full project outline
Techcrunch article about Altrui.st
Introduction video on Youtube

Basic Income Guarantee Foundation (BIG)

The BIG foundation is looking to create a form of unconditional basic income, so that every user can receive free income without any conditions. This income is distributed at the rate of 1 BIG tokens per day. Each new wallet created increases the amount of tokens created per day by 1. The current implementation of BIG is in the form of an ERC20 smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. They will be developing their own BIG blockchain in the future.

BIG seems like a somewhat interesting concept and you have little to lose by signing up on their website. They do charge a small fee for verifying your ETH address, which is pretty standard. It does seem like there is currently a backlog on registrations, so it might take a while before you get accepted.


BIG foundation website
Project whitepaper on Github


The Circles project is looking to create a cryptocurrency with the purpose of distributing a universal basic income through it. When new users join, their own personal cryptocurrency is created via smart contract. That currency is then regularly added to their account. Circle's goal is to create local trade networks via these different personal currencies.

My understanding of this project is pretty limited, If I'm being completely honest. When reading the whitepaper, I was left with more questions than answers, but this is probably due to my limited understanding of the technical concepts. Seems like the project hasn't actually opened up yet for the public, but you can register on their mailing list to receive updates.


Circle project website
Project whitepaper on Github
Introduction video on Youtube


This is a relatively new project made by the controversial Youtube/Twitch personality Athene. With this project they aim to eventually create a form of decentralized basic income for distribution around the world. It currently exists in the form of an ERC20 token.

This is one of the most controversial projects in the crypto community. Athene has been accused of running an ICO scam for this project, whether that is true, I'll leave in the middle. Their whitepaper is incomplete and certainly isn't standard for the industry. I personally wouldn't recommend investing anything in this project before there is actual proof that funds will be used accordingly. I would suggest to do your own research on this project.


Purpose/DUBI website
Project whitepaper
Introduction video on Youtube


Duniter is a project that aims to create cryptocurrency software that includes built-in concepts of Universal Dividend and Web of Trust. It's blockchain is designed to be far more energy efficient than that of Bitcoin. Trust is an important concept in this project and certification is needed to become a member. Only people from France and Belgium are currently able to partake in testing.

This looks like an interesting community oriented project with a unique take on basic income. It's currently still in the testing phase, but they have already developed several marketplaces and other software. While their website and documentation is displayed in English, their forum seems to be using French as their default language.


Duniter website
Theorethical paper describing the concept


This project will launch its blockchain on August 8th 2018. Their website and whitepaper do not provide much information about the basic outlines of the project. They are issuing many different airdrops and campaigns where you can get an early batch of tokens. This might be interesting in the future, but currently it's only worth a small mention.


Enumivo website
Incompleted Enumivo whitepaper on Github


Manna, previously known as Grantcoin claims to be the world's first universally accessible, people-powered alternative currency. Anyone is able to register on their website and will immediately receive Manna on a regular basis.

This is one of my favorite UBI projects, because it's already possible to sign up and start receiving coins. They are still working on their website, but it is functional for the most part. Sign up under my referral link if you want to show your support for writing this article


Manna website
Manna whitepaper
Manna Bitcointalk thread

Project UBU

The UBU project wants to create the world's first decentralized currency that works to the benefit of everyone without relying on taxation. UBU members can expect to receive a monthly income in the future equal to around $90 when the project succeeds.

It's currently not possible to sign up, but they are expecting this to change in the second quarter of 2018.


Project UBU website
Project UBU whitepaper
Introduction video on Youtube


Most of these projects are not quite ready yet and should be treated as such. You shouldn't expect to gain any substantial amount of additional income from them yet. In general, I wouldn't recommend anyone to invest in any of these projects, unless you have done enough research and are prepared to take a risk.

Do leave a comment if you have an opinion about UBI or one of these specific projects!


The first image was created with Gimp, using this image from Pixabay

All other images are screenshots of the respective websites mentioned in this article. Links are provided in each segment.


The current model of everyone required to do some job to survive is flawed. I don't think we could ever have as many jobs as the number of people between the age of 20 and 65. And with tech and AI developing so fast, many more jobs would be gone. Now you can't leave so many people to die due to not having enough jobs. So UBI has to be eventually implemented.

Completely agree with that and I'd also want to add that current benefits people receive are not at all a solution for that. The latest kurzgesagt video on basic income explains it better than I could.

An excellent summary - very much my perspective!

One of the options I consider, is to launch it first as a game; by the nature of the project, should it have real value to participants, PMD may well escape the game scenario, becoming a trading platform for real goods and services by it's own worthiness...who knows!?

I watched an episode of the XFiles season 11 the other evening. And there was an episode where everything they did was automated, so they went to a sushi bar run by robots, the house was automated, the car was driverless. Realistically if firms wanted to do this now they could, and they will so these initiatives are more important than ever, I think you highlighted a huge point here @daan well done.

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Hi @daan, the UBI related project I am busy initiating centers around a trading platform, where members of this platform will each receive an equal number of tokens every week that can be used as value accounting tokens (money) on this platform only. The total number of tokens accumulated in each account will also be limited.

The token being insulated and limited in this manner allows for it to be assigned a specific value by consensus within the community. The value chosen is that of one unit of electricity, for different reasons, the most relevant of which being that this is a real value that participants can easily become familiar with, as many members of the community at large already are.

The idea is to provide every single individual in a community with the necessary purchasing power to survive in good health; in this way the non-productive sector, i.e., the young, the old, as well as the sick, lame, and lazy will serve as part of the market given to individuals in the productive sector sponsored this way, who will find opportunity to creatively prosper by adding value to resource materials and by delivering services.

It is still baby shoes, but by its simplicity and inherent stability holds a lot of potential. I am canvassing at this stage for devs inspired to participate to come rushing to the table in their droves to help finally shape and get the project off the ground!

I've been a little quiet on this front lately, by, amongst a number of other personal crises, the Reaper having taken four members of my inner circle over the past six months and the implied consequences.

Anyhow, should you be interested, a bit more about Project Magic Dragon, (its initial name, that can of course be changed, as things progress, should co-devs happen to object) can be seen following the link above.

Yes thanks for this list, very interesting, will take me quite some time to go through and check them all out.

No problem, there are even more projects, but these ones seemed to be at least a little bit active :)

Thank you for the research. This is important stuff to know about, especially for people like myself who worry about growing poverty, but dont want it to be used as another excuse for the government to take more power or money from people.

These are great voluntary solutions that work outside of the system to solve these problems. Thanks for the info :-)

Thanks for this post.. never heard of these.. so will resteem it and have a look at them when I have the time :)

Yeah I was also surprised to see so many projects like these :-)

Добрый день. У меня к вам просьба.Не могли бы вы подписать для меня, а взамен я подпишусь на вас.

Never heard of any of them. I assume you also need a computer, provider, electricity etc...

I knew only two of these projects. I hope I'll live the day to see UBI turning into a reality.

you should really try this out
look close with an open mind with what this new concept is doing with open source Ethereum ERC-20 smart contracts, decentralized exchange and passive income.

This is a great write-up. I am already receiving Manna, but I'm excited to see where some of these projects go, especially BIG and Project UBU. Thanks for sharing your research into this important topic!

Imagine you sign up for every noticed UBIs. What is your best guess how much would you earn every week? :-)

Not that much actually, I doubt you'd get 10 dollars per week. Though, might be possible to get more through Manna if you have a lot of referrals.

10USD/week? I expected less as I have experience only with Manna. I've referred 8 persons and I've received 220MANNA (worth around 1USD) since the beginning of April...and of course, you can refer 800 persons and you'll receive 400USD/month...

Interesting...thanks for posting

I hope 1 of these projects succeeds, but I doubt it ... which is a shame, because UBI is a solution to many problems

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